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Twice, they denied her a great victory. Twice, she was left humiliated and beaten by pony hooves. But if there's one lesson Queen Chrysalis surely learned, it was revenge. If there was a second, it was where to stick the dagger in a loving mother.

But there are some things even she can't foresee.

Thanks to RBDash47, Cynewulf, Timaeus, and Alto for enabling the brainworms that led to this.
Preread by Cursori, VioletRoseIntheRain, and Cynewulf.
Artwork by skippyrip and can be found here.

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Is the faerie godmother part from the Maleficent movie?

8889258 I've not seen that movie, so as far as I know, nope! :D

The only quibble I have is that Cadance and Shining know full well that there's a shapeshifting mind controller out there who has sworn vengeance against them. Chrysalis bypassing all the castles defenses by subverting one guard seems to be kind of a stretch.


There aren't many stories about Flurry Heart.

This is basically perfect. It plays well with your typical faefolk lore and gives us a protagonist both very alien and very relatable. I really, really like this one.

Another masterpiece of bughorse lore, I must say.

I see you're REALLY playing up the faerie angle with your changelings here. You did it a little bit in Respite, but I don't recall them being affected by thresholds.
Faerie godmother is a MUCH older concept than that movie. Think leansidhe in Dresden Files-it's NOT always a good thing to have.

This shit better get featured or I'm burning it all.

A very good story! This one goes on my highest bookshelf ;3


Feels like a first chapter, though.

(So glad to pass that curse along to someone else! :pinkiecrazy:)

8889284 True, but who's to say that she didn't take the time to observe what measures were in place~

8889294 Ikr? I was kinda surprised, but hey, more for me to play with ^^

8889297 *flails* thank you so much I was not ready for this praise ;3;

8889299 Or this! Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much

8889302 It's a bit more subtle in Respite, in terms of thresholds not really being a thing, but there's still the adherence to debts, repayment of slights, wordplay, penchant for mischief, etc. I've sorta played a bit more with that in the side stories because there was just so much of the lore I developed but couldn't fit in!

And yes, this was super inspired by faerie lore, and I was sorta trying out how I could do that with Chrysalis for the first time. I think it's safe to say it's evident that I had a ton of fun with it.

8889306 Seven, pls. Step away from the lighter fluid ._.

8889318 Oh gosh! Thank you ;3;

Oh man this was good.

8889336 HA! That's perfect!

It could be I kinda want to play with this idea more. Or use this as my springboard to Mablike Chrysalis for a fic >:3

Edit: Wait! No! Fuck! Get back here! Take your curse with you!

Aurora mistakes Maleficent for her faerie godmother and it’s adorable. Maleficent is so confused. It’s also where she gets hit by her own curse that Aurora will be loved by all who meet her...

8889351 Huh. Well, I'll be damned. Like I said, I never did see the movie or the play it's based on, so this is news to me! Sounds interesting though!

8889346 Thanks! I was lowkey kinda worried about writing Chrysalis. Never actually played around with her before aside from mentions by our favorite traitor-bug

I'm able to step away now that it's featured.

This is brilliant! If the return of Chrysalis in the show is half as well written as this, I will be very happy.

Bit of closing the barn door after the changelings have fed, there.

I think I'd've gone with a different angle than this from those images, but I do appreciate a good faerie story.

8889284 8889344
Alternate theory; the guard’s elite training was provided by the Baldini Security Company. “We know what we see, and we know nothing!”

Certainly both more interesting and more... logical this way. Making a deal with your pretty much unrivaled source of food is a much, much better option than waging war against it, for all purposes except maybe momentary triumph. Even besides the feelings, Chrysalis isn't that stupid.

Also a true anti-hero of MLP series, pretty great. 8889419 Pretty much this.

8889486 Or the Keystone Cops.

Evil has standards indeed.

8889399 Reformed changelings in this one. Think of this as a few years after canon, when Flurry's about ... I'll say six-seven ish? So, smart enough to go "oh hey!" but naïve enough to believe such a lie.

8889410 Fimfiction is spared your wrath then.

8889415 Thank you, sir! Glad you enjoyed it :D

8889419 Haha! That's high praise! I'm looking forward to what they do with her. I expect it'll be full of fun and trickery. And holey legs.

8889471 True, true. I was sorta thinking how she might get to that point with Flurry, but I also wanted to kinda keep her having fangs, so to speak. Like, she's sorta like Missy in Doctor Who here. She's not "gone good", she just has interests now that line up with the Royal Family of Equestria because of a sweet little filly.

8889488 I like to think of her as prideful, which leads to the occasional "what the hell was I doing?" moment. But yes, exactly ^^

8889512 And sometimes, just sometimes, even evil has to face them~

This is a moment in time, so very poignant. So very swaying at the heartstrings. And enjoyable for the lines you see running at odds, but connected.

