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An outcast again thanks to Anon-A-Miss Sunset only wants the fighting to stop and her friends back, she does not care how. When her final plea of innocence to her friends fails she does one last desperate thing to get them back, confesses to being Anon-A-Miss. Now that she has her friends back things are looking up, even if she is hated again all that matters to Sunset is that life can finally go back to normal. Except it might never be.

A/N: This story context is slightly inspired by the fanfiction Confession by cerealkiller78 in that Sunset confesses to being Anon-A-Miss, the first chapter will have some similarities in it but that stops in the second chapter.
Suicide/Self Harm: Not much of it appearing in the story but it will be alluded to and mentioned.
Violence: Not the bloody full out fight violence, more of the bulling to small scuffle kind of violence.

(Note: This story is on temporary hiatus till further notice, It's not canceled, it will come back eventually. The story just got ahead of me, too much changed from the original plot and I still have not fully thought out the new ending. Some chapters might get some minor edits since some were still connected to the old ending and don't work anymore. This note will be deleted when the story is ready to continue.

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Okay, it's a good start. However, I hope that Celestia interrogates Sunset about why she confessed to something she didn't do just to please her friends.

I don’t like how this story started, the Cutie Mark Crusaders should’ve stopped Sunset Shimmer from confessing and told the Rainbooms the truth instead. You know what, that’s it! I’m never going to read this f**king story ever again because that’s not how it happened in the Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic book! Oh and one more thing, I’m going to let this story give me nightmares enough to make me not want to live anymore because of the Equestria Girls cartoons are never true anyway. Goodbye, Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer, The Rainbooms, Princess Twilight and the magic of friendship! Friendship bah-humbug!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

You might want to talk to your psychiatrist.

Gotta agree there, I'm always welcome to constructive criticism it makes my writing even better but I don't like hate talk.

Actually don’t listen to my comment that I made yesterday because my mind and feelings don’t know the true meaning of made up stories and the word: “alternate universe.” But now I do, and don’t need to see a psychiatrist because I believe in cartoons better than stories.😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm still interested. Please continue.

This has a lot of promise. And I’m actually hoping the truth gets out in the worst way possible for the CMCs. Unfortunately, that means Sunset will get seriously hurt.

i'm likin it so far
keep it up

she's already hurt 😢

True, but it’s the only way the CMCs are gonna get it through their thick skulls that Anon-a-Miss can’t and won’t be swept under the rug. They have to come clean or else Sunset will continue to pay for a crime she didn’t commit. And that payment’s gonna get violent soon enough.

Great chapter! You did misspell mad with made twice though.

And do you remember how made Lightning Dust was about that picture I posted of her, if she knew we were Anon-A-Miss she'll tear me apart!"

She had thought it would be hardest to get Rainbow and Rarity back, Rainbow for her stubbornness and Rarity because of just how made she seemed. But it seemed Sunset had nothing to worry about, things were finally starting to look up for her.

Looking forward to what comes next! :pinkiehappy:

They have a point

Everyone is going to still be mad and the only other way for the CMC’s to come out on their own terms is to see that sunset is still going to get hurt. Even if they deleted the account, people are going to try to get back at her now more than ever and some (if she’s unlucky enough) might get violent. Seeing the true pain they cause might be the only way to get the CMC to confess.

Thanks for spotting those and I hope you like what comes next.

think Sunset should break off her bonds with the Rainbooms, It not worth what she be going thru, if they believed she was guilty.
also everyone assumed she was guilty because of the rainbooms, I hope that pointed out to them.

Man she's is going through some tuff shit
Friend aren't worth this much pain. Here's hoping she'll be okay

loving it so far.keep it up

Are you gonna finish this cause I like it but the original of this story didn’t finish it

I have every intention of finishing this, I actually have plans for sequals.

Ok thank you I’ll be counting on it

For now if what Applejack says doesn't sound country just imagine her accent.

In my opinion, I prefer when Applejack's accent isn't written down lakh dis. It is enough with her countryism (simile).

