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Canterlot lies steeped in chaos, a virulent and deadly plague still boiling away after a decade of suffering. The city, and the ponies in it, still feel the effects, still feel the bite of the times. The lower city, cursed as it is, is mostly partitioned off, leaving each and every pony left stranded and without help. Ponies struggle day by day just to stay alive.

Even as the ponies suffer, politicians toil away, plotting and scheming, machinations rumbling just below the surface. The city is fevered, sick and bloated, ready to pop at any moment. A single pony may be enough to make it all erupt.

And make it erupt Twilight Sparkle shall.

One small step, one lucky break is all she needs to turn the city on its head and take her rightful place by the Queen's side. But even she may not be prepared for the shark tank that is Luna's court.

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0.0 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh intresting i will be watching

You have my attention. Keep it up.

“It’s Queen.” Luna commanded, her voice, her convictions, growing in strength.

F***. I just realised that means Celestia is dead. S***.

good story start, I so want more of it.

This is do interesting! Can't wait to see what you have next

I love me some plague stories!

Well now, this is interesting. An alternate history with Celestia (presumably) dead? Canterlot's all but a plagued ruin? Other cities are starting to be affected? Machinations in the dark regarding the plague and a mystery surrounding it all? Count me in!

I'm going to take a stab at guessing the white mare at the end was Fleur, and it seems like her little organization is behind the plague - or at least behind it's continued spread. I have to wonder what her ultimate goal is (desposing Luna?), though I guess that will be answered in time. One has to wonder why they haven't long since evacuated the city though - it sounds like the water supply itself is contaminated, so wouldn't it be smarter to cut your losses and abandon the city with those who still can be saved?

Regardless, I look towards what happens next. With the imminent lockdown, I have a feeling it's Twilight's upcoming teleportation spell that will allow her to escape the soon-to-be-enclosed slums. I imagine performing it will catch the attention of Luna - going by the title, Twilight will wound up as Luna's student, and this Twilight sounds much younger than the one at the start of the series. Somwhat older than CMC, perhaps?

Regardless, this will be interesting - and I have no doubt her suspiciously marked book collection will play a role in unraveling the mysteries behind the plague. A good start for the story, you have me hooked.

like it love it, though it suck that orphans are not very like it is still 1 keck of a story that is really woth the wait so to ch3 I look forwar to more story or ch you make and have a alwsome day

Why doesn't this story have an alternate universe tag?


Probably should, yea. I'll change that soon.


Nah, M. A. Larson is not writing this fic! Hehe

5 days late (4th of July) but....


Saw it on Facebook. Couldn't resist.

For a well-endowed - oh goddesses, not that kind of endowed - unicorn,



GAH! You're too good at building up the suspense for this test! DX


Oh, now I'll be all worried that I can't live up to it D:

7386307 Nah. With how you've been writing I'm damn sure I'll enjoy it regardless. ^~^ You do you and keep up writing what you like.

The grass was scorched away, only black and brown ugly refuse remaining.

How can it be if the first thing she saw when she teleported back in was green grass as it rushed up to her while she faceplanted?


Thanks for pointing that out, I'll edit when I get home. ^^


wow toke lot to get luna to smile

Hold on, so if this isn't an anthro story, why do ponies have to wear clothes? Because the nobility donated a ton of them? :rainbowhuh:

I had to double check the tags because the clothes wearing made me think it was anthro. :facehoof:


Just societal conventions. It's a little more of a 'medieval' setting as well, so everything is kinda steeped in tradition still. Does that help?


Tough audience, right?

7413401 yea, btw will there be any ship in this story, if so i kind hope for a sunsetXtwilight ship


It's romance tagged, so you can expect a ship or two~

Very nice, you've really described things really well in this story I'm loving how vivid you make things seem. I'm definitely glad I decided to pick this story from my read later list and now it's definitely on my favorites so I can follow it more closely :heart:.



I really appreciate the compliments ^^ More coming soon!

Beautiful descriptions. Can't wait to see where this goes.

great chapter, but why does Queen Luna call twilight,

“Welcome home, magelet.”


I'm going to this fic a try because of the awesome coverart.



Little mage ^^


Thank you kindly!


It's going, it's going~ Thanks for the read ^^


Well, hope it's to your liking!

Nice, Twilight will get first row seats from the balcony of her the tower to watch everything she knows burn to the ground, that'll certainly be a contentious point between her and her teacher I'm sure~

Valid for: 1103 AD

AD? Anno Domini? Unfortunately, I don't think Christianity nor Latin exists in Equestria. So..... what does it stand for?

I approve. I approve very much. :pinkiehappy:

This was a veeeeeeeeeeery long chapter.

This is quick becoming one of my favorite story's, can't wait for the next chapter


Yea they won't always particularly get along.


It'll get talked about later, but it isn't a spoiler, it's After Discord.


Thanks! I'm certainly trying!

The nature of how you describe this is very much what appeals to this story's format and pacing.

Comment posted by Nadir deleted Jul 29th, 2016

Thank you! I've always enjoyed imagining the settings myself and wanna make that accessible, ya know?

And more specifically from Realm of the Gods if you catch my drift. I do so love the title.

Nopony followed her through the winding passages

Damnit Nopony, get back in your own fic!

It had become part of her routine to pick out an outfit for the day.

Anything that legal to own, and a few things that weren’t, proliferated their way through the market.

Please, call me Silverhorn!”

"Which is why I introduced myself as Duke Silverhorn!"

This is incredibly boring, like a wannabe Edgar Allen Poe piece of work. :ajbemused:

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