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This story is a sequel to The Village Called Respite

Of the four great hives, the Enchanters are held as the most powerful in their ability to charm and wrap ponies around their hooves, coaxing them to walk into their web. But sometimes, sometimes, a pony does manage to turn the tables, and enchant one of these masters of charm and sensuous wiles.

If it means a chance to hold that colt in his hooves, Maple will quite happily send word to his parents back in Paradise. This handsome pegasus with a lovely periwinkle coat, comically long name, and eyes of molten gold stole his heart the moment he stepped hoof in Respite.

Preread by Rossby Waves, Timaeus, and Wing.
Cover art by Arcticwaters.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 59 )

Yes! So much yes! Muwhahahahahhahaha. :3c

Not yet,]/i] he reminded himself.
Looks like you flipped a bracket there, just as a heads up!

Omigawd.. Awwwwww. My heart can't take this..


That was adorable. Will we ever visit the Enchanter hive?

That was a perfect finish to a perfectly adorable story. Loved it.

Dangit, Cara! Why must you be so good at writing Romance! You and Mono, I swear, between the two of you you're going to get me addicted to romance stories until I turn into a male Rarity!

Also, amazing work, as always! Can't wait to see what happens with these two in Respite 2 ;3

I laughed, I rooted for a pancake loving changeling and a weather-obsessed Pegasus, and I love this story.

I'll admit, I though Alto was a bit stuffy, but this has changed my mind. Carapace, you're ruining me with all the fluff. Great job, as always, and stay smug.

This is so fluffy and eeeeeeee! :raritystarry:

I feel like I need to post an actual comment for once. So here we go.

Thank you. The fact that you would even consider writing this means almost more than I can say. Your support, company, and friendship are truly a treasure, and I genuinely consider myself lucky beyond compare for it. So... Thank you. You are the best puffin a pegasus could ask for. c:

Sorry to be that person but...

A cloud of forth burst forth from his mouth

Without further ado, LET'S GO!

Dam is that the sweetest thing I've read in forever.

OH WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY! New Respite stuff? I must be dreaming.


8626344 ALL SCREM!

8626362 Woohoooooo! Am glad you decided to read, both this and the original ;;

8626484 The ride never ends. Never!

8626615 Your heart will take it and you will like it, internet denizen!

8626621 I'm glad you enjoyed it so! As for your question ...

8626630 Yay! \o/

8626690 Fabulous, darling!~

Just you wait until I get to post my RariTwi AU >:3

8626796 Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .... I accept :>

8626872 I don't see how anyone couldn't root for Maple. He is legit the sweetest character I've ever written for ;3;

8626971 Hahaha! Alto is ... well, he's a rather interesting character because he can certainly be stuffy and a bit standoffish, but he's also a big softy even if he doesn't want to admit it. Sorta exemplified in how he'd kick Maple's chair out from under him to spare him an explosion the first time they actually spoke at length.


8626984 I have ... many things to say here. First off, you're welcome and my regret at that time was that I didn't get to finish the entire thing for your birthday. Second, I'm not a puffin, gtfo >:C. Third, you are most welcome ... Alto.

8627064 Shhhhhhh! Is fixed >.>

8627228 I lowkey love this comment because it suits the title so perfectly lol.

8627416 If so, I blame Luna!

I briefly misread the story author's name as Carabas instead of Carapace and was really excited, if somewhat confused about him collaborating in the Respite-verse.:derpytongue2:

First off, :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Secondly, I found this enjoyable start to the story. Third, for some reason it made me want to read about Beguile's story, I'm sure that particular little prequel to the everything would be interesting.

this is a really sweet story ^^ hope to see more of them two =p

Now I really want a one shot of alto letting maple charm him for the scientific experience


I think this is probably the gayest thing I've read on this site and it's hilarious. I mean really, everyone was teasing Aspire and Sure Stroke for being lovedrunk, but Maple's more so than the two of them combined.

8628014 Yes, but Maple is ... Maple. No one is really going to mess with him because he's adorable and he's the one who makes their food :rainbowlaugh:

Was gonna see what this story had to offer, but the chapter titles made me hungry. gg.

The more I read the more I want to see a story about Beguile, I suppose that's a little odd.

For ice cream? (I was going to intentionally screw up "ice cream" but then realized what I'd have to change it to and changed my mind.

Oh dear god, I want more about these two. They are so freakin' adoracuteable it makes my teeth ache.

Alright everybody, lets all say it together:

"Looooove druuuunk!"


When they say that ponies come in every color of the rainbow, they usually don't mean it quite like this.




I wonder how well ice cream does on pancakes with some syrup drizzled over them...

But seriously, this was funny and sweet.

Wow what a start! :pinkiehappy:
Fantastic beginning, absolutely loved it, now just eager for more.


Nah, I'm with you there. It'd be pretty cool to see a story about him.


Well that was adorable. This mean Alto's gonna stick around for a while? Maybe move in permanently with Sure Stroke and her family?

Ahhhhh so cute! Cara, you write really good romance.

This was enjoyable. Respites stories are always a treat, feel free to follow that up with something you think might be clever, and I would love to see some stories regarding its past. I've said this one a few times before, I would really like to see Beguile's story; I would also like to see a story regarding the founding of Respite, that would be a good chance to really expand the lore a bit; some stories about the different queens that have come to call Respite home would be nice to see too. I'm most excited to see a story centered on Beguile, we keep hearing bits of what he was like and it would be fun to see his full personality; it would also be an opportunity to show some the nuances of the Enchanter hive, maybe even show what Paradise is like to a bit more extent.

Sorry for the ramble, I look forward to whatever comes next.

OMG that is the most adorably sweet thing I've read in a long while!!!

Hey, when it strikes it strikes. Sometimes a bit harder or not hard at all.

ooh, signs that Alto might be reciprocating?

Yays! Another Enchanter that refused the easy way in!
Keep going! ;)

Gah! Over too soon!

Seriously, that was great. Very much want to read more.

Carapace you magnificent beast, I love your romances.

This story inspired me to write this, enjoy:


By TheClassyLeviathan

I have this pain right now,

down deep in my soul,

You might ask how,

But I don't rightly know,

It hurts and it aches,

But it feels good too,

That sounds quite odd,

But trust me it's true,

It makes me want to shout, to cry, to scream,

Visions in my head, a feverish dream,

Those two are in love, you know that it's true,

A wonderful display, for them, me and you,

But it is a bit odd, those two don't exist you see,

But here, in this moment, they are quite real to me.

FINALLY read this. And it's absolutely adorable. Though it is a little much rushed, considering they met on two occasions before the happy end.
But it is adorable.

Finished Respite this morning, and I'm making it my work to read the rest of the series. While I am enjoying them, I must say that this is the weakest of the lot, it seems to rushed. What would make it better? Spend some time exploring the characters, most of what we know about Alto and Maple come from the first story, we really don't get to know them much better here, which is a shame. Still, I did enjoy reading it, I'm sure the two will make a cute couple. Now, ifn we could just get Essy to accept her own feelings...

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