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Digital artist and author by hobby.

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Universes and Stories · 3:57am Aug 24th, 2020

It's been a while since I've done a blog post and having recently finished up two stories and getting questions concerning the connections between them; I thought I'd go ahead and outline the universes of my currently published stories as well as those planned or already in the works. I'll list the stories of each universe in chronological order. Hopefully this will give you all a good idea why I tend to take so long. I have a bit of a problem focusing on one story at a time. Most the stories

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Can you put up a guide somewhere listing which of your stories belong to the same universe?

I've done a lot of art over the years; sculpting, drawing, 3d modeling, digital painting. Right now I do a lot of modeling buildings for 3d simulations for my current job, while my drawing and digital painting are my hobby. I do all the cover art for my stories myself.

Wish they'd fix the art widget so that it would work with DA galleries again. Hasn't worked since DA reformatted a year or two back.

How are you both "both 2d and 3d"?

Thanks for the fave!

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