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During the Canterlot Changeling Invasion, Drone 1074 was on the front lines against the Canterlot Royal Guard when the love spell flung the Changeling forces from the pony capital. However, due to a series of odd and unexpected events, the lone drone finds himself in an unexplored and unknown land. Join him as he explores, trying to find love, shelter, and his hive. These are the journals entries and logs of Drone 1074, Also known as Iota, as he struggles to survive in this land seemingly without love.

This is a Minecraft crossover. I had this Idea when I was playing hardcore mode with several mods installed. Among them were the Mine little Pony mod. For whatever reason, I had a Book & Quill, and decided to role play as this changeling. This is what came to my mind when I started doing it, and I thought it would be a good story to write.

Special thanks to KyroKing for the art.



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2395345 That's gonna take time. This was quick and easy. I thought it was a good Idea to start off with. Baby steps :twilightsheepish:

2395368 I have had a lot on my plate, but wouldn't that be a little.... I dunno, boastful? Self Centered? :twilightoops:


No love, no pony's, better texture on the ground.
Welcome to earth.

[edit]just read the description, nevermind

Can't wait to see this go further! After all I role play on my hardcore world too.

Is this minecraft? It seems like it

2400698 It is. Check the description.

2400796 yea the text didnt load on my phone all the way lol

2472503 Dang, you're fast.

Anyway, I'm not too sure how I'm going to introduce him to them yet. I'm using several mods, and almost all of them will make some form of appearance. As soon as he settles down, things will go towards a more slice of life fic, and I'll make a list of all mods that will be appearing.

2472523 Are you using FTB? Because for some reason I imagine him tinkering with powersuits and such in hopes of escaping home....

Considering I, myself, have made a literally mobile flying fortress in FTB, a space ship is entirely possible outside of the game's limitations....

2473292 FTB? I don't think so. The list will come after the next couple chapters. Now, that's not when they'll be appearing, just the list. I plan on milking each mod for its worth. I will say though, the 1.5 update probably won't be so prominent until later, since most of the mods I use haven't updated yet. I'm still playing 1.4.7

2474759 aSame here, since I use Feed the Beast[a collective modpack containing thigngs like Thaumcraft, IncustrialCraft 2, and Twilight Forest]

i like it. I hope there will be more soon.

2883755 Right now, it's kind of on delay. The entire story is based on actual events I have when I actually play in game. The problem is that many of the mods I use have not updated yet, and I can not continue till they have been. The next chapter doesn't rely too heavily on that, but I also discovered I happen to be suffering a minor case of writers block. I'm trying though.

Beginners Guide to Alchemy and Equivalent Exchange

fullmetal alchemist?

3868373 Not quite, though I'm sure that's where what I was actually referring to originated.

mods mods mods^^
wich mods will be included?

too bad you cant use the better than wolves mod, that adds a whole bunch of interesting stuff, I quit playing it when it became incompatible with mine little pony and turned into a full conversion mod


My bets?

#1: Not Enough Items

#2: Either Industrialcraft or Buildcraft

#3: betting on Thermal Expansion

#4: Equivalent Exchange and, possibly, either Thaumcraft or Ars Magicka, possibly both.


I have the oddest urge to keep you guys guessing... :trollestia:


Ooh, so close. Let's do this mastermind style.


:derpytongue2: = no
:eeyup: = yes
:moustache: = close.

Some more hints, on #2, it's one of the two.
#4 had the initial guess right, but the latter two guesses included aren't part of it.

OK, as for #2: my best guess would be Buildcraft, because let's face it, Industrialcraft is a pain in the ASS!

I tough #1was NEI because of the description, but it might potentially be Tinker's Construct. Really there's only a handful of things that complex.

forestry and magic bees would be funny^^
thaumcraft has great potenial for chaos so let him cast a spell by acident on a bookself and bingo.
and maybe rotarycraft

IC3 has the Advanced Alloy which is made with the compressor. It also has "industrial" in the name.

I also think the first was just a copy of the vanilla minecraft wiki.

3884646 he already answered that, and advanced Alloy was in IC2.

Oh derp. I thought it was IC3. Ah well.

3884811 IC2 was where it made its debut, it's still in IC3

chucks and chucklings huh:rainbowderp:

well fitting name for the clucking ducks thats supposed to be chickens lol:rainbowlaugh:

The cover is chock full of notches,

I know it's not a pun, but I still think it's funny. :rainbowlaugh: :trollestia:

probably the tekkit mod

We'll of course. Who else can wield the diamond sword?

Please tell when this will be updated? I need to know so I don't go crazy and cause WW3.

5154674 It will whenever I can get myself out of the hole I stuck myself in...

What size of hole and type of material. I can't destroy plot holes though they are quite the bump in my multi-dimensional tank.

I seem to specifically remember one instance when I started singing a song about a miniature Minotaur. I have no Idea where it even came from, it was just a small tune that played through my mind.

funny Tobuscus reference, and the idea has a random caps.

Oh! I just realized that the changeling reference "levels of love" refers to the hearts that represent your health in the actual game. Well done.

Well, my interest is piqued. I'd like a little more detail in his observations personally, but I'll continue.

Given how numerous diamonds in Equestria, I expect I'll have a full set of diamond tools and armor in minutes. One can easily find diamonds in ample supply by digging merely around ten meters underground. I don't think it will be that big of an issue.

I can't even properly describe how wrong this drone is.

Testificates. It's always my first instinct to protect them, but I wish they'd stop opening and closing the doors all the time.

One can easily find diamonds in ample supply by digging merely around ten meters underground. I don't think it will be that big of an issue.

Oh you poor bastard.

Just wait until he figures out what the Nether is. That will be a nightmare and a half.

i know you want to to a nuclear reactor, the tentacles will be happy with this resolve.

I'm enjoying the story so far. I'd like him to continue reading but the flow of the plot needs to continue it's fast pace. :)

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