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So Frustrated... · 11:14pm March 28th

Ok guys, so here's the deal with Silent Night. I've had the next chapter ready to go for the longest time, but was never able to type it out because of my eyes...Now, my e-reader is FINALLY letting me post here on fimfiction, which it never let me do before, but there's a slight problem... I am in the midst of moving, and I have completely lost that chapter...That is what happens when you have to keep stuff on paper, and not just have it saved in your computer. I have been looking everywhere

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yo man
scars of the past was and still is a great story.
and do you have a txt or other download link for Silent Night at all?

Petty little NPC's, in my opinion.

Thanks for faving The Scars of the Past! Glad to see you enjoyed the story!
If you haven’t already, please do leave a like, that’d be great!

Cheers, man! :twilightsmile:

Nice try.

(STILL don't care haters, don't know how you think down-voting me gets you any sort of personal vengeance, which isn't a good thing. Then again you bronies follow the path of the liberal so it's expected.)

I don't like you or your stories, straight up. That's all I've got to say.

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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