Sunset, you can’t keep this up. Plus, if you had to lie to get your friends back, then they weren’t really your friends and they aren’t worth the effort to keep.

Where is the next button!? It gone come here please this fic has a pretty awesome story telling😭😍

I like it and I hope the truth comes out

It’s killing me to see sunset so tore up over something she didn’t do

As they walked back to the house Applejack thought back on what happened. That was a lot more than dislike, that was obvious. The girl had been downright paralyzed in fear and couldn't even tell how easy it was to get out of the trap, and the whole wasn't even that cramped. But that was not the only thing eating at Applejack, it was Sunset's words that really got her thinking.

Sunset had begged her not to be left alone, she had clung to Applejack like she was her lifeline. While she couldn't confirm it yet she could tell Sunset was terrified of being alone, and that made her wonder. Why had Sunset created Anon-A-Miss if she was so scared of being alone? Why would she tear apart her friends when she knew it would lead to her being abandoned by them. It just made no sense and Applejack knew what she saw was not act, Sunset was a good actress, but no one was that good. And that sent Applejack down a line of thought she did not want to go down. If Sunset was so scared of being alone and Anon-A-Miss had forced her to be alone, then just maybe they were not the same person afterall.

Just so you know, it shouldn’t have taken this to make you question whether or not Sunset is Anon-a-Miss, Applejack. The fact that you were so quick to believe she was means that you lied to both yourself and her when you called her your friend.

Great chapter! Can't wait for more!

Well this has been a great story with an interesting premise. Can't wait for more.


somehow this makes the CMC worse, i do hope there punishment is severe when it finally comes to light. they deserve juvie as it is.

you know what i hope there sisters never forgive them, hell at this point I hope they get disowned.

really hoping the author covers the illegality of the CMC's actions.

the worst part is sunsets going to end up forgiving them isn't she?

Why does that have to be "the worst part?" Come on, man...

because there is a point where forgiveness becomes unlikely or impossible. in the normal comic it was pretty close, in this one? they hit that a while ago, any healthy person would cut ties with this amount of toxic people.

To be fair, they never truly gave Sunset a second chance. If they had, they wouldn’t have been so quick to assume she was Anon-a-Miss. If they never gave her a second chance, why should she give that to them?

For a few reasons:
1. Sunset will still be alone if she cuts ties with them, which she doesn't want.
2. Sunset's goal was to get her friends back, to get them to listen and see the truth.
3. If she forgives them, it's a chance to start over from scratch and work past the trust issues. Wouldn't it be better to become friends for real than not at all?

Once trust has been broken, it can be incredibly hard to regain depending on the gravity of the situation. In this case, the Rainbooms didn’t trust that Sunset had changed and proved that she can’t rely on them to have her back when it matters most, thus breaking her trust in them. Plus, this is the second time they’ve made this mistake. The Rainbooms let Sunset tear them apart in the past, and Anon-a-Miss succeeded in tricking them into throwing Sunset away. Who’s to say they won’t do it again in the future if they’ve already done it twice? So, is it really worth the risk for Sunset to take the Rainbooms back if she can’t really trust them to actually learn from their mistake and support her when her world starts crashing down around her?

Admittedly, most of my feelings about Sunset forgiving the Rainbooms comes from this excerpt from the story Role Reversal by SamRose:

“It’s okay girls, really, it is!” Sunset said holding up her hand. “I get it, honestly and truly I do. I may have ‘apologized’ for the years of bullying I did before, but I never really did anything to prove I had changed. While the Battle of the Bands had made us friends, it was clear that even then there was still some tension left in our friendships. And re-opening old wounds was just the same thing as me stabbing you all in the back.” She smiled comfortingly for her friends, who all looked ashamed that Sunset’s words spoke the truth.

“So… Here’s what I’d like to happen next.” Sunset said, putting on her best reassuring smile. “If you guys would accept, I’d really like to try being friends again. For real this time. A blank slate between the both of us. If you all can truly forgive me for bullying you all those years, then I’ll forgive everything that happened between us this week too.” Sunset held out her hand to shake with them.

