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Back to Normal, No - Revanius

Desperate not to be alone Sunset does something she never wanted to do, lie

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Chapter 6

Sunset had never been one for Hearts Warming back in Equestria, her old self made certain she had nopony to spend it with, even Princess Celestia grew weary of her attitude by the end, and her Christmas' in the human world had been lonely ones not worth celebrating. This year had been more mixed for her, she had friends and had a Christmas party with them, yet she was still alone on Christmas Day. Since Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie were all traveling for Christmas they had held the party the week before, now they were gone and Sunset had no plans on Christmas.

She was laying on her bed, her blankets bundled up around her, wishing the old heater was stronger and bored out of her mind. She considered talking with Twilight, but the Princess was probably busy celebrating the holiday with her friends and she didn't want to bother her. She also thought about visiting Fluttershy, of her friends still in the city she'd probably appreciate a distraction most, especially if it meant she had a reason to avoid Zephyr. She shuddered at the thought of seeing Fluttershy's brother. "I think I'd rather be alone than spend any time around him." She murmured turning on her side, pulling the bed sheets closer to her.

"I guess I'll just stay in bed till New Years'. At least it's warm in here." She said. A mechanical groan from the roof caught her attention. Sticking her head out of the covers she watched in horror as her heater sputtered and groaned before going silent. "Why did I say that?"

Already the temperature was starting to drop and when she called the repairman he said it would be hours before he could come and the price was well outside her range. "Great now, what am I supposed to do?" She asked herself hanging up the phone. "Maybe I can ask Applejack to come by tomorrow, she's good at fixing things." A chill ran through her apartment causing a shiver.

"No way am I staying here all day, it's too cold." She muttered heading to her closet. Changing out of her pajamas and into her jeans, thick winter coat, and scarf she grabbed her phone before heading to the door. "Hot Chocolate at Sugar Cube Corner here I come." She said opening the door.


While Sunset was no fan of the cold, she wasn't connected to heat for nothing, she could appreciate how nice Canterlot look in the winter. The grass covered in a fine layer of snow, bright colored lights hanging from the buildings and street lamps, and groups of carolers moving about the city who could set anyone in a festive mood. And with such a bright mood in the air, she did not feel any fear of being accused or taunted for something, for once.

Sugar Cube Corner was open year-round even though Pinkie was away for Winter Break the Cakes would never close shop, not when so many people might need last-minute Christmas sweets. When Sunset entered the Sweetshop there were a couple of other people at tables, she recognized Lyra and Bon Bon sitting at a booth in a corner sharing a milkshake and Bulk Biceps sitting at the counter chatting with Mr. Cake. Sunset pulled the rim of her jacket collar up as she sat down at one of the booths, while she was feeling safer with it being Christmas she thought it better not to get the attention of three students she knew had been targeted by Anon-A-Miss.

"Well hello, deary, what can I get ya?" Mrs. Cake asked coming over with her usual bright smile.

"One hot chocolate please."

"Coming right up Sunset."

At the sound of her name, Sunset saw Bulk sit up a bit straighter and glance in her direction. He spoke a few words to Mr. Cake she did not hear and got up, coming her way. Sunset tried to force herself into the booth, less so out of fear since Bulk was really a big softy, and more for she did not want to see the hurt in his eyes she knew would be there.

"Hey, Sunset." He said in a low sad voice. "Merry Christmas." The words sounded hollow to Sunset.

"Thanks, Bulk, that very nice of you," Sunset said fidgeting in her booth. "Look I wanted to say I'm sorry for what-."

"It's fine Sunset, really." He said cutting her off. He sighed as he continued. "I didn't want to believe it was you, I still don't want to. But if you really are Anon-A-Miss then I forgive you. I just wanted to say not everyone hates you, even if we don't want to be your friend right now."

"I understand, and thanks again." She glanced up to see Bulk give a weak smile and wave before going back to the counter, passing Mrs. Cake with Sunset's hot chocolate.

"Here you go deary," She set the cup down. "And I heard what that nice boy said. I hope when you go back to school you stick by your friends and those that forgive you and ignore the rest."

"Thanks, Mrs. Cake, and I will," Sunset said taking the cup. She took a big gulp and nearly spit it out from the heat but swallowed it.

"You might want to let it, cool deary." Mrs. Cake said holding a hand over her mouth, likely covering a smile. Sunset gave something halfway between a smile and a grimace as she blew on the toasty beverage. Mrs. Cake left her to her drink going back to the counter.

Sunset nursed the hot chocolate, enjoying the warming sensation in her body, just enjoying the peace of being out and not glared at for once. It felt nice just to relax again, she could not remember truly relaxing since Anon-A-Miss had started and she missed the feeling, though she wished one of her friends was with her. She could have used Pinkie's laughter or Applejack's calming presence. A giggle drew her attention to Lyra and Bon Bon embracing rubbing each other's cheek, the sweet scene only increasing her growing feeling of loneliness. Finishing her hot chocolate she ordered a second one to go, feeling a little less merry as she left.


Sunset should have bought two hot chocolates, cause one did not last her nearly as long as she wanted. She sat on a park bench looking at the semi-frozen lake, it was still too early in the winter for it to be completely frozen for skating but it was still nice to look at. Picking up a stone she flung it onto the lake, it clacked off the ice twice then hit an unfrozen patch and sunk into the water.

"Not a bad throw." She complimented herself finishing her drink.

As she tossed the cup in the trash Sunset heard smattering applause nearby, thinking it might be a Christmas play or something she followed the applause to a small stage that could not fit a play. The crowd was small, a few old men sitting in the front row, a trio of high school boys in heavy winter clothes in the back, and two other boys sitting off to the side. And appearing out of a plume of smoke, in her usual blue and white stared cape and magician hat, was Sunset's new friend Trixie.

