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    Passover (And the reason my updates have been so slow.) · 4:11pm April 11th

    Hey guys. Let me start off by saying I don't use this site to preach. This is the very first time on this site that I am posting about personal beliefs. This blog is directed more towards those following me who may themselves be christians. Passover is beginning. Now, I wish we would pay more attention to this feast day than Easter.

    First off, Easter is the english translation of Ishtar, which was a babylonian fertility goddess. I'm not going to get into the pagan origins of Easter though, just look it up for yourselves.

    But Passover has so much significance when it comes to Jesus' death.

    The last supper for instance, is a Passover meal. (Matthew 26:17)

    Christ is our Passover lamb, and Paul even tells us (contrary to popular belief that Paul taught against the law of God, which includes the feast days) to celebrate Passover, and the days of unleavened bread in 1 corinthians 5:7-8.

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    check your notification box X3

    Thankies for der fav it is mucho appreciated.:pinkiehappy:

    2309662 Hey, I know, it has been a little bit, but I have had to put part 2 of my story on hold. My laptop needs to be sent off for repairs, so it might be a while before I can resume it ok.

    2309662 Honestly I did not know how to reply to the blog post, The Elements of Harmony are Discords opposite, while Discord represents "Chaos" The Elements represent "Harmony/Order" Chaos's opposite. There for it makes sense for them to defeat Discord as his magic is chaos based. With that said, other then Tirek (at full power) nothing else other then the Elements had defeated Discord, do you think any of these villains dared to emerge when Discord was in power? No, we know Chrysalis is very old, We know a lot of these villains are likely older then Equestria itself yet they had to wait this long to try and conquer it. If they were powerful to take on Discord now then they would have been powerful then.

    2309648 Like I said in another comment, if Hasbro takes a route like that, then it nulls the entire point of the elements. Because if they suddenly can defeat threats without the elements, then what do they even need them for?
    Another point to consider....If Discord is so powerful to be able to defeat threats without the elements, why wouldn't it go the same for him when he was evil? Why couldn't his power simply counteract the elements, instead of him being turned to stone?
    Discord is not invincible.

    (Note: You're commenting on the user page, not the actual blog post)

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