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Lord Megatron

I am the Dominator, I am the Destroyer, I am MEGATRON!


Punch of Kill Everything · 3:03am May 30th, 2015

*Sombra is firing random blasts at the autoponies, which Rainbow Dash is dodging with great ease*
Sombra: Hold still Autopony Scum!

Rainbow Dash: Ah why don't you just chill out!

*In a flash Sombra becomes Ahutizotl who then shoots an ice beam from his right hand blanketing the ground beneath him and the area surrounding him with ice*
Ahutizotl: As you wish.

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Nightmare Moon Kills Tirek · 11:07pm May 29th, 2015

Nightmare Moon: To me my loyal Deceptiponies!
*Mirrorverse Luna and Mane-iac jump down from the hole in the tower they were standing in.

Tirek: Ah, looks like y decision's been made! *he says tossing Rainbow Dash to the side*

*Mirrorverse Luna and Mane-iac land behind Nightmare Moon*

Mirrorverse Luna: Oh great and glorious Nightmare Moon, we are ready to serve- *Luna is cut off as Tirek lands on top of her*

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Dare to be stupid · 10:28pm May 29th, 2015

*Pinkie-Gar (riding atop Cheese Sandwich) and the partyions charge at the Autoponies*

Pinkie-Gar: "Don't look behind door number two, Monty. It's time to play 'End of the Line, My Valentine!' Ge-roni-do-ron-roni-MOOOOOOO"

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Greetings, Lord Megatron. *salutes*

Greetings Lord Megatron. I am Miles Dredd, but please call me Dread. I must say, I rather enjoy your little crossover parodies.

1554953 I will have to look into this. :ajbemused:

1554835 maybe. And it's actually Lord Galvatron that claims that.

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