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This story is a sequel to Anon-a-Miss

This is an aftermath fic based on Dainn's "Anon-A-Miss" story. Please, check it out. It has a lot of drama in it.

Rainbow Dash is all alone. She hasn't spoken to her friends in weeks and has quit all her sports team. After having a fit in the bathroom, she wakes up in the Nurse Redheart's office. She is told Sunset helped her.

So, after finding Sunset, they have a little talk about guilt and self-loathing

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Comments ( 28 )

Well i guess i can excuse the writing for being a one shot, but seems way too rushed on some spots.
Sorry, still a good story, you should do one on the other characters and how they deal with the guilt and aftermath.
Especially the sisters, and how they lost Sunset maybe forever.

Is reading the first story required?


Great work here! I think this was a great epilogue to that story; yeah it was bittersweet.


You may need to.

I would say yes since this is pretty much a continuation of the first story, even if it's not by the same author.

That's up to you.
The first part of this story summed up most of the main points in the one I wrote.

Not bad.
The pacing was a bit fast and the wording was a little iffy in some areas, but the story was decent overall.
I'm guessing you'd fall in with the group that wanted everyone to reconcile later down the line?


Well, it is one of the things I wanted to address. While Sunset did walk out on them, I have a feeling a small part of her wants to reconcile and not let the memory of everything they've done together to become poisoned and bitter. It may not be the direction you're going, but it's how I want to perceive it.

Considering that, up until Rainbow's betrayal, most of Sunset's motivation to get her name cleared stemmed from a strong desire to get her friends back ... I could probably see a small part of my version of Sunset mulling the idea over for a few minutes.
However, that part of her is about half the size of a flea.
And it's buried under several layers of anger, sadness, confusion, disappointment, fear, and paranoia.

But through it all, and kinda like in this story you wrote here, she'd still likely go out of her way to lend a hand if any of them were legitimately in danger.


I hope they learned something from this and think twice before they accuse a friend of doing something bad.


I hope they learned something from this

I'd like to imagine that everyone involved learned something, for bettor or worse.
We'll find out for sure if I ever continue things.
Speaking of continuations, let me know if you do something else with this.


Even Gilda and her group. They're probably mad at Rainbow Dash for getting them into this problem. But they only got themselves to blame for almost committing murder.

Mad at Dash?
Maybe some of them.
But the plan was only to beat Sunset up and then leave.
Gilda was the one who convinced the students to divert from the original plan, which ended poorly.
And then there're people like Dumbell who already had a grudge due to how relatively light Sunset's punishment was for tormenting everyone for years.
After this, they've once again been put into a situation where Sunset has them all under her boot.
I'd be pretty pissed about that if it was me.

As for Gilda's group as a whole?
Who knows.
There might be a few who actually feel remorse.
Make of that what you will.


I may continue with individual oneshots featuring them each. I just want your input as to how they each deal with the aftermath of a terrible betrayal. Their own betrayal.

Well, I'm always around if you have any questions about anything or anyone.


Well, how do the CMC, the Rainbooms and the school deal with the aftermath?

Slow the pacing a bit and try and refrain from using their full names so often. Other than that, nice follow up.

Pretty impressive for an aftermath story focusing on the rainbow-haired girl who f:yay:ked up.

Just wanted to say, I like that despite how dark everything got in the prequel story there's still a glimmer of hope in this one. The Humane Five and Crusaders made terrible, stupid decisions and I'm rooting to see them pull their socks up and climb out the graves they've dug for themselves, becoming better people as a result.

This might sound outrageous. But i wonder if Gilda and her friends would've still tried to come after Sunset even if Rainbow Dash refused to help them. Forgive me if it sounds like i'm trying to defend what Rainbow did.

Gilda made it clear that her intent was to pummel Dash from the start. When Rainbow volunteered to help, she was left alone. If she had said no, she'd probably have been beaten into the ground

“If you need to talk to me, just give me a call. I know a thing or two about dealing with guilt.”

Oh I don’t doubt it Sunny:ajsmug:.

I can't say i'm surprised that Rainbow left all her sports teams, while she may have been kicked out of them anyway she also proved that she was willing to have another person seriously injured over a bruised ego. And because of the plan to have Sunset beaten up, CHS is probably going to have a MAJOR hit in reputation and all the school events were cancelled for the year.

Even if all that didn't happen, would anyone want someone on their team that would hurt someone and all because their pride was hurt? Trust among members on a sports team is essential after all.

Rainbow is lucky that Sunset didn't tell the police to take her, Gilda, Lighting Dust ,and the rest of the students who beat her up to prison.

Couldn't have said it better myself:ajsleepy:.

Awesome, I think you can add more, give it a shot and maybe add a bonus or at least a little more to this

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