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While checking the ward spells in her palace's library, Cadance discovers a strange letter sent to King Sombra by someone she didn't know existed, from a nation that never existed. The search for answers sends her and Twilight, along with their friends, on a journey to uncover certain secrets of the past, only to realize that secrets abound in the present, and at the center of it all, there is one particular truth that very important ponies would very much like to keep a secret.

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The term "empire" could also be a misnomer. For instance The Crystal "Empire" is everything but. It's just a royal city-state, not an empire.

Absolutely correct. I didn't want to put too much of a definition on what it actually meant because the ponies aren't sure, but when Twilight brought up that it might have been a nomenclature thing, it is what she was thinking of.

When I used the terminology, "holy empire", my intention was to hint at the meaning I intended. And also what kind of guy Gregor was.

Well they're screwed.

I love this Cadence. In the show she's always portrayed as this pristine young adult who is the ideal princess, and that's it.
This Cadence is more inquisitive, has a slight rebellious streak, and apparently has a keen interest in history.

Still a lazy mother though.

Most certainly a unique version of the changlings. Now if we could return to the matter at hoof, the false history, Luna's hording of the stars.

The whole detour will make sense in a while. I'm laying some ground rules about how magic, society and politics work. It's important for the whole mythology of this story. Not to mention I felt Twilight and Cadance couldn't get out free of consequences of what they did. It also will help the story flow.

I also don't want to give out the whole story too fast because it's a bit complicated and only a couple of characters actually understand what happened, and things they thing are connected one way actually are in another way. And all of them have reasons why they don't want it to surface. Actually, only two characters know the whole story and they haven't appeared yet. Twilight and Cadance will need to understand things and their opinions need to shift in a way that is clear why they did. The whole thing is worldview changing.

The rabbit hole still goes a little deeper, though, both in the past and present. Right now, they are exploring the one in the present, but they'll converge in one big mess. This story is pretentious as hell. :pinkiecrazy: I'm trying to make it fun too, with jokes and references.

I also need to juggle a few characters around and Celestia, Luna, The Lion, The Consort, all need a presentation. Also a better look about how Equestria works and why things don't seem well in the griffon lands. If I don't cover these, the whole problem with the past won't make much sense.

I totally understand needing to word build to differentiate between your world and the original. I was just making a joke about how they came for one thing, and instead they end up in jail.

Ah. Cool.
Please, feel free to tell me if anything feels out of place, though.

Maybe they should talk to Discord first...

Twilight and Cadance think he's unreliable.
But I agree that it wouldn't make any sense if they didn't, at least, try to talk to him. They'll cross paths in the following chapters. I also wanted to save his appearance for a specific scene.

God there’s so much world building I can’t tell if the story is bullshit or meaningless.

I'm guilty as charged. It's mostly because i like it, and because characters are going around trying to learn about things from long ago that have consequences in the present, and stumble in something that seems unrelated as far the present chapter. I'm also trying to stress the differences between Canon material and the AU. How important magic is and their perception of it. I also don't want the reader to be entirely sure if whatever happened in the past, and how the Sisters dealt with it, is reproachable or understandable. I try to do this by exploring their actions in the present and near past. I also try to make it funny when I can.

I also wanted to give the cartoon a sense of mythology and a creation myth that is still to come, but is part of the whole mess of the hidden past.

But I fully understand if people don't like this, especially when I also have a lot of things that get frowned upon, like the alicorn OC and the whole plot about changed past that contradict Canon that I feel need a lot of convincing and digressing.

“What is going on?!” With a sigh, Twilight quickly summated the relevant events and conclusions to them

:twilightoops: :Let me explain. No, it's too much. I summarize. Cadence found an old letter sent by some old griffon king that no one had ever heard of to king Sombra. The letter described the sun acting very strange. Cadence and I began investigating and we found out that Celestia might have hidden a few (hundred) years of pony history from Equestria. Now that we know this, she's trying to arrest us, we're also wanted by Ponyville's militia, and we're getting back on my airship so we can go over to Griffonsky and try and learn more about that old king I mentioned.

I was going to write something there, but I figured it would the second time in the chapter Twilight would be explaining stuff to someone and that might be a bit unnecessary. I thought of making a joke about Twilight being anxious, but she was in a good mood, having dodged Celestia and then Chocolate Velvet. But looking at your comment here, I feel like I should've written something more. :raritydespair:

And to think, all I wanted to do was make a Princess Bride reference.

Ah. There's the problem. The reference flew over my head.:rainbowlaugh:

Do you intend to make more stories about the backstory for this one? What little you explained in here is extremely interesting.

