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Creative Delight

Just trying to be a Creative Delight for you guys. Creativity starts with one wish, the wish to make, being it a painting, a story, or a building. It all still comes from a wish, a wish to make


A Young adult with a creative mind who wishes for a better life. A pony that wishes for something more in her life that she has lost. There, two powerful wishes, somewhere, somehow clash with each other, and a miracle is born. It is the start of a whole new life for once a man and a soon-to-be mother. With the wonders as well as the storms that come with it. Does the man get the family he needs to mend the wounds from his past life? And hold in the secret that he is more than what he is while unlocking new potential? Can she gain happiness in these sad times while trying to do her best to be a teacher, a ruler, and now a mother?

The story focuses a little on domestic abuse and bullying but only a little in the beginning. As well as small hick-ups along the way, I will not go into great detail about the subject, but there will be problems later on.

Any feedback and criticism are welcome.

Genres and age rating may change in the future.

I own all the rights to the picture. It was made by NixWorld a amazing artist.

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OH~ I am planning on it. it's gonna be a little while though, I will make the next chapter a little to a lot longer. I am also working on another story. Happy you like the story~

I made a blog post where I show the cover of it. it's called Wonders of Arcane and is something much more serious than this story.

Thank you, happy you like it and I will. I am trying my best to make the next chapter as interesting as I can but I am a little stuck and I am running out of vacation as well.

*sighs* Another male to female situation?

anything wrong with that? genderbend is just one of my favorite genres, still hope you liked the story though. Have a nice day.

I can't wait for the next chapter to come out it's really good. Keep up the great work pal.

Thanks so much :twilightsmile:
The next chapter is in the making and I to hope I can finish it soon but a lot of things is happening in my life.

I am not i am just dealing with some problems and I am working on my other story a little more.

This holds an adequate amount of...potential, we shall see if you can fulfill it.

(Translation: interesting start, hope there will soon be more.)

I will try my best but have been sick for a long time now, but thank you, I hope I can make this story complete at some point I have a lot of plans for this story.

Ah a sickness ails you, you say. In that case you WILL wait to write something, before you truly fell well enough to comfortably write again, we can wait and so we belive can many others.

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

Now Celestia was alone in the room, lying in bed. She was happy. She did not have to wait that long, as the door to the room opened, and in came a maid, behind the maid was a little pink alicorn, that after laying eyes on Celestia. Starting to run up to the solar princess, screaming, "Aunty! aunty Celestia, are you ok?" the little pink alicorn said with worried in her voice.

you mean with worry, not worried

"Morning sickness? But isn't that only for ponies that are pregnant?" asked the Cadance, still vary much confused.

you mean, asked cadance, not asked the cadance

She was now in front of the door to her champers. Two guards were standing outside the door. She looked at one of them, "What's your, my little pony," she said with her motherly tone and smiled at the soldier.

you mean to add,

"what's your name, my little pony". she said with her motherly tone and smiled at the soldier.

I don’t know how I miss these even after I went through it today to edit it for any mistakes so thank you very much.

I think Grammarly deletes some words today as google docs did also have a hard time it to also wanted to cut in between words sometimes. but even so, thank you very much. love the help.

“so let me get this straight... you just got pregnant from a *pff* a book,” Raven Quill burst into laughter.

Well I suppose they never did try to see if alicorns could have children with books :trollestia:

BIrthday party...

"Delight your father is here!" called Celestia.

"Daddy!" Shout delight as a book stands in the doorway. "What ya bring me?"

Book stands silently in the door.


Flowers taped to the back of the book.

"Hehe, thank you," Delight takes the flower. "Silly daddy..."

So is the child going to be a unicorn or an alicorn?

10689568 it will come in the next chapter. In my world here you don't have a horn when you get Born as it would hurt the Mother giving birth? But it's a unicorn no wings was mentioned.

