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MIA · 10:08pm Mar 5th, 2014

I just wanted to offer my apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth. I have recently become obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olypians fanfictions. So, if I dissapear again, that is probably what happened. So, expect me to go MIA again.

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Greeting's Princess Luna i am KING OCULOUS of WOLFENSTEIN CASTLE and I come asking for help with a problem and I need help from all four princesses

Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted Sep 17th, 2018

I hope you're fine with what I'm doing in the group (The Defenders of Luna). If not, I can stop it.

I have been VERY distracted recently, but I don't have a life.

Hey there boss, just wonderin' how you're doing. I guess life's just been kicking you in the nuts recently and that's why you're not on a ton like TP and I. Or we just don't have lives, unlike you. xD

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Amazing Story · 10:18pm Jul 1st, 2013

Hey guys, have been reading this amazing story The Dusk Guard: Rise by Viking ZX, and I love it. I suggest that you all give it a try as well, you might like it. It is no ordinary OC fic.

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