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This group is all for the fans that love Dr Pinkie and Miss Pie, a spinoff of the wonderful classic, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Any story is welcome, and you can join even if you don't have a story to contribute. You can talk about the story, show videos, or even just give new ideas to other writers!

Now, there's only a couple of rules I'd like you to follow:

1. Please NO Sex or Gore. They are still allowed, but I would appreciate it if you didn't, though I don't really see how you could with a story like this.

2. Make sure each story actually has a part that involves what it says on the folder.

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399398 She is both, but her persona is clearly leaning towards the crazy over the calculationg side.
On the other hoof, there are several groups dedicated to her character.
She is clearly more than enough to hold up several groups.
She is commonly planning and throwing parties, but she does also have these insane leanings.
Then she seems to have other sides, like when she goes all spy.
Then there are all these uncontrolable and out of control aspects of her as well.

Not specifically, but it would be fine to lean towards the Pinkie more insane and not just smart and calculating. If you could do that, it would be greatly appreciated.

399395 Is there any particular kind of Dark you are looking for?
She does have quite the list of accomplishments on the side.

I love exploring every litle in and out of her psyche and list of antics and capabilities.

Yeah, that'd be great! Generally I'm looking for stories with more of a dark type of Pinkie Pie, so those will do fine.

399387 Oh, dark as in Party of One and Smile HD, I do have a few of these.
Some are just more clear cut dark than other stories.

Pinkie Pie is a very skilled and resoursceful character, larger than most characters, live or invented.
I have her in mean roles, killing or just in generally dark situations.

Maybe I should post a few and see how they fit in?

Just like the dark part of Pinkie Pie. Ms Pie, if you will. Just basically Pinkie Pie in 'Party of One'. If you took all happy parts of Pinkie and stripped them away.:pinkiecrazy: But, I can allow stories involving her if it has at least a scene including her acting like her dark side.

399352 Pinkie and Pie?
sounds easy enough, but I guess it is a matter of definition?
I have so many stories featuring Pinkie Pie, I lost count.
What kind of Pies are we talking of?

No, but it must include Pinkie and Pie at one point as either background or just main ponies. It can't focus on something else entirely.

There is just the one folder named Main
On the other hoof, does the story's title have to include and of what the group is named?

Wasn't Mr. Hyde a sex crazed man in the original film?
His other personality as a Dr. was a fairly normal male, as I recall.

I guess this duality, or split personality could be hilarious, even more so, with a character like Pinkie Pie?

We already have her old Pinkamena, with streight mane and Equicidal tendencies.

I just may place a story here soon, depending.

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