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Sunset Shimmer is Anon-A-Miss. At least that's what everyone believes, right? I mean, who else could it be? Well, someone doesn't believe she is and doesn't hesitate to point it out to the Rainbooms.

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RNBW #2 · Aug 25th, 2016 · · ·

Sequel. Want sequel.

Awesome I love to see a sequel, Maybe Sunset heard the speech and well makes a desesion to break it off with them even after the truth is found out?

It feels like I've read this before, but I would read a sequel.

Nice job! Will there be a sequel?

This fic I approve of. Is there a sequel? I love to see what the final decision on sunsets part.

Finally someone said it, nice touch with calling them out on their failure to uphold their elements and naming the opposite of what they did. Too bad it's a one-shot, I can see this becoming a multiple chapter story with the humane 5 remorseful at their actions towards Sunset as well as doubting whether or not they truly forgive Sunset, accepted her as their friend, or for that matter even considered her their friend. I have waited for someone to write an anon a miss story were someone pointed out that Sunset is too smart too make it plainly obvious that she was anon a miss, I hope Sunset doesn't forgive them at first. I want them to earn her forgiveness. nice story I hope you write a sequel.

*klapp klapp* this fic was so well writen have a :moustache:

Sequel, sequel, sequel!

And you're right, sunset put the wedge but they hammered it down on their friendships. Ironic since you figured that girls would be the ones most likely to talk things out.


I dunno about a sequel, but I'll try to come up with something. Or maybe you guys can try to come up with a possible sequel. I just wrote this to call the girls out on concepts like trust and all that, and using their heads for once. It took Twilight having to fix their friendship the first time, and the second time it was Sunset. They had to be reminded that they couldn't have won without her. The whole school probably heard.

7511921 A brief look into each of the humane 5's heads perhaps.


I could do that, but I think it's obvious.

If you wanna try your hand at a followup, be my guest. Anon-A-Miss is just a depressing story and I just wanted to do something that shows my thoughts on the events. Really, someone should have a logical mind.

Well, damn, that was good. Glad someone has some common sense at that school

7511991 I have an idea for a Ben 10 crossover I'm writing but I'm debating whether or not I should go through with it or not. Either way the Anon-a-Miss takes place in an alternate universe.

Sorry, i don't like the boy....


It's alright. He was just there to be mean to get them to think.

i was waiting for an anon-a-miss story for to hit their blind faces with the cold hard evidence of truth and love to see a sequel to this.

I love him.

I shall either name him Common Sense or Basic Logic!

Interesting! I enjoyed this. The boy made several good points. This is what I believe is needed at times: cold, hard facts! Not excuses.

I congratulate you on making a wonderful one-shot. Keep it up!

Um.... yeah, I call that checkmate. :twilightblush:

What if his name is actually Not Important. That would be awkward and hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: :trollestia:

"Why hello Not Important, how are you today?"
"Great. I just gave a verbal beatdown."
"Well I hope they deserve it, who ever it was."

Great story by the way. I hope to see more like it in the future. :heart::derpytongue2::heart:

And he drops the mic and leaves like a boss

7512840 Please tell me your making a follow up to this. I WANT TO READ MORRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!:flutterrage:

Sequel please. :pinkiehappy:

Damn Straight.

You know, this may be the first Anon-A-Miss fic I actually like. Bravo, sir!

7511253 Yeah, I'd say this deserves a sequel. Maybe with Sunset's reaction, or the Human Five realizing how wrong they were.

The boy is such a savage. Although, the things he insulted them with were true things.

Guy banged the nail right on the head.

Holy balls I like this kid, smart, has common sense and is savage like Rambo!

Dang I wanna see more of him, ahahah.

I was thinking he could challenge them to check some HISTORY. As in Internet History.

I believe this sums up my reaction to this whole story quite nicely.

Hmm.... Discord's pupil, perhaps? Otherwise why did he use those specific words when describing the girls' actions? Couldn't be just a coincidence, right? :rainbowhuh:

7678185 What s/he said. I want to see this guy a lot more! Holy cow is he a badass!

7841096 since the time i made my account i forgot to do my short bio so thanks Blackdust.

They just got owned

I liked this, it was cathartic to point out the lack of payoff to it all. And the sensibility of how easy it is to frame someone.

I think the "honesty, your a liar", "loyalty, you betrayer", etc color-coding of the characters was a bit much and cliche-ish, but the motive explanation and eventual mic-drop were really good.

Thumbs up/10

As much as people love a sequel, I really feel like it wouldn't be that good to follow up with. Especially if you include your nameless guy again, since it might feel like an "OC/self-insert swoops in out of nowhere and fixes the obvious problems" kinda deal. If you went the angry-sunset route who won't accept apologies or sad sunset who wants her friends back and is forgiving, both are already done through enough as well.

I can't really think of a good continuation of this myself at this point. But I did love what is already here though. So kudos on a sensible reaction to the Anon-a-miss thing.

Also, a bit of bashing, but sometimes it's needed to be done.

No, it really, really doesn't. Fixfics are bad. Fixfics that are author tracts which exist for no other reason than character bashing are worse. Especially when they're based on one of the worst, most poorly written comics issues that everyone hates.

God damn, this kid is just like me!

What's this? Someone from the EQG universe with a working pair of eyes and a functioning brain?!
Clearly he hasn't been drinking the lead-lined water the rest of the town seems to subsist on.

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