"Thank you thank you, welcome to the show," Trixie said with a bow. "How about we start with something simple? Pulling a rabbit out of my hat, though maybe Trixie should pull out an Artic hare with this cold."

She held out her hat to the audience showing the empty interior. "See my hat, completely empty and," she taped the back, "no holes in the top." She set the hat on the table, tapped it with her wand, and reached in. She felt around inside it before pulling out a small rabbit that looked remarkably like Angel Bunny. "Hey your not the rabbit Trixie rehearsed with," Trixie said to the rabbit pushing him back into the hat. That got a small laugh out of Sunset who had taken a seat towards the back.

"We seem to be having some difficulties with my furry assistant so how about a different trick," Trixie said putting her hat back on and pulling out a deck of cards. "For this trick, I'll need a volunteer from the audience." She flicked her hand, the cards sailing over her head and into her waiting hand. "Anyone?"

Sunset considered raising her hand, she had agreed to help Trixie with her magic tricks last week, but she was not that comfortable getting up on a stage with the magician so she would just watch this one. Trixie picked the skinner of the two boys who Sunset recognized as a student at CHS but could not remember his name. He had a permanent scowl and had shades covering his eyes but Sunset had a feeling he was glaring. As he got up his stoker friend passed something to him.

"Come on up sir, now what's your name?" Trixie asked.


Trixie's smile wavered and Sunset saw a flash of recognition in her eyes at the name but the magician continued on. "Well Runt, we'll be starting with a simple card trick." She held out the cards. "You pick a card then put it back and Trixie will choose one and you will say if it is your card."

"A little simple." Runt said, Sunset noted he had a gravelly voice.

"I don't get to the Hoofdini stuff till the second act." Trixie joked closing her eyes. "Pick a card."

Runt took one of the outstretched cards. "Get a good look at it then put it back," Trixie said eyes still closed. Sunset watched as Runt smiled and tossed the card away and pulled what his friend passed him out of his pocket. She started to get up as Runt put whatever it was into Trixie's hand.

"That's not a car-ahhh!" Trixie screamed flinging her cards away. "Get it off, get it off, get off Trixie." The magician shouted flinging her hand wildly as Runt and the other boys laughed. Whatever it was that scared her had landed at Trixie's feet, she screamed again and backed away while Runt picked it up.

"Aw, what's wrong Great and Powerful Trixie? Scared of a little beetle?" He asked holding out the beetle. Trixie backed away shaking in a mix of fear, indignation, and anger. "Man, that was even easier than I thought."

Sunset had enough. "Hey! What's the big idea!" She demanded marching up to the stage. "Why are you trying to ruin Trixie's show?"

"Because it's fun and she's a lame magician." Runt said shrugging. the boys in the audience laughed in agreement. "Besides why do you care Anon-A-Miss? We're just using the post you made about Trixie."

Sunset flinched at the name as Runt continued. "And what gives you the right to stop out fun?"

"Because messing with people is wrong. All your doing is making yourself into a bully."

"HA! Ain't that rich Big Boy?" Runt said to his friend. "The biggest bully at CHS who tore the school apart twice calling me a bully." He got off the stage, behind Sunset Big Boy got up from his seat.

"And why would you defend her anyway? I thought you two hated each other after the Battle of the Bands. Not to mention you posted her fear on your Anon-A-Miss page."

"Well, things have changed. She's my friend."

"Yeah, you seem to change a lot, Anon-A-Miss, Hero, She-Demon, Bully. You really are strange." He said getting up in her face, he was a little shorter than Sunset. She flinched again at Anon-A-Miss but did not back down. Big Boy gave her a shove and she stumbled past Runt. She spun around and saw the three other boys had joined Big Boy, the shortest cracking his knuckles.

"Actually it makes sense when you think about it," Runt continued, "The Broken Tyrant and the Siren Slave together, the two biggest freaks in school."

Trixie pulled Sunset up onto the stage. "Shows over!" She shouted to the boys. "The Great and Powerful Trixie and her friend are out." She threw a smoke bomb at their feet and the bullies, pulling Sunset through the curtain behind the stage pushing Sunset towards a blue jeep. "Get in, hurry." She hopped into the driver's seat, pulling out before Sunset could buckle in. Sunset looked in the rearview mirror as the three boys from the back jeered at her, Big Boy and Runt no longer with them.


"Thanks for stepping in, Trixie really appreciates it," Trixie said as the two sat in her jeep in an empty parking lot. "Why did you though?"

"Because we're friends and you were being bullied," Sunset said. "I couldn't just watch. Though not sure what I could have done if they all got violent. Nice work with the escape by the way."

Trixie blushed at the compliment. "Thanks, Trixie carries extra smoke bombs for angry audience escapes."

Sunset laughed. "How often does that happen?"

The magician frowned looking down. "More often than I like."

The two sat in awkward silence before Trixie broke the silence. "Want to head back to my stage wagon, it should be clear by now."

"Sure," Sunset said as Trixie turned the ignition key.

Sunset's anger boiled when she saw Trixie's stage wagon, it was ruined. Well, ruined was a strong word, it was covered in graffiti, rude words, and insults. The most prominent being 'Siren Slave' painted along the side of the wagon, it looked like the side wall of an abandoned building. Sunset expected Trixie to freak out at the sight of her wagon vandalized but she just sighed and pulled out her keys.

"Come on in, I have a couple chair's we can use." Trixie waved her in.

"Aren't you the least bit upset about your wagon being vandalized?" Sunset waved at the graffiti.

"You get used to it after awhile right? You got used