“So, what do you say? Want to start over as real friends this time?”

Nice chapter and ouch to Trixie.

Thanks, and yeah, Sunset's not the only one with problems.

That’s sort of a different circumstance. Here, Sunset was left alone and became desperate to get her only friends back. And giving them what they wanted just so she wouldn’t be alone anymore is nothing short of toxic. They are not her friends, they never were, and trying to be her friends now will do more harm than good because it goes against everything they’re supposed to represent. Sunset shouldn’t have to lie for them to take her back and the fact that the Rainbooms made her lie just because it was the easy solution is both cruel and selfish. It’s making her miserable to maintain a false friendship. And it won’t be good for her mental health if her panic attack at Applejack’s farm is anything to go by.

You may have to admit in this instance that Sunset’s friendship with the Rainbooms may be broken beyond repair here since the damage their betrayal caused may require therapy to fix.

Then I guess I need to stop reading stories where there's no hope for a happy ending.

A lot of people think there really shouldn’t be a happy ending when it comes to Anon-a-Miss (or rather that they got to the happy ending too fast) since it really isn’t realistic. Think about it. The whole shitshow revealed what everyone really thought of Sunset, including the Rainbooms. Hell, everyone at CHS only started getting nasty to Sunset after the Rainbooms accused her because they took what should’ve been a private conversation and made it a public display. When all was said and done, everyone was forgiven and there were no repercussions. Realistically speaking, Sunset would have a lot of issues regarding trust after Anon-a-Miss. The Rainbooms threw her to the wolves, left her to drown, and added insult to injury by immediately forgiving the real culprit.

Would you be so quick to take back someone who did all that to you? I know I wouldn’t, not unless the person who hurt me did something to prove I could trust them again. And even then it’d be with a grain of salt. Like I said, trust can be incredibly hard to regain once it's been broken.

Once again, this falls into the same pitfall as 90% of Anon-A-Miss stories that nobody seems to want to fix; the CMC were the culprits.

That's because they are the canon culprits

They were the culprits in the canon story and that’s mainly because anyone else leaking the first two secrets, which were Applejack’s childhood nickname and the fashion fails from Rarity’s Closet of Shame, wouldn’t have made any sense because only the Rainbooms and their families could’ve known that. Every secret that came after those two could’ve easily been supplied by anyone in the CHS student body.

I rewrote this comment about fifty times trying to refute before finally coming to the conclusions that I can't win this argument, and I can't change people's opinions. So I'm just gonna let you go ahead and read and write the stories you want. I can always write my own story if I want to convey my own points.

The original comic is stupid anyway and never should have happened. Why the writers thought it was a good concept is beyond me.

On that, we can agree. The comic was just poorly written on all counts.

That shouldn't matter. This is a fanfic that alters a "canon" story; you can shake things up.

Perhaps instead of following the comic's face-value interpretations of the CMC, portray them like their real canon counterparts.

Make the true culprit someone who would have a vendetta against Sunset, like the Dazzlings or a brand new character whom she wronged in the past out for revenge.

And if the CMC must be involved, have it be blackmail, or threats; anything that doesn't assassinate their characters.

The comic itself already contradicts the events of Rainbow Rocks, so you have more freedom.

Well, I actually try to have their motivation and actions be better explained in this story. First, it is mentioned their plan was not to ruin Sunset's friendship with the others, it was supposed to be a simple friendship problem, they would argue for a few days while the CMC's got time with their sisters than things would go back to normal, instead, the Rainbooms got extreme and cut ties with Sunset. As for when they started posting the worse stuff I went with the usual explanation, the threat's against Sunset in the message if they did not post.

That still goes against their characters; they wouldn't try to break others apart for their own selfish gain.

Malicious intent is not the CMC. And since the comics degraded them to such an act for their poor excuse for a Christmas story, I'd expect that would've been the first thing fixfics would... well, fix.

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