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Universes and Stories · 3:57am Aug 24th, 2020

It's been a while since I've done a blog post and having recently finished up two stories and getting questions concerning the connections between them; I thought I'd go ahead and outline the universes of my currently published stories as well as those planned or already in the works. I'll list the stories of each universe in chronological order. Hopefully this will give you all a good idea why I tend to take so long. I have a bit of a problem focusing on one story at a time. Most the stories

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The idea is pretty cool. I don't really see it that often in general, though I wonder where you will go with your writing. The ideas are interesting ones Nebula and I hope you enjoy the stuff you write about.

Midnight Star, I actually wrote that first story in a week or so, even after some issues I had with my laptop at the time. I made reference to Past Sins in there because Past Sins was the very first fan fiction of any kind that I'd read. Then I had the idea for Midnight Star, and it was the first time I'd considered writing based on something else. I'd been writing for years as a hobby, but always original stories. When I had the idea for Midnight Star, I just sat down and over a few days, wrote the entire first draft, went over it a couple times making corrections then posted it all at once. I did go back and made numerous corrections over the following weeks, but the initial writing was just a week or two.

Obviously, the sequel took considerably longer but is also a much longer story.

i only read 4 chapters of your midnight star story and, I'm enjoying it so far. How long did you worked on it may i ask? If it is alright of course

Can you put up a guide somewhere listing which of your stories belong to the same universe?

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