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  • TRemembrance
    Most would use their day off for fun and games, seeing family, or just enjoying some well deserved R&R. But not First Lieutenant Hunter of the Dusk Guard. He's going to visit someone special he sees every year.
    Viking ZX · 14k words  ·  230  4 · 2.7k views
  • TTrust
    Not too long ago, Dawn Triage broke a rule. No one noticed. It wasn't a major rule. A minor curiosity. What harm could it do if nothing ever came of it? Except now something has come of it, and she needs to make a choice.
    Viking ZX · 11k words  ·  232  4 · 2.7k views

This story is a sequel to Old Habits

It's Steel Song's day off, and he's got plans. Plans of the relaxed sort. He's going to eat out somewhere besides the Guard cafeteria. Enjoy Canterlot's parks. Visit his family. And then, spend the evening with the most amazing mare he's ever known.

Of course, when he bumps into a strange brown stallion in a Canterlot square, it's hard to not be a little suspicious. Especially when said stallion talks as if he's known Steel for years, and they've never met before. Surely it can't hurt to follow the stallion and make sure nothing's wrong, right? Of course not. After all, it's a day off.

Fourth of the Side Stories to The Dusk Guard: Rise. Familiarity with Rise is not required per se, but recommended.
Side Stories so far:
Carry On
The Definition of Strength
Old Habits

The Saga has a TV Tropes page! Please help keep it up to date!
Special Thanks to Jorlem and Sinister Voice for their help pre-reading, editing and getting a summary together.
Art by FaisLittleWhiteRaven

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Not complaining, but I thought this was supposed to go up Friday?

Originally it was going to, but halfway through things I checked my schedule and realized that today was a better day considering everything I was working on. Like a numbskull, however, I totally forgot to update the post about it for at least an hour.

4394370 Alright, cool. Now I have something to read in the stupidly long break between classes today.

The world needs more Doctor Whooves.
Also, the URL tag near the end is broken.

Ooh, thanks for the spot. Looks like I broke it during the final edit. :pinkiesad2: Fixed now though!

Yeah, I really wanted a chance to write the Doctor. Glad you enjoyed it!

MInor typo. at “Are you kidding?!” [url=url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFgL9ZrEsJ8]Cappy asked, a wide grin erupting across her face. She shook her head, For a quick heads up.

Got it. How embarrassing. :twilightblush:

4394507 It happens, no worries, and there are many folks who are going to catch it quick, than everyone miss the four hundred and fifty pound gorilla in the room. (Those guys are sneakier than they look) :rainbowlaugh:

Haven't read it yet, but kind of obvious who the Doctor is. Now is this your take on him, or based off of another writer's version?

In case nobody else catches it, your youtube link toward the end is borked. >_>

Edit: Also, good show! I always love a good doctor fic even if it's just a short one. And nice foreshadowing with the niece and nephew being scared from one of his stories.

My own take, and one very, very close to source material.

Yeah, got it... :twilightblush:

Glad you liked the story and the Doctor. It's always a challenge to tackle someone else's character (as you know firsthand), and I spent a lot of time working on what he said and how he acted.

You have done it again my good sir. :moustache:

I applaud you.

Ah geez I loved this story. I thought the crystal fae was a beautiful idea, was that an original concept or is that from some old mythology of some sort? Either way it's great, so many things to do with the idea.

I might just "borrow" it for my next ponyfinder ga-... that's actually a brilliant idea. I think I will.

Anyways, loved this story, I thought the Doctor was spot on and I was laughing pretty hard over the bit when Steel thought he might be on the Butt end of a joke. :rainbowlaugh: He's in good company.

Oh, and huzzah for fluffy shipping!

I was wondering what the Doctor had to do with this story when you posted the cover art. I guess I know now!

Loved Steel's interacting with the Doctor. Unlike most fics where he shows up as a straight-up time lord pony, it feels like the story is firmly centered around some pony not him. Not that I mind a good Doctor-centric fic, but this was a nice change of pace.

The foreshadowing felt very much like it belonged, too.

Any Thistle fans out there?

YEAH :flutterrage::yay::trollestia:

Very nice. A story about the doctor and a confused stallion chasing after a very long lived little girl/filly/foal who is scared out of her mind and changing shapes only to be stopped by having a parental figure assure her that everything is alright and that she shouldn't be afraid and is protected. I could very easily see this as being a doctor who episode minus the pony forms of course.