Love can topple an empire, and drive the strongest to move mountains, one pebble at a time.

Site Blogger

Obligatory encouragement


Hmm... She seems trustworthy... I don't see what could go wrong.


And that, kids, is how Chrysalis was reformed!

Pretty good story, any plans for continuation? And it's fitting Chrysalis is a Faerie Godmother in this considering her species in actual mythos are Fae, wonder if that means the MLP version are fairy bug ponies then? Lastly it's about time someone made a story with this angle. I was wondering when someone would since that one picture of Flurry Stating she knows who Chrysalis is, her Fairy Godmother and surprising her to warming her heart a bit which I now think might be a MLP version of that exact scene from Maleficent where Aurora says the exact same thing to her. Which you definitely need to see after the original movie Sleeping Beauty I believe? It's a retelling prequel I suppose of the original from Maleficent's POV and how she became the evil villain in the original story, though given how the ending went, it's possible this made a separate timeline where she doesn't go full on evil but gets redeemed instead given she actually got the short end of the stick during her dark turn.


Huh, I was just talking about that exact same picture. Thanks for linking it.

inb4 featured

Called it. (is it possible to quote comments from outside a fanfic?)

Btw, is it just me, or are you treating us with more and more revealing avatars of Esalen, Cara?

I could accept something like this being her redemption. Sure I love her as a villain, but this would be one of the few ways I'd accept her reforming.

Great story! Of course I expect nothing less from you Carapace. You never fail to impress and amaze me. :twilightsmile:


She'll keep you safe, warm, and happy...

By turning you into one of her hunting hounds for all eternity.

D'awwww ~ Best bughorse is still the best.

... She should still buck Thorax in the balls, for the principle. >.>

I hope to see more of the faerie godmother. :3

'her enthralled guided nodded' - guide

Well, isn't that interesting? Chryssi likes little foals. How sweet of her.

8889716 Pfft. Yes that one too.

8889786 I'm really glad you enjoyed it that much. A lot of my focus in writing this was figuring out how to keep Chrysalis as herself while also finding a way to give that opening into her heart. I made mention a few times that I wanted to draw from Mab as influence for her in a story, I ended up applying it here as well. Namely, in her actions which led to and during Cold Days, in which she has her own daughter, Maeve, killed and Harry Dresden gets a look at how vulnerable even she is when her family is concerned. So I was a bit worried, but happy with how it came out :D

8889877 Obligatory flailing!

8889895 *Jazz hands*

8890157 Actually, that blog was in regard to my AppleDash fic from forever ago. And this one is actually based on a Chrysalis image where she's smooching an enthralled Shining Armor. A friend of mine doodled up a couple versions of it, and I fell in love so now it's my avatar. Though I don't think the last one was too revealing.

8890396 Thanks! I'm glad to have earned such praise :D

8890511 Even a monster has a heart~

I enjoy reading stories that show a sweeter side of Chrysalis. The show may not let her be "redeemed" yet, but she's still an enjoyable character in fan fiction.

And this Mother, of course, knows what is best for her child:

Oh. You mentioned resubmitting a fic and not long after this came along, so I expected that to be the one. Didn't have time to read yet, sadly.

And yes, the last pic was not revealing per say, but Esalen in it was definitely, what should I call it... alluring? And now it just progresses naturally with her showing a different angle. ^^ One can only wonder what your next avatar will be. :3

I would most assuredly say you did what you set out for. You have a very right little duality with her. It's mercurial. Temperamental. But you see the clear divide of each, and also the little sneaking ability that actions speak as words do from flurry. No duplicity, just honesty as kids can be. And it reverses it so nicely. As one might use cold iron to send the fae packing.

The "faerie" part certainly seems accurate, given that irresistable attraction to deals and negotiation.

In any case, magnificent work on all fronts. I love this sort of interaction between Cadence and Chrysalis, and the latter's interaction with Flurry was excellent in its self-conflict. Great work all around. Twilight must be so proud of her niece.

I'm kind of hoping you continue this. Chrysalis secretly playing NSA for the Empire can go all kinds of fun places.

would be cool to see a sequel of chrys keeping her part of the deal and being a major part of flurry's life

A great story, I do hope you'll write a sequel for this :twilightsmile:

Please do a sequel or something this was so good! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Well, when they're buttered and put between two slices of rye bread with some mayonnaise, I guess...

Still too much credit. They probably imported their training handbook from Hyrule.

sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?

Need... more... MORE!!!

Aww, this is so sweet! :heart:

Breezies are pixies who got the short end of the pixie stick.

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