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One night when Sunset Shimmer is out holiday shopping, she ends up involved in a terrible accident. The next morning, Anon-a-Miss posts another embarrassing secret. The Rainbooms prepare to confront Sunset Shimmer about it when Principal Celestia calls an emergency assembly. Once they hear what happened to Sunset, all suspicion about her vanishes and they resolve to find the real culprit behind Anon-a-Miss to give Sunset Shimmer a Merry Christmas.

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Great take on the comic!


Just a short story, with short chapters/segments.


8305458 Still, quite interesting. :moustache:

What makes Anon-a-Miss more terrifying than Gabby Gum is that Anon-a-Miss GREW OUT OF THE GIRLS' CONTROL! The gossip mongering had taken on a life of its own.


Yeah, but my fic sort of cut off its chance to soar.

Applejack removed her Stetson and let out a sigh.

"Damn it. Guess it wasn't Sunset after all."

YOU F*CKIN BITCH! :twilightangry2:

I mean, I get that you really wanna hope that it wasn't your sister that posted your sh*t. But to still want to believe that, somehow, Sunset is still the cause of you're embarrassment? That's f*ckin low!

You're a sh*t friend Aj! :flutterrage:

It's a nice twist to the story, simple but effective.
I like it thumbs up.


Well had to do something that removed any suspicion from Sunset.

A short, but nice read.

Was hoping that it be longer but still a nice read. Have anymore ideas for Anon-a-Miss stories? Any crossovers?

This could been more tragic if she got hit after being rejected by the Rainbooms.
The posts keep coing but she in a coma then they realized theyw ere wrong.


I kinda wanted a little more from this fic, to be honest. I like the idea of it. I even considered writing a story like this at one point.

The main thing that turned me off was that the writing was so... blunt. It's so simplistic. You tell us that they're feeling this way and you tell us that they're feeling that way but you never really show it. It really dulls the whole effect the story is supposed to have. I want to be inside their heads as they get the news and are (probably) horrified by it but the narration doesn't go there.

It's a shame. I wanted to invest myself in some feels. I feel like this was far too short for 2800 words. It was a good idea and sequence of events makes sense but the execution left me wanting.


Thanks for the honest critique

“So, did anything interesting happen while I was away?” Sunset asked.

Oh geez.....

I have to agree with someone else's comment. You get a like for the concept. Sunset being removed from the equation before s:yay: hit the fan. However, I can't fav this because this story was basically a long summary.:pinkiesad2:


I guess you have a point there, but it is the type of story I wanted to write. Still I might come back to this someday to polish it up.

This is a nice story. Just as others said, it has the potential to be written into a longer, but I don't really mind the way it is now since I enjoy it still.

I do have one thing to say about it though, and that's the issue of the hospital informing Sunset's family that she is in the hospital. They found out who she was and it should have been their job to call her family, right? But, what did they do when they realized that Sunset has no official family record in this world?


Well, I feel Sunset has Canterlot High and Celestia as emergency contacts. I mean, living for many years there, she probably found a way to get records so she could use the hospital. Although you have a point, it has plot holes there.

I may come back to flesh out this story later.

8305674 Jeez dude, calm down. Its just a story.

Not a great story but you definitely get points for the idea. Frankly I'm sick of Anon-a-miss stories that just demonize her friends so I always appreciate when someone tries to do something different.

This story is too simplistic. The characters are hardly even that, they're just cardboard cut-outs of the girls. I get you wanted it to be a simple story but it so simple it's hardly a story. I want to give feedback but theirs nothing there. Your choice of making Applejack religious could've been fine if it had contributed to anything. You could've had her pray for Sunset or even used her religious views on christmas to contribute to the story. I liked the one thing you did with Rainbow Dash getting into a fight for Sunset, but the part about Rarity offering to cover up her bruise feels unnatural. You could've made her apply some basic first aid or something similar. For her to tell Rainbow Dash that she can help cover up a bruise sounds to vain for the circumstance.


Thank you. I may return to this and apply changes to flesh it out.


Believe me. I like doing these what-if short stories. I mean, I had an idea that the Anon-a-Miss thing was a stage play they put up, like the Heart's Warming Eve pageant.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I might come back to this to give it more substance. It is meant to be a simple story, but it can be more.


Honestly, if it was before Rainbow Rocks, with the whole idea of Sunset being good still questionable, I can understand the anger. But this is AFTER RR and Sunset was the one who ralied them together. And honestly, to me, this is basically not canon for me. Anon-a-Miss is just something like a what-if scenario. And since it was never mentioned ever again, even in passing, it stays that way. If it is ever mentioned in the show, then it becomes canon for me. So, comics and novels...they are just the alternate canon.

When it's a Anon-A-Miss story, opinions about the girls get... heated so to speak as I've noticed.

Honestly, I have to agree with what pretty much everyone else is saying on this story. It takes a nice twist to this tired genre, but to be honest, everything happens so fast it's barely even a story really.

“So, did anything interesting happen while I was away?” Sunset asked.

You know, Sunset getting into an accident might be a blessing in disguise.

You do know what critical condition means, right? Well, in case you don't, It means the patient is being monitored closely because there's still a high chance of them dying. That's a messed up thing to say given their friend's health status.

Well, short, but very effective first chapter.

A shame it took Sunset nearly getting killed to realize it, but at least her friends are now taking the time to think rationally.

(whistles) Now that's a line to end a chapter on. Dang. Awkward.

Well, this was a nice little story. A little simplistic in the writing and events, but a good start.

Well, shit. This fic already has no chill... I'm game. Short and sweet is always good for a prologue. Nice.

Dude, I'm gonna just say that having no evidence to point to Sunset really makes her friends think more rationally about the situation, thankfully. Sucks that she had to be in a freaking accident for it to happen, but dude, Crusaders are so busted. OOH! I have been waiting FOREVER to use this video on an Anon-a-Miss fic and this one definitely deserves it!

This feels really bare bones. Don't get me wrong, they are good bones, a well constructed skeleton on which more story can be placed. I like the concept and what is here is excellent, however it could do with fleshing out. Just to really be fantastic.

Happy writing :twilightsmile:

Considering how drawn out and... wordy, most other Anon-a-Miss fics are (facepalm, gods, I'm a hypocrite), I'd have to say I'm really liking how you strip everything down and just give us the bare stuff. No drawn out mystery or case breaking, just "Rainbooms fucked up and realize it, Crusaders fucked up and realize it, Crusaders get busted, Let's go see if Sunset is okay." It's refreshing considering the sheer number of chapters one usually has to go through (I am just the biggest hypocrite today...). Thanks for this. I can't wait to see how sunbabe is doing.

*cringe* Ooh... Wonder how the Rainbooms are gonna handle that minefield...

This. I can get behind this. I am okay with this. This was good story. Thanks KR.

I don't normally get drawn to Anon-A-Miss stories but overall this was pretty good. One my concerns was that as short this was, it could have been a one-chapter deal and still gotten the point across. I do like how in the end Anon-A-Miss was made into a "don't ask, don't tell" topic. I'll give it 4 out 5 horseshoes due to the lack of meat on the bones. :twilightsmile:

8306328 It's triggering so many people, it's sad

8305489 Well, also no one ever was framed as Gabby Gums, even Diamond Tiara at her worst didn't cross that line.

I like this story, unlike a lot of other stories about Anon-A-Miss it seems more focused on healing and less on punishing.

I hope the Rainbooms never tell Sunset they suspected her of being Anon-A-Miss, nothing good would come from that.

I like how in the end, they agree to hide the bullying and social abuse instead of address it.

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