Hmm, interesting! I may have to keep an eye on this:derpytongue2: Keep up the good work:twistnerd: (Lets face it, the twist emote is not used enough.)

Just finished reading, now I'm just sitting here with my sonic screwdriver and my Tardis mug thinking 'yay Tennant!'.

Excellent as always, have a favorite :twilightsmile:

I really should stop reading so late into the night, but these stories are so good. I do think Steel is my favourite character, there seems to be so much to him that has been built up and yet he still has so much that I want to know about. Especially h's background before his retirement, his work as a body guard intrigues me to no end.

While I was a little sceptical about the whole Doctor Who thing, I think you did it beautifully. I will say however that I'm glad he won't be playing a major role in the main narrative as I'm personally not too much of a 'Doctor Whooves' fan.

Glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

So, the crystal fae isn't based on anything it at all. I basically came up with the idea for what I needed (a creature that put out emotion as well as eating it) and worked backwards from there, drawing lore from the show itself and playing with my headcanon for how magic works in the universe.

And you can totally go ahead and use it in your game if you'd like. Just in case you hadn't guessed (and let's face it, you probably did), the crystal fae are super rare and hail from the Crystal Empire primarily. When it got locked away, so did they. So when the Crystal Empire comes back...

Yes, we'll get to see the crystal fae again, and they'll spread out a bit more this time. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and glad I nailed the Doctor's character. That was a challenge!


Yeah, I set out to make sure that even though the Doctor showed up, this was still Steel's story, and no one else's. Which Dr. Who does a lot actually, though it leaves the focus on the Doctor. This was all about Steel.

And yes, the foreshadowing. I'm kind of surprised no one's mentioned one of the big ones yet. It's very, very important, been mentioned in 2 3 of the side stories so far, and no ones caught on yet. :mustachepinkiewedonothave:

Oh good. Because she's showing up, and will continue to show up.

That was the goal! :pinkiehappy:

First exposure to the series? Welcome, and are you in for a RIDE!

Thank you. Tennant will always be the Doctor for me. He was just brilliant!

To be able to write a character into a story that someone isn't fond of ... and still have them enjoy it is a great mark of success. Thank you!

And never fear, we'll get little bits of Steel's backstory from time to time. Oh, and there's an AMA here you could also check out for some more details (Steel did it after being voted the favorite team member a while back).

Excellent, cuz Hunter needs more hugs and less being married to his work :rainbowlaugh:

Whew:pinkiegasp: I don't know how long it will take me to read them. You could ask any of my friends... I have a full plate when it comes to reading.:twistnerd:

The Doctor. In Dusk Guard. As more than just a passing refrence. And confirmed returning.
SO... MUCH... AWESOME... CROSSOVERNESS... *nerdsqueal*

Ok... ok... I have to give a proper comment now. *breathes*
You wrote the Doctor perfectly. Those hours of Tennant research paid off beautifully. My only complaints are 1. "allons-y"? and 2. The story was a bit short, but, as you said in the AN, this IS about the Dusk Guard, specifically Steel in this story, and running off with the Doctor into *ADVENTURE!* kinda would hijack the story completely.
Just make sure nobody gets lost in that big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey stuff when he does come back!

4396957 Comrade Cromegas, it has been too long since we last tried to kill one another in 2nd fortress teams.

But I assure you, this series is well worth it. IMO the best written series on fimfic. (the characters especially, holy Maccrage the characters!)

Honestly, I wasn't that happy with the Doctor showing up.

It really felt like his presence detracted from the story, which seemed like it was supposed to be about Steel Song. Instead, it's "The Adventures of the Doctor and his new sidekick Steel Song!"

All the other stories worked on deeper character development and worldbuilding. This was just Steel Song running around after a character that already knew the entire story.

I love your work, but this was disappointing for me.

A very fun to read story-thingy, I enjoyed it :-). I like how you have created this faengling and made Steel the one to do stuff in the episode instead of the Doctor - he has enough spotlight in other fanfiction as it is :-P.