I remember reading one thing on here, don't remember what, but it mentioned the horn having a layer of skin over it when the foal is born. The skin on the horn preventing harm to the mother. Plus, the horn would be small and likely dull during pregnancy and birth anyway. So that's a possible way to have Celestia safely give birth to the foal without being gutted at the same time.

Hey, my first comment on this site ever. Really intrigued about this story, hope to see next chapter soon.

well I am trying my best at writing on chapter 4

Great little story! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next few chapters. You reallly have the pacing thus far, not going to fast and not going to slow. You do have a tendency to include small grammatical errors, so here is a little list of those I’ve found so far.

It was a cute little dog stuff animal. she seemed to love it right when I gave it to her.

You forgot a capital letter here.

“Good afternoon, princess.” I heard a voice turning around to see a familiar face.

Here it seems like the voice Celestia hears is the one turning, consider changing it to something like “I heard a voice so I turned around to see a familiar face”

“He is doing good for now, but I will sadly have to see he may not live another year.

This sentence is a bit clunky, but I can’t say why.

“She looked younger them him.

Them should really be than. Them is used to indicate a group of people, like “she was the youngest out of them”.

. We are here for you, and you’re little one.

You’re is an abbreviation of you are, consider changing it to your, which is the correct term in this instance.

I played with the pink horse with the toys I have gotten from what I could only guess was my birthday.

You have two with here, which makes the sentence harder to read, consider adding a coma here. However, the more I read the more unsure I get, take this with a grain of salt.

Overall, you really have the concept down, not dabbing in the small details but also not excluding them. There is room for improvement, but that’s the process of any writer, so I can imagine that this story will only be getting better and better. Have a fantastic day, and hope my little list helps you!

I always love getting these kinds of comments and I will check it out when i have the time.

Thank you. Have a nice day and I wish you well.

I really like slice of life focused stories like this one seems to be. It was kinda weird see main character not freak out last chapter as talking colorful magic horses is not something usually considered normal. Very happy to see story continues either way.

I am glad you liked it. I always think people sometimes overreact in a situation like this. and I would not know if I would overreact in that situation but because I have a high sense of reality. I know when things are real or not.
My last message was typed on my phone and somehow missed some words. What I meant was that I loved your comment and I thank you for it. I love getting comments like yours both of yours.

There are two things that make the world better. First is, quite obviously, cuteness. Nothing could ever be more worth than cuteness in my opinion. Second, of course, is creativity. As a creative person, it is the single reason why I keep doing what I do and it makes life so much more worth it. You, my dear, have awakened my interest with your story! Good job! :3

"Well, princess... all I can say is you a pregnant with a 6-month-old foal."

Hah... they grow up so fast these days, don't they? :trollestia:

Anyway, I find it interesting you are starting this off with the foal already being six months old. Horses and ponies don't start showing before that point, so jumping straight ahead to that point is a surprising turn of events. Did you research that, by any chance? :3

“GET OUT NOW, OR I WILL THROW YOU IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU BELONG!” Celestia was angry at the audacity of somepony, even ignoring what she said even if a month had passed.

That escalated quickly. :rainbowlaugh:

The... cuteness... my... heart... *clutches at her chest in desperation*

Not too bad so far, I'm looking forward to more. While the chapters are a bit short for my tastes, they feel like they have just the right length. Could use some editing here and there, but that's only a minor complaint from me. :3

cuteness and creativity are the true power of the world. it’s to OP.

I did not I just did not want to write a whole lot of her being with a foal. so magic that's what I used.

I am so happy you like the chapters. I would have had a chapter out faster, but some stressful problems have happened, giving me a big writer's block.

Just don't force yourself to adhere to some schedule and do things on your own time, dear. I know how it is to struggle with writing (or drawing, for that matter), sometimes it helps to just take a break. I'm not the best for advice in that regard (I'm a lazy bum, after all), so just do what feels right. :3

OK, this fic seems very interesting, how did it managed to fly under my radar for so long?

She was your avenge nurse.

I think you meant to say "She was your average nurse."

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