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The Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle of Equestria are not fillies that give much thought to their ideas and make plenty of mistakes.

What if during the Anon A Miss incident, on Earth, one of their counterparts makes a foolish mistake of her own? Besides the plan itself?

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If only happy ending truly followed Anon-A-Miss stories..... Still I really like this story, fills the heart with joy and hope for the world.

This was nice. It's always nice to see someone do a happier version of Anon-a-miss.

This was... kind of bland, to be honest. No build up, no real conflict and barely any time spent on the resolution.

It's not a bad idea, or bad writing really... it just feels like you had the idea you wanted to put out there and wrote it out just enough to post it as a story. The last paragraphs especially feel like they were tacked on just to get over that 1000 word minimum and like they barely have anything to do with the rest of the story or Anon-A-Miss.

I'm not going to downvote it since it's not really bad, but I'm not upvoting it either. :unsuresweetie:


Yeah you are right and I do have that problem but I wanted to do this idea

Plus most oneshots I have on ff are drabbles with little conflict

Honestly, this sorta fell flat in it's execution. I get what you were going for here, but you didn't quite write it as well as you could have. Everything sorta happened too fast for me. No conflict, no real pacing to speak of. It just feels like an idea you put on paper, and a basic one at that. Everything at the end, just feels like it was added just to meet the 1,000 word requirement.

Again i ad trouble trying to think of what to write for this plus I am nto good at writing conflict for my oneshots
So yeah you were right but thanks anyway

So, what? AB forgot to log into the Anon-a-miss account before posting blackmail?

No she forgot to log out

Like what Brianna Wu did when she posted a death threat to herself, but didn't realize she forgot to log into her Sock account?

Never heard of that before

Yeah, she made a sock account on steam, forgot to log into it, and sent herself some nasty messages.

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All three shared a collective gloat, "We are in trouble, aren't we Applejack?" Applebloom asked even though she pretty much already knew the answer before she asked.

Good story, if a bit flat.
One thing though, in the above quote I think you meant to use groan as I doubt the CMC would be gloating about this.

This is why I only have one account for practically everything, save for email (one trash, one casual, one ex-work-now-for-things-of-higher-importance-than-casual, one work and one university).

Definitely one of the more funnier alternate endings I've read.

liked it but now I'm think ing what would've happened if the original CMC found out and talked to their human counterparts and stuff ensues then after things get messy original rainbow aj and rarity drag them back
just a brainfart/idea :pinkiesmile:

This story doesn't really work. Not only is it extremely rushed and the pacing is too quick, I really don't buy the idea that AB failed to notice that she was logged into the wrong account. She's not that dumb.

Well the whole scheme of Anon A Miss was pretty dumb and so can the trio from the show so I don’t think this is a stretch.

Are you sure about that? The CMC aren't exactly known for their attention to detail or critical thinking.

There's a difference between a lack of critical thinking and a blunder like this. The comic and TV shows demonstrate multiple times AB is brighter than this. And why, if juggling accounts, would she use MyStable if she has, y'know, AJ's phone number? Myself and my family members are on various social media platforms and we never use those for telling each other where we are. We do that by text or phone calls. And before you drop the 'what if she doesn't have a phone plan' argument, many apps like WhatsApp require a valid phone number to work properly. The only way to have a valid phone number is to have a functioning SIM card, which needs a plan.

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