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It had been a very nice day. Ponies worked, played and laughed. Wherever you looked all was well. The young pony, recently given the title of 'Princess' was just sitting out enjoying what life had to offer. Then everything changed, and it did so with a cube...

Lost in a plane completely foreign to her, Twilight Sparkle must use her skills as a leader to guide a whole town to safety. Now is the time the young Alicorn must prove her worth as a leader. Over a thousand ponies are lost to an unforgiving, eternally unchanging world. Can she save them all?

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MINECRAFT!!!!!!!! Now then to math, minecraft + ponies equals awesome, I don't even care if the gramer is bad, but I haven't read it yet, so on that note,

commencing read IMEDITLY!

Wow, I just read this chapter, and i'm amazed of how good it was done, Good details as well as a good chapter for the beginning of this story. :pinkiesmile:

I'll watch this.
For now Like must be enough.

You have a wonderful story here. I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter!

(By the way, I'm new and can't figure out how to use those pony faces. A bit of help? :P )

Edit: I would just like to say that the story has some things that should not happen, like lightning burning during rain. It gets extinguished. Also, will Haven ever learn to use crafting tables? What about spawning in beds? No more temple? Other than that, this is an excellent story!

For me Haven means only one thing, HoMM :pinkiehappy:

i wonder what the ponies would do to the npc villager and there golem security when they find them? so any new monster or twilight herobane gonna show in this story?

3403684 at the right side of the comment writting there are a bunch of pony faces if you are on phone you have to tipe them manually
:ajbemused: :ajbemused : without spaces
:applecry: :applecry : the same
:flutterrage: :flutterrage :and so on

Oh Celestia this wont end well:fluttershbad: also i hope they find Fluttershy and the others quick:fluttercry::fluttershyouch:


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>>WaihekeHalo oh god xD

Well... hmmm... Applejack eh?
Seems like a fine bunch of jerks she's hooked up with here.

PS: Here's hoping spike gets to teach Clear Cut why threats of death aren't effective in a world where death might not stick - the hard way.

i suppose fluttershy is the Chief:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

What is this a crossover of?

This is so awesome! :rainbowkiss:

This. Is. AWESOME.

I like this. The plan is, deceptively, simple, though it would take lots of time and/or mindstorming in order to create and refine. I expect something bad to go wrong (like AJ bitting the dust in battle), but I'm going to look forward and hope they make it through and win.

(Also, would there be other cubes? As in, would other towns find cubes, accidentally activate them, and form their own new societies elsewhere in the world? That'd be cool.)

Ah, the old 'Bait the spy with a fake plan in order to make her leave and tell her leader the wrong plan so we'll achieve victory' strategy.

This is going to be fun:yay:

And so the most important part of the plan begins...Getting the most important tool for Promise Peak's downfall is-! A book...:rainbowhuh:

Wow... I know knowledge is power, but thinking it over, I'm just laughing at how silly it sounds. :rainbowlaugh:

I hope the prisoners (the bad ones) get kicked in the balls...repeatedly.

Someone NEEDS to use redstone!:pinkiecrazy:

After all that excitment... Not sure of enderpony following Twilight is an enderpony, or some kind of herobrine reference...

Well. Shit.
Stallionbrine; the monster with the white eyes.
That Enderpony i will call it; Silent Protector.
Yay Promise Peak was fred now diplomatical isues will follow.Are Pinkie and Flutters dead :fluttercry: i hope not.
Now Twily has two servants hell yes!!!.
When the fight was about to begin i was like; Ponies. Prepare your breakfast and eat hearty. For tonight we dine in The Void!!!!!!.
A suvesrion a special chapter with a peek onto Equestria and how are they managing.
Thats all Folks.

Some part of me wants to say that the Enderpony is Pinkie or Fluttershy, but the eyes... Oh how they throw me off. Also, now Herobrine is here...This complicates this mathematical equation on quantum physics quite a bit... Oh well, Twilight'll solve it! :twilightblush:

A herobrine factor... interesting. Who the heck is the Enderpony following Twilight? What if there is a 3rd town that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy run? Will Spike ever tell Swift Digger the secrets of the enchanting table? Will the pillar of light in the sky lead the ponies home? Is the book of flight just /gamemode 1? To be revealed in 2014...

Dun dun DUNNNN!!!!:pinkiegasp:

Okay I just need to criticize one big thing - when you're talking about pony numbers and throwing around hard numbers and fractions? Don't do that. Seriously - it looks and reads terribly as well as could potentially cause problems later on if you decide that those factions are larger or smaller than you've claimed here.

Be more vague, talk about majorities, minorities and splinter groups instead of hard figures. You might get away with percentages if you use actual words and not numbers though - 'around thirty percent' rather than 'around 30 percent'. I, personally, am of the view that one should never use actual digits unless the written form is more than two words long (ie: 'one hundred and two' is too long, but 'twenty three' is not) though i'll admit this is a contentious issue in use of numbers in writing.

I will say: Why doesn't this have more reviews or likes? This story is damn AWESOME and well fleshed out and the everything.

Even though I've been reading with a annoying headache I still read through the entire story because it was and is just that damn awesome!

And I'm not sure if you are going to do anything with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy but I hope they have at least SOMETHING to do with the story at some point! :pinkiehappy: :fluttershysad:

Anywho, if they really are gone then I must have missed that part of the story while reading. :unsuresweetie:

Is the pillar of light multiple beacons?

Just wondering, but have you ever considered adding the Nether to this story? I wonder if a Potion of Instant Health could fix Dash's ruined wing. If not that, then maybe a Regeneration one?

3752097 that might work but i mean could they survive the horrors of the nether

3752396 Hey, all they need is one blaze rod, some nether wart, and maybe a ghast tear. That [hopefully] wouldn't take too long, right?

How about the Aether? There's so much stuff that can be done, even just an adventure through the Nether and the Aether for some reason, while going to that pillar of light thingie. :pinkiehappy:

Anywho, another awesome chapter! :pinkiesmile:

awesome story!

Neato chapter, story is coming along awesomely and I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Man, first Punishment use TNT, and now they probably have pistons and TNT?! HOW DO THEY HAVE ALL OF THIS?! :twilightangry2:

Plot. Twist! Punishment fake, all this time...

Still, when I first saw Herobrine a few chapters back I knew he had something to do with all of this. Looks like everybody's going to owe Twilight one HUGE apology.

Oh my...I don't know who to say, so I'll say both of them. Oh my Notch and Celestia! This...This is perfect...In every possible way, it's perfect. It makes sense, it's shocking, it's unexpected, it's dark...And I love every word of it! :pinkiecrazy:

I don't have any other words than these: When's the next chapter?

Oh Notch. Oh Jeb. Oh Dinnerbone. Oh Celestia! This is... Not what I expected at all. Is there any way to free the ponies from Herobrine's control? Would killing him do it? I know for a fact that Herobrine is mortal. Powerful, but still mortal. He's never portrayed as invincible (that'd be too cliche, so no one does that), so there has to be a way to kill him. The question is: how? If every pony who has respawned is actually a zombie puppet under his thrall, would killing him save them? Or would it kill them off as well? This has gotten really spooky. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight.

ok you lost me on this chapter it went from good to bad you disappointed me in this chapter :ajbemused:

There's only one thing to describe this chapter, THE DRAMA BUTTON!!

i just want to know when the chapter to be done this story is amazing:heart:

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