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The failed invasion of that mad queen, Chrysalis, rocked the changeling community. From the hives nestled outside Equestria, to their kin living in peace within, they watch those colorful ponies eye one another with suspicion and let themselves be swallowed by fear and distrust.

A gamble by Princess Celestia has summoned forth the diplomat to the Seekers, the one changeling who may be able to ease tensions between their races and restore balance. The Bearer of Magic has been summoned after a century of peace.

And, like her mother before her, Princess Twilight Sparkle will answer the call.

Preread by Alto, Cynewulf, and Timaeus.
Cover art by FoughtDragon01, used with permission.

Chapters (12)
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Always exciting to read one of your stories, I look forward to more

Well, this looks fascinating. There are far more changes at work here than just changeling Twilight. I eagerly look forward to exploring this world.

Loving this, and In can't wait for more!

And you know, I think I like stories like this where Celestia actually already KNOWS about the Changelings, and is actually friends with them.

VERY cool, they are.

Been a while since I last read a good Changeling Twilight story. This should be good.

So to make sure I understand its this Twilight a changeling princess?

Lemme just mash the 'tracking' button as quickly as possible. There we go. This sounds fantastic already and I'm on for the ride.

I rather like this approach. It's got a good mix of things, and builds the world nicely between just talk and being.

Also cute Love Bug for you.

8985512 Dude, I'm resisting urges to just do a oneshot with her and Shiny. That pic is goddamn adorable.

wow this is a great story about changelings who's it-


i LOVE that picture. so much detail!! also, i love the story idea. was wondering when you'd do a 'twi is a ling' story. seems like everyone is doing it... least, they were at one point.

Make it a side story to this if you can? Give in to the temptations...

But i figured this might have been one you had done with the cover art chosen.

you called me for me so you

Extra me?

Also, eagerly looking forward to where this one goes.

Oh my god. This seems like such a good fic. Not to mention, you have set up the main villain of this fic: House Shimmer. I have a feeling they won't be happy to know that the Seekers are the ones that possess Magic, given that it used to be theirs.

Interesting. I take it that Luna turning into NMM didn't happen in this AU? Or hasn't happened yet?

Sireadh mused as she her tail a merry swish

I believe you accidentally a word. as she gave her tail, perhaps?

Promising premise. I wonder if Sunset will show sooner or later to claim her ancestral birthright?

Well a Carapace story just hit my feed today. I have a feeling that this is going to be a good one. If my memory is correct all of your stories are high quality and highly entertaing.

Is it wrong that I want more of this story right now?

Once more unto the 'X character is a changeling' stories.

What an interesting AU. As will all your stories, I am both completely captivated and intrigued.

MORE I SAY!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Well...we'll have to see where this one goes... :ajsmug:

Got me attention ladi!!!
Now onwards to the next chapters!!!!:trollestia:

I’m curious where you got all the names for the Seeker’s house and name.

Wouldn’t surprise me now that I think on it. Changelings have a few things in common with old faerie tales.


You mean the fact that Changeling is the term used for a faerie child used to replace a newborn so that they can be raised on human milk and love?

It really is the only thing I can think of in the show itself, people have done more to make the whole Fae-Pony thing than the show ever did.

I was mostly thinking about the near universally evil thing they had going on. A surprisingly large number of fae are amazingly hostile, or at least incredibly uncaring to humanity. Plus the whole queen thing always made me think of a version of Queen Titania I saw once. Plus a few modern interpretations of smaller faeries give them insect like qualities.

Very interesting so far you have my attention.

Oh gosh, the response for this has been rather good, better than I thought it would be. So time for some late replies:

8985392 I'm glad to hear! Hopefully what comes next will continue to entertain!

8985394 Hehe yes! As you can see, I decided to go a little bit different in terms of how things got started out. I think you'll like Twilight when she shows up.

8985399 Yeah, I really wanted to go with a deep dive on this one. I have another idea for, like, a oneshot with changeling Twi that's still deeper, but not so built up like this. But lately I've been just itching to go nuts with worldbuilding. :3

8985426 Agreed. I like to think of them as a foe/entity forgotten by most ponies except in legend. Well, save for those who might have been around to deal with their tricks in the past.

8985443 I hope to deliver!

8985447 Yar!

8985468 Handing over power to a foreign ruler is bound to be~ >:D

8985497 That poor tracking button. It never knew what was coming.

8985540 You thought it was another author! But it was me, Dio Carapace!

8985588 Yessssssssss. I had to throw a reference to Caesar in this. It just seemed to fit Tia far too well. And it does kinda seem like something Star Swirl might say.

8985603 The picture was just too perfect. Like I said above, I had another idea for her as a ling, but this was a bit less dark and more ... idk, something about her appearance just sparked that "she's interested, she's intrigued, she leads a hive of inquisitive, studious buggos" idea.

8985618 Aaaaaaaaaaah, unfortunately I can't. You'll see why ^^;

8985620 Derp >.>; And I hope you enjoy it ^^

8985649 Mmmm, some yes, some no in your comment. But we can both agree, the mares of House Shimmer probably aren't happy with Sireadh Firinn :3

8985686 Correct. NMM never happened here. Sireadh Firinn and her husband, Eolas, are younger than the sisters, but still count as peers by age and strength.