Finally got a chance to sit down and read the chapter. Can see it as an actual episode, sans ponies. Doctor and Steel got to share the limelight, without either taking too much from each other. Glad to see continuing therapy for Bolt in the mentions, as well as the situation with Cappy. This is probably a Tennant inspired Doctor, yes? Wondering if Steel is going to try to get someone else to look into this Doctor character. Need more info to decide whether or not this Doctor is similar to any of the other ones.

Well then I must read more. I'm prioritizing this series!

As for the second game, you are mine:twistnerd:

I'd have a mild off-feeling about the sudden Dr. Who crossover, but it drowned under the writing quality.

Have an upvote, fav, etc. :pinkiehappy:

4396833 Yay for protective instincts and kind loving parents/uncles/aunts/big brothers and sisters/and anyone willing to help and comfort a child in need. I remember this quite from the anime Bleach when Ichigo is fighting some evil older sibling of one of his friends he says "Big brothers... you know why they're born first? To protect the little ones that come after them!! What kind of brother says that he'll KILL his own sister?! Even a MONSTER shouldn't say that!!" I know it doesn't exactly fit the situation considering there is no monster trying to kill the little filly but I think it sort of fits into the theme of the story about protecting children

:raritystarry: What will his future hold? :rainbowlaugh:

4399370 4397715
Thanks! :twilightblush: Enjoy!

I just couldn't find a place to work "Allons-y" in, unfortunately. Ah well. he'll be back sometime. Glad I nailed his character though!

Ah well. At least you gave it a read. I'm sure as the series moves on there will be other things that people won't be very fond of. In this case, it sounds like the inclusion of the Doctor really wasn't something you enjoyed. There's always the next story! Thanks for reading all the same!

Eeyup! That, I knew, needed to be key. It still had to be Steel's story.

Steel looking into research on the Doctor. Funny you should mention that... :raritywink: Glad you liked it!

Best possible reaction, I think! Thanks!

Steel's awesome that way. He might be stoic and locked up in his own rough exterior, but I think Cappy's already seen past that for the real deal.

I'm curious as to why you didn't add a "Crossover" tag to the story, since the inclusion of a certain two-hearted alien warrants it. I guess it's not a bad thing that I spent half of the story expecting a big twist that made it not-a-crossover, but it is a little... odd, I guess? Although, It's not like you're breaking any sort of must-follow rule.

Hmm. Maybe you'd bring in a little of the DW crossover crowd if you included the crossover tag. Maybe you'd invite rage from the folks who think DW crossovers are overdone. I dunno. Maybe i'm over-thinking it.

It was worse than anything he ever recalled experiencing, including that juvenile dragon he’d faced...
Just like the day he’d gotten his cutie mark, diving into that manticore to save his classmate...

Griffon Blademaster...
Highly-respected Guard...
Highly-respected Bodyguard...
Captain of the first new Guard since the forming of the Day and Night Guards...

Steel may have done some cool things in his life. Maybe. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg, too.

must have fallen through a temporal rift … which would mean that … oh yes. That is right about now, isn’t it?

AHA! So the Crystal Empire was not locked up in some sort of void for a thousand years, but was sent a thousand years into the future by Sombra's curse? Of course the Doctor would be involved with such time-displaced shenanigans!

Any Thistle fans out there? Anyone?

I have serious potential to become one, I know... :ajsmug:

Confusion over tags aside, I had a great time reading it. Cool new creature, neat interactions, and hey, I can't say i'm not a Who fan. It didn't go as deep as the other stories, and was kinda of a shock with the change in tone from those. But we've seen Steel develop for roundabout 200,000 words now, it's okay that he gets to star in a fun adventure!

Now to eagerly await Hunter's side story... It's gonna be a real wizzpopper one way or the other. :rainbowkiss:

Why no, I don't know the first thing about Aussie slang. Why do you ask?

4400459 Your writing has always been fantastic and you put a ton of effort into your work, there's no argument there. I just couldn't enjoy this particular plot like I did the others.

But I still look forward to all the other things you still have to offer!

It just struck me that Steel actually got a real whopper of a bit of character development. I missed it at first due to focusing on the Doctor's appearance. I'm super excited--chomping at the bit, natch--to see where this goes. :pinkiehappy:

Can't honestly say I'll be diving into your Steel Song universe, but I did enjoy this as a straight-up Who adventure. Plenty of excitement and substance, and it was unique to see one of the Doctor's associates being a toughened soldier with combat experience.

