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Viking ZX

Author of Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels! Oh, and some fanfiction from time to time.


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  • TTirek is Doomed
    Tirek has claimed the power of the alicorns from Twilight Sparkle, and now all is lost ... Or is it?
    Viking ZX · 9.6k words  ·  1,583  19 · 30k views
  • TWhy Me?
    It's been four days since Tirek, and Discord is finally feeling back to being his old self. Or is he?
    Viking ZX · 7.3k words  ·  731  11 · 9k views
  • EOld Habits
    It's Nova's first official day off, and he's decided to spend it in one place he knows he can relax: the Canterlot Bazaar. But when he has an unexpected encounter with a face from his past, can he face the pony he once was?
    Viking ZX · 20k words  ·  344  4 · 3.3k views
  • TCarry On
    Sometimes the hardest thing to do isn't completing the mission, it's coming home again. For Dusk Guard member Sky Bolt, the mission was a complete success. Everything went perfectly. So why can't she sleep?
    Viking ZX · 18k words  ·  378  5 · 3.6k views