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Fluffle Puff is a very, VERY affectionate pony. She usually goes to Chrysalis for snuggles and down time, but Chrysalis is away on a trip over the weekend.

Fluffle Puff can't accept not having snuggling time for that long. She decides which other pony would be the best for this thing, and naturally, Fluttershy comes up. Fluttershy's good with animals, and Fluffle Puff acts like a cat anyways, so why not?

Naturally, this is going to be a disaster.

Edited with the help of Salnalus and Kirishala Evenstar. Cover art is...oh come on. Haven't you seen Fluffle Puff's videos?

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Comments ( 19 )

Good job I liked it.

Nice. I love stories that feature Fluffle Puff. There aren't nearly enough!

Was great, but I don't like fluttercord ship.

Cute bug waifu is cute

Cover art is...oh come on. Haven't you seen Fluffle Puff's videos?

What if I told you no? :derpytongue2:

Heh, but yeh, was fun editing this thing. Fluffle Puff is adorbs. Poor Fluttershy though.

‘that cute Steven boy and his Gem friends’

caught the reference

Nice story. I enjoyed it.

I'm sorry if I come off as rude but I don't find this story interesting at all.

The surprise party scene didn't need to be in the story. The beginning felt like a filler.

The ending about Fluffle Puff being Queen Chrysalis came off as too weird to me.

I'm sorry to say but if this is your first fanfic in quite a while. Then it's off to a bad start.

Just wanted to let you know I posted a review of this story — and 13 other entries in the Scribblefest competition — over at my blog.

Good luck in the competition! :twilightsmile:

Yeah...honestly, I gave up a long time ago on novel form. It always felt awkward to me, like I was always fighting the format to get the story across. I think I'm more of a natural screenwriter than novelist, and given how this story bombed in every way possible, I think I'm giving up novel form again and might even consider deleting this story entirely. Especially if it doesn't get anything in the Scribblefest, which was the only reason why I wrote it.

I take it that it's unlikely i'll win any prizes in the contest, based on your review?

7070232 Mind if I do a review of it. Maybe you can take pointers to improve on your story as a rewrite?

I'll note again that my reviews speak only to my own impression with the story. Every entry is being read by a minimum of three judges, with different opinions and preferences.

I think there are ways in which this story could be improved, but as you can tell by my reviews, I think that about a lot of stories. :twistnerd:

I'd rather not, to be honest. I want to move on from this story however I can, move on to what I'm best at(which is screenwriting).

HEHEEHE, i had a pretty good time with this one. definitely gave me the vibes i was looking for. but oh little the twist.

Not bad even if I nearly hoped for it to be actually Fluffle.

However, Fluffle Puff was a little disappointed. Her stomach was starving and she needed something to heat. Oh well, not like she couldn’t wait.

'heat' ? Dont you mean 'eat'

Ok she really should let the meat part out :pinkiesick:
Clever Queen. Explains why Fluttershy getting tired. I know something was up but i never see that coming!
Great story!

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