Yes. There is the main series with Celestia, Luna, Star Swirl and several OCs that will cover in details that whole period that was erased. Up to present times when Celestia started setting the stage for Nightmare Moon's return. There will also be a story about the period of one year of Chocolate Velvet's arrival that is going to be a romantic comedy and slice of life.

Beyond that, there are other stories, such as Nightmare Night and Summer Sun celebrations in this AU. A story about the aftermath for Ponyville's militia, and a few with Twilight and friends.

The goal for this one here is to serve as a primer for the AU, and to help me get more in touch with writing in English.
In this story, you can still expect tidbbits of information about the past and more world-building on the specifics of the AU, and Twilight and Cadance unraveling the details of the past and meeting The Lion, culminating with more information about the legends and a whole creation myth. They'll also start learning things about the backstage of how their world works. Two spin-offs are in the pipe, one about what happened with Chocolate Velvet after the end of this chapter + the next, and another with Celestia laying down the law on Ponyville's militia situation.

Those story idea's sound very interesting. I hope they'll be as good as this story and that you don't abandon the series.

I would love to see a story where Applejack rules Equestria

Flurry Heart will be the true ruler since she is smarter

Is Discord still a friend?

Perhaps one day.
<ominous apple sounds>

Yes. He shows up in a following chapter.

What’s with ponies and guns... They have laser beams and can move suns... They don’t need guns but maybe other creatures :rainbowderp:

Magic is hard and it was part of the Renaissance/fantasy theme.

Not to mention you won't see the really powerful unicorns (Twilight or Starlight Glimmer)/alicorns using guns. They don't need guns, and typically use enchanted weapons. The idea is that firearms are a 'equalizer', Rarity, for example, isn't particularly powerful spellcaster, and a pistol would do as much damage as an offensive spell from Twilight, for example.

And you're right, other creatures use guns, such as griffons and their more advanced firearms.

3.86 x 1012 = 3,860,000,000,000 = 3.86 TRILLION Hornpower, or 3.86 Tera-Hornpower/THNP :pinkiegasp:

How much is 1 HNP equivalent to in joules/newtons/watts/ergs? :twilightoops:

1 Hornpower would be 10 Joule. Bellow is some info that is yet to appear.

That is in one Pulse which is about .3 seconds, but in practical terms it is punctual. In one full second, Celestia could triple that if her focus isn't broken, particularly in effects that align to her orientation, but she doesn't need a full Pulse to discharge a spell. The idea is that more complex spells would require more time to be executed properly, and the more time a spell takes to be cast, the more energy it requires. In practical terms, some spells are locked to certain magic users because they wouldn't be able to keep up with the energy requirement to keep the spell from collapsing, like Cadance thinks of before teleporting to the Crystal Empire, and that is why Twilight can't teleport long distances.
The amount of Pulses a magic user can sustain varies with experience and mental stamina. So, even if Twilight can sustain a spell for long enough, she might not be able to fulfill the required amount of energy it requires, which is her limitation for teleportation.
That is going to be more relevant to explain why in a future episode one character can spend time preparing a high energy spell. Especially with the spoken magic the griffons will use.

3.86 THNP = 38.6 Terajoules = 1,072,230,800 watt-hours = 38,600,000,000,000,000,000 ergs = 38.6 exaergs. Quite impressive.

Astrophysicists calculate that Supernova 1987A exploded with a force of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ergs = 100 zettaergs = 2,590.67 Celestias.

So Celestia is .000386 of an actual supernova, but yes, concentrating that much power in one point and not a whole solar system would be catastrophic to space-time.

The metric I used, actually, was the Hiroshima bomb, that was around 54-75 TJ, according to wikipedia.

I don't know if I could make an analogy to something breaking space-time in the real world. The intention with Twilight's comment related to rules of how magic works in their world. (the story assumes that magic doesn't exist in our world) It is considered 'natural' in Equestria, but its effects are 'supernatural' as in it breaks from tradicional physics. Like Discord said: Just enough magic lets reality dream, and
too much magic breaks causality. And there's also Cadance's teleportation scene.

So, too much magic would be damaging to reality. And that is an important point later on to explain why things happened after the creation of the world. And I also think you're going to love the things the gang will do with Naminè's help. :rainbowwild:

Whoa. Missed this one at the time.
I don't think I will abandon the series. I like it too much and am having too much fun with it and its spin offs. Even if work gets in the way, the worse that will happen is that I may have to slow down, like that hiatus I some time ago.

Just relax and smile. Wave if you can https://youtu.be/DvYBZRwwGB4
the airship captain that got divided into his good and evil sides because of a magical disruption of a teleporter. James T. Kirk [ S.T. 1st Gen.]
“I have become a princess to rule Equestria, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across the land by this gadget.” Dr, Mcoy [ S.T. 1st gen.]
Love what you did here.

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