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"... at the forefront of our fandom’s writing scene ... Masterpiece." —PCaRG
"... really enjoyable ..." —City of Doors
"...worthy of high praise." —PaulAsaran
"Lots of wonderful world-building, great action, well-developed characters and an engaging story." —Hoopy McGee

Steel Song is a lot of things. Earth pony. Uncle. Professional bodyguard.


So when he receives a mysterious package from Princess Luna a few weeks after the changeling invasion, he's understandably apprehensive. More-so when he presents himself before the Royal Diarchs to find that not only do they desire him to come out of retirement, but to take command of a most unusual position...

A position that may have more significance than any of them suspect. Because strange thefts are occurring on the Equestrian Railway, thefts that nopony can explain. Thefts that may have far more sinister intentions than their seemingly innocent nature may convey.

Intentions sinister enough to shift the balance of power in Equestria forever.

Book I of The Dusk Guard Saga.
Epic Fantasy
Has a collection of Side Stories as well, the first of which is here.
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Nice, excellent dialogue. Its hard to tell where this story could go. Lots of potential direction with no clear villain as of yet. I very interested to see where this goes.


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it so far!

I'm hoping that's popcorn of approval!

Then again, with those glasses, void popcorn.

Awww, poor Cappy. Really enjoying the story so far, looking forward to seeing where you will take it.


Thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

Wow amazing fanfic. Luna is my favorite pony and I believe that you did a good job at portraying her. A beautiful job well done here! Full marks in MY book!


Thanks for the praise! I'm glad you enjoy her character, as she's a very difficult one to write. Hopefully you continue to enjoy her appearances ahead!

Angel the bunny. He's more Angelus than angel :)

Yeah, it always made sense to me that most ponies around town would have a healthy respect/fear of Angel. And if you're working in a forest that he probably frequents, well...

Old stallion you are missing a golden chance. She does not see you as a old pony.

You should put this in a few more groups man! There are at least six more places you could pop this in at.


Wait, really, which ones? I browsed through, but only found the four.


Well there's the OC group, the self promotion bureau, a fantasy group, uuuuh, I'm sure there are a few others at least. o.O Just make sure you spread out addin your story to multiple groups. Ticks less people off.


Enacting. Lets see what I can get!

2644823 cage the elephant is awesome!

Yeah, Steel's really shooting himself in the hoof when it comes to Cappy.

That twangey beat was just perfect for Nova's character. That was the first theme I decided on.

I like the chapter it was light and showed some team bonding. There were secrets revealed, setting for overall plot and humor at another pony's expense. You did good


Glad you enjoyed it. If you like the team playing off one another, then you'll probably really enjoy part two. Rise is as much about the creation of the Dusk Guard as it is about their first foe, and in another few chapters we'll be into the next part.

I will say this though, the setting and the plot may feel like they're finally coming together here, but when we get into the later chapters, most will find themselves thinking back to things from even the first few chapters and saying "Wait! You mean that was ... oh dang!" There are a lot of seemingly innocuous throwaway lines that will later turn out to be very important clues. Watching the pre-readers head's explode (their words, not mine) was quite enjoyable.

There's a pretty complicated spiderweb here. It might feel a little slow at first, but that's just all the pieces being carefully set up.

2680092 Oh trust me I know about plot twists. Two things; you said that the story is 260000 words long. Does that mean you've written it already? and if you're having spiderweb problems I know this guy that operates out of New York that likes to dress up in red and blue spandex while cracking bad jokes that could help you out


Yes, TDG:R is already completed in it's entirety. And there will be about four more books following the various characters and a larger overall arc after that, although each will be standalone (none of these are completed, although work on the second book will begin after I get my next novel out). This has been in the works for a while.

And no spiderweb issues, that guy has enough of his own problems anyway.

Really digging this story now. Love all the little details you are throwing in. keep it up!


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it! Got a favorite character so far?

EDIT: Had a double. Gone.

Comment posted by Viking ZX deleted Jun 5th, 2013

Luck of the draw my friend. And it doesn't help that it's starring OCs, and most readers tend to avoid OC stories as I understand it. I'm confident that as time moves on, the growth of viewers and readers will continue to accelerate. If you'd like to help though, feel free to! :pinkiesmile:

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! I aim to please!

EDIT: And if you don't have a keen eye, the beginning is a little slow (even I'll admit that). If you pay attention it ramps up pretty quick, but being the type of fic it is it can take a bit for people to catch on to everything.

Alright a new part begins. Now have a mustache:moustache:

You're doing a great job with your story, great dialogues and a solid story, I'll read it thoroughly whenever I have time.
I hope you get more recognition in the future.


Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy:

I hope you find the time to keep up with it! Don't feel rushed though, it'll be here waiting!

Favorited, can't wait to continue.

I like how you said Celestai's personel choice was improsened without actually saying so, very well played. :moustache:

I agree with Einzel the story is solid the dialogue is consistent and well written, and the characters are elevale. It was a very down to earth chapter that makes the story more realistic and makes the reader able to relate to the story better. i mean et a ton of people have een set p on lnd dates y fr[/]ends. am an ncle myself and love seeng my nece and nephew when they come to vst. Everyone has dealt wth paperwork at one pont or another n ther lfetme and t's annoyng. So really ths was a relaxng and fn chapter to read :pinkiehappy::moustache::moustache:

His accent is very natural sounding. I started reading him as Steve Erwin as soon as I met him. Well done


I'm glad you're enjoying them. As important as all the plot was, I tried my hardest to make characters that felt real. By the end of this fic, they were friends, and I hope all my readers end up feeling the same way.

His accent is very natural sounding. I started reading him as Steve Erwin as soon as I met him. Well done

Thanks. And if you read the comments there, he was supposed to be kind of Texan. But he had his own ideas. :rainbowlaugh:

If the design is layering crystals, Skybolt is getting very close to what they do with semiconductors in Intergrated chips ( IC's).

Errrmmmm... I honestly didn't see that coming. I wonder who the keys free... The Dusk guard and the crystal empire, what an interesting idea.:moustache:


The real trick is figuring out how this puzzle piece fits in with all of the others so far. :raritywink:

Bravo! I much enjoyed this chapter, it reminds me of gym class.

2759754 Capture the flag is one of my favorite games in gym.


Glad you've found it, hope you continue to enjoy it!

HOORI SHEET. I have never seen anything this long before in terms of FanFiction before. My own story is dwarfed in comparison, even by the first act. I must certainly devote a few hours of my time to read this later. Perhaps I can pick up a few skills for writing my own novel, eh?...
Like I'm ever gonna finish that. But still! Excited! :raritystarry:

Had to look back at second chapter to realised what Steel meant when he said he almost missed what Luna meant.

Well done. I found it particually amusing becuase CTF is one of my favorite games. Can't wait to see Nova's deep dark secret.

*In Mr. Torgue's Voice*


That sister is a SPY! Or erm, changeling... Or she's really TO'd at Steel for ... ? I actually have no idea...
The plot thickens...

Well, two things. 1) is his sister sapphire shores? And 2) she was talking about cappy wasn't she.

Well, she's not a changeling...
1) Sapphire Shores? No, she's Sapphire Song. Hadn't thought of that before though. I should double-check to make sure her full name is mentioned earlier. EDIT: Double checked and made a single change when she's first introduced, just in case. PHEW! Thanks for pointing that out!
2) Maybe... :raritywink:

Glad both of you are enjoying this. If you'd like to help out (outside of the upcoming side-stories vote) let your friends/followers know that this isn't a normal OC fic!

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