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This story is a sequel to Figuring Out Fluffle Puff

Twilight has come to visit Cadence, Shining and Flurry when they spot Fluffle Puff. This can only mean one thing: Chrysalis is here! Now Twilight has to make sure another incident doesn't occur, but Cadence quickly takes a liking to Fluffle Puff and wants to take her home.

This cannot be good.

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It's always a pleasure to see one of your Fluffle Puff story.

Oh and one little mistake I saw. Starlight's friend's name is Sunburst, not Starburst.

I demand more of the Fluffle Puff.

This was so freaking hilarius!!!
Shining reactions were bloody briliant!!!

Ah, and Shining's life as the butt monkey of the universe continues.

That was quite funny. Nothing can beat Fluffle's weaponised cuteness.

Marksaline to the rescue!

Coincidentally, FluffyMixer recently posted a new Fluffle Puff video on YouTube. It's called Electric-Floofaloo.


Thank you. I made the correction.

I demand more adventures of Flaffle Poff.


How about suggest an idea.

8017857 In that case... How about the whole Thorax thing? It was only glanced on in the blog.

Shining's last words made me think about that TFS Cell Games special VS Street Fighter.

And it gave me an idea for Fluffle's next adventure, have her crossover over to the DBZA world and encounter Cell, who bonds with Chrysalis over the pink puff ball.

A quick little one-shot to chomp down on real quick, but I have to ask: why is Shining Armor called Shinichi at random points?


Thanks for catching that. I have no idea how that happened.

Could you possibly make this a full length story?

Ummm is it a good idea to let Marksaline near the bringer of the ponypocalypse Flurry Heart? Or Fluffy? Oh dear you foolish fool of a fool, you've doomed us all!


You know what, you just gave me a followup. How does "Teatime with Fluffle Puff Sound"?

“But look! How can anything sweet and adorable be evil?”

Ever heard of Flurry Heart?

Also, the awkward dialogue between Shining and Chrysalis at the end was funny.

Found an small typo:

soon found them surrounded

Should be "themselves".

Also: It's Cadance, not Cadence.

8017950 Sounds good. We know Flurry will lie Fluffle and that the results might be fun for them but everypony else.... Also wonder will Cadance and Shining insist Chrissy stay in her Alicorn disguise?


I see Flurry just taking a nap in fluffle's fluff.

I love fluffle storys, now only if we can get some epic Marksaline storys. :heart:

Also another good follow up would be something that would more forcus on Fluffle puff and Flurry Heart

I'm so thankful you all enjoy this chapter.

8018465 Oh, forget Flurry Heart by herself. Now, that's a world-ending combo!

Tourists. :trixieshiftright:

For some reason, Im getting this image of Markseline wandering the palace in the tour, with Flash Sentry, legs pulled in, eyes terrified, floating along in her magic as she occasionally slowly licks him.:twilightoops:

More Please

The hell you mean you're don't need to continue up till that point. You best keep writing this things cause they're adorable and I need more. :moustache:

hey if you watch fluffle puff animation, then you should know the part where discord tried to brainwash fluffle, and she exploded and turn into a pink version nightmare moon, is it possible in the new oneshot (if you creat one) , that during the teatime discord teleported in, and accidentally use magic on fluffle, leading to her tranforming and beating up discord, also fluffle should have a seductive personality, so when fluffle puff finish beating up discord, she would go straight to chrissy and drad her of somewhere, (while talking seductively to her) to have some..."fun time" with her, so pleas make a new oneshot soon!!!!!!!!!

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