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A solo Anon-A-Miss story.

Diamond Tiara is ambitious. She's also the editor of the School Newspaper. The biggest story to hit is the Anon-A-Miss scandal. When evidence falls into Diamond Tiara's lap, it would be the start of something great as a partnership is born.

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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful

Of course by the end, Anon-A-Miss had taken on a life of its own with user posting gossip all on their own without the girls' input, which was part of the point.


Great work!

Not a bad story. Frankly, if someone had some sense, this is pretty much what should have happened.

I just love it!:twilightsmile:

I can understand for the girls wanting to spend more time with their sisters but that's life and that doesn't justify what they did. I love how you have them being separated in the aftermath which makes sense seeing as together they just feed of eachother's idiocy.

I hope you make a sequel some time in the future though, either to fix things between the girls and their sisters or just a short series about the new Sunset and Diamond alliance which sounds scary by the way.


I'm glad you enjoyed this. I think Sunset could be a good influence. The thing about DT is that she lacked an older sister figure. With her dad working and her mom trying to climb the social ladder, DT didn't have a lot of positive role models. So, with Sunset, a former bad girl who has experience, maybe DT will be better.

Or maybe get worse.

As for the separation of the CMC, it's pretty much karmic justice. They tried to break a friendship. It's only fair that theirs get broken, for now at least.

A sequel would be interesting, but I already have projects on FF.Net, so all I can do is oneshots here on fimfiction.

I can see Sunset teaching Diamond Tiara how to run the school, only to start teaching her about friendship too, then Diamond just ends up not wanting to the run the school 'cause Sunset has taught her to become a better person. Or she rules the school, but she just becomes so nice, that non one really cares.

Well if a sequel is ever done, you should have a one shot featuring them learning how damaging Cyber bullying is, let them realize they were playing with fire big time.
how they learn this is thru maybe a video or movie they are made to watch based off what other victims and those that did cyber bullying and the conquences that happen.

Wow, this was really good, especially for a quick fic, Diamond Tiara was really complex and sympathetic without going off the rails to do so and it ended up in a situation where Sunset was cleared before too much damage was done. I do have to wonder how well making friendship and power equal in your life could go. It'd be really interesting to see that done well or how it could possible end up going badly for the two of them while trying to make something good. Their partnership really opens up two main paths to follow and it's exciting to wonder where it will end up.

What a gem to find today.

Good on ya, mate!

A nice new take on this idea. Well done

A really interesting idea. I enjoyed it and oddly i wish there was more

Oh, Such a good story here!

I had always preferred that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon should be the lackeys of Sunset Shimmer instead of Snips and Snails. With those two rich girls on her side she would had a better control on the school and everyone in it, including teachers.

You forgot to put a DT tag on there.

7970737 She would have, but getting rich stuck up snobs to work for you is next to impossible and there's always the back stabbing to watch out for. Idiots with little to no self esteem are easier to control.

"Yes, she twisted the facts around, but she never really lied. It was how she remained in charge all this time. The facts were always there, she just had a clever way of editing them to make them more sensational."

That's true journalism right there.

8024111 Rule one of picking minions, pick someone who has nothing without you. DT and SS have their own little clique and their own for lack of a better word "powers" the reason why villain partnerships never work long term is there can only be one number one!

Not gonna up vote or down vote this fic because I'm on the fence.

On one hand, I really hate 'Diamond Tiara is a bitch and a bully' fics. I hate them just as much as I despise her canon arc Post CMC getting their Cutie Marks.

I'm on the fence with that episode too, but that's getting off track.

That's the reason I can't give an up vote.

At the same time though, you making her at least have some ethics is an unusual take. Its enough to prevent a down vote.

So if diamond exposes anon a miss, then that means she did something good for a bad cause?


Well, I could have her find Apple Bloom's phone too.

You used school computers to post those horrible things

And that is why you should not use school/university/business equipment or accounts to post controversial content; it's ridiculously easy to find out just which devices and/or accounts are doing the wrong thing.
You three should've done it at home, on your own devices, with a VPN. That way it'd be a lot more difficult to expose you.

Then again, I only knew about VPNs after finishing high school (post-2015), so...


Keep that girl away from the dewey 320.x area of the library, lest she stumble on Marechiavelli.

Overall a good fic. It's got some interesting continuity/timeline issues though. In the original comic the Piggly Wiggly reveal was followed by the pictures from the second slumber party, with nothing in between. The Rainbooms confronting Sunset the morning following the second slumber party and accusing her of betraying their trust. After that, it was open season on Sunset with all the other secrets being revealed. You've got the Piggly Wiggly reveal followed by secrets being revealed and then the confrontation at the locker happens with Sunset being rather clueless. I'd think after all that, Sunset seeing the girls waiting for her at her locker would approach them with some trepidation. Your timeline seems to be, the Piggly Wiggly reveal followed by a week of secrets being revealed and then the second slumber party. Either the Rainbooms were still supporting Sunset up to that morning, or that reveal has already happened at which point Sunset on seeing the girls waiting by her locker would surly approach them with considerable trepidation. Sunset would know what's going on by this point.

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