Alright, you made good points. I added a crossover tag.

AHA! So the Crystal Empire was not locked up in some sort of void for a thousand years, but was sent a thousand years into the future by Sombra's curse?

Well from their perspective it's "POW, FUTURE" but Sombra didn't send them forward in time. They were temporally locked. You had it right with the first one.

And yes, Steel's development in this is more impactful than most would think at first glance.

You're not the first to say that, but I assure you, there's a reason the Dusk Guard has the fandom, ratings, and weight it does. Another reader commented back at someone else who said similar ...

But I assure you, this series is well worth it. IMO the best written series on fimfic. (the characters especially, holy Maccrage the characters!)

I'm glad you liked "Emoticon," but it's the tip of the iceberg. Definitely give some of the others a try.

a bit of the Doctor is always a good stress relief xD
quite a nice story. that crystal fey remembered me the mlp comic
Is alwas good to see Cappy xD.
hmm Thritle? not a fan yet but would be nice see her character developed a bit.
oh a thing I noticed at the beginning: why did Damn injection him somenthing before take a sample of blood? that would conraminate the blood

I am agreeing with Winter Storm, the Doctor is drawing all the attention. Not too mention his chaotic way of doing and telling stuff may be great for the show itself with the Doctor's PoV with visuals to back it up, but in this fic I find it plain aggravating.

Good story! :twilightsmile:

If you decide to touch it up in the future (since you wrote it so long ago) I would suggest making the info about him scaring the kids at the beginning a bit more prominent (possibly a short flashback) to connect the circle better, otherwise it's great!

P.S. I think you used The Doctor quite well, especially dividing it so he figures it while Steel actual makes the final call and saves the day.

Normally I dislike stories that bring in the Doctor. He tends to get over played and made god-like. This story, I liked. To me, this felt almost like a Doctor lite episode. Yes the doctor was there but he gracefully stepped out of the spot light to let Steel engage the antagonist and resolve the issue. Of all the stories that I have read on fimfiction that have had the Doctor appear in them, this is by far my favorite.

Thank you Viking ZX for giving the Dusk Guard series

hmm. very nice chapter. i like the way u wrote the doctor, yet gave steel a lot of development. i really want a steel song pic like nova got at the end of "Old Habits". he was the only pony to get one. :fluttercry: and the fae is a very good idea. im glad we'll be seeing more fae (and doctor) in the future. :twilightsmile:

overall, :yay: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss: :moustache: 8.1/10

I'll admit, I was a bit confused by this one at first. And then Doctor Who showed up and I wondered, "Okay, Viking, where are you going with this?"

But then the situation clarified itself, and I saw exactly how Steel was going to solve things and how it tied into the beginning. It worked pretty well. Not a favorite, but still worth an upvote.

We'll see.

I haven't seen Listen, though. I'm waiting for series 8 to show on Netflix.

Thanks! I'm glad I managed to balance the two for you!

well, I was just re-reading this one and noticed something the doc says.

“must have fallen through a temporal rift … which would mean that … oh yes. That is right about now, isn’t it?”

How the hey did I miss the significance of that line the first time through. Very very nice little detail there. :pinkiehappy:

Very good addition to the Dusk Guard side stories. I was a bit confused at first when I saw that it was going to be a one-shot, but it woked out pretty well. And since I guess that it hasn't been said before, I'll say it: I like how you manage to just work in members of the main cast without putting undue attention to them. Even though ponies like the Mane 6 and well-known side-characters like the Doctor are well-known in Ponyville, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're that well known all over Equestria.

However, there are a few errors in your story:

It picks an emotion that its sensing

Should be it's.

Then it’s mouth opened wide and it leapt at him.

Should be its (no apostrophe).

a pair of pegasi Guard

That sounds a bit awkward to me. Consider "a pair of pegasus Guards."

That was a relatively recent edition that hit me out of the blue one day,

I believe you meant addition.

this was brilliant

I would love to meet the little girl again and she remembers him... please?

After a long break from the dusk guard im back and cant wait to continue :twilightsmile:
Dont have much to add that hasnt been mentioned already. It was really fun to read and it left me wanting more :twilightsheepish:

I hope we see that Crystal Fae again.

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