8985824 :3

8985839 Oh dear, I guess I'd better make my updates come quickly ^^;

8985864 But do I have your attention? /stares

8985910 I think Minds Eye beat me to the joke aimed at that one, sadly. lol
8985965 I hope you enjoy it as much as the others, then! I think you might enjoy Halla Eolas when we see it ^^

8986105 Yay~

8986190 >:3 yesssss

8986309 wooohoooooo! \o/ No brakes >:D

8986368 Thanks! I hope you enjoy the next one when I put it out!

8986478 8986510 Irish/Gaelic is correct. I wanted to go with something a bit more close to that, since I typically dabble in the idea that they're faelike in my other stories. Plus, it gives me a little something as a plot point~

8986566 The show kinda borrowed it and did little nods to it here and there. But hey, that means I get to just go wild with it in mine :3

8986568 ehhh, yes and no. The hostile ones get the notoriety. There's a lot of them that play the angle that they'll help you out and do nice things for you unless you offend them in some way. I.E. the backstory behind Sleeping Beauty being that Maleficent is another faerie who felt insulted that she wasn't invited to the party, even though the King and Queen chose not to invite her because they didn't have another set of nice chair/plate/silverware for her and felt that would be a greater slight in front of her peers.

8986661 Hehehe I hope to hold onto it~


Na, that was really for myself. I got into MLP less than year ago so I spend a lot of time reading older works (sorry, haven't read your "Respite" series yet thats on my to do list :P ). With hindsight, I can see how the community moved from trend to trend and "X character is a changeling"-story is definitely a trend that went away for a while (the community dumped Thorax real fast).

8987407 Have they? I don't really pay much attention. I know he's apparently a favorite of some plush commissioners.

Carapace, we know you have only just started this, but how about a small seed that you may or may not pass on to someone else:
Everyone is a changeling AU (interpret that as you please, either instead of ponies, they are all changelings, or everyone is a changeling thinking the others are ponies and we get changelings pretending to be ponies based off of other changelings pretending to be ponies hilarity)

What a great re-introduction for me to have to your writing. Wasn't sure about the premise before reading, but I stand 100% corrected. The worldbuilding in this is fantastic, and doesn't feel intrusive despite how much you've crammed in. I'm utterly hooked already.

I recall a story like that except Celestia, Luan, Twilight, Trixie and Blue blood where really unicorns(unicorns grew wings after a 2nd purberty) and Pikie Pie wasn't a changeling, she was 25 Changelings with one mind.

Wait, let me get this straight.

The canon Twilight never existed, and instead there's some kind of immortal Twilight? Or is the title passed on form generation to generation? I deduce from the description that it's the latter, but I don't get all of it... someone halp!


Unless a plush commissioner sitting on a hundred orders for Thorax plushies, I'm willing to bet that Thorax is not THAT popular.

As for the other part of your post, I try not to get my comments deleted anymore.

8987573 I believe that's been done a few time in comedy bits.

8987845 Hehe, I'm glad it was able to catch your eye then! Good seeing you around and chatting with you last night ^^

8987917 Something like that yeah. I never read it.

8988019 the answer is changelings

8988161 I fail to see why it has to be a hundred of them, but I've been seeing some patterns of him floating around of late among the non-spaz crowd. So I guess my point is "he's got some level of popularity in the fandom." Not so much that he's super popular. Enough so that people like reading about him still, it seems. /shrug


I've picked up the opinion that Fae just have a different moral system to us, so what we think is basic kindness they see as inbelievably rude.

To a Fae there is nothing worse than breaking a promise, or reneging on a deal, and while we mortals might consider it inconsequal, somebody not paying us back for giving them some fries, the Fae would have to pay it back, and if they couldn't it would slowly drive them mad. Gifts must be repaid, oaths must be kept, their basic nature must be followed.

Honestly I think the Dresden Files does it best, but they've had about 15 books, and a good few short stories, comics, and a TV show to get it done.

Holy mother of god this is good! The world-building, the palapable tension, the foreshadowing... all in one chapter!! And you achieved all this without info-dumping as most AU fic authors are wont to do. Your writing grows more and more amazing.

I’ve always found it interesting just how many supernatural creatures are 100% bound by oath or contract. Also I just assumed it wasn’t that their morals are hugely different but that they view us as unimportant due to how short a human life is when compared to their own.


Well they kind of need us to exist, at least in the stories I've read, the Fae / Sidhe are created by human belief in stories, and ascribing certain folk-tales to certain places, fetish worship, etc, etc, and the actual forces of nature. So Fae are like 50% natural phenomemon, and 50% actual fairy tale.

Belief is where you find it.
Or to put that in more words, supernatural beings of any scope thrive as much on belief as they do on their own existences. From the mightiest of gods to the smallest of sprites, the belief of intelligent life shapes the supernatural as something more than just 'lightning' or 'thunder' or 'hungry teeth just beyond the firelight'. If humans stop believing in gods or demons or anything else, those things go back to merely being cloud formations and human cruelty and shadows in the dark.
This is how gods die, even.


the answer is changelings

Cryptic. Not very useful, but cryptic.

I suppose one should expect that from you. :moustache:

That being said, I suppose you telling me will result in spoilers, so maybe this is for the best.

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