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Hairy Konquerer

Dislike: troll fics, trolls(more than anything else in this world)

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Bucket List

[] Get a One of my Stories on a TV Tropes page. (if you know guy that does that i'd appreciate if you told me whom)
[x] Complete a one chapter story
[x] Complete a multi-chapter story
[x] get 15 followers
[X] get 20 followers
[X] get 30 followers
[X] Get 50 followers
[X] get 100 followers
[] get enough followers to wipe the Troll menace off the face of the earth. (gonna wait a while on that one)
[] get a story featured
[] write a clopfic
[x] create a cool OC
[x]Create a shipping pair. (CelestiaxOC, LunaxOC, ChrysalisxOC, Flash Sentry and Cadence, FlashDance- *realizes what he wrote* NOW I GET IT!!!)
[x] help in a collab.


I Live Again! · 5:29pm Apr 17th, 2022

It’s been a while to anyone still watching. I’ve moved on from most of the Fandom, settling on original work with some fanfics, but I’m not getting rid of the ones I still on here. I’ve rewritten and organized Immortal Wirewolf and Vengeful Guardians, and both newer versions are on DeviantART and Archive of Our Own due to the cut down of MLP relation.

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Hello, Hairy. You gave me the inspiration to write my own Transformares story. I finished Chapter 1. I hope you like it. My story is titled "Transformares: More Than Meets the Eye".

Thanks for the favorite on The CMC Meet a Motivational Speaker! Glad to see you enjoyed it!

Your story Assassinverse Under the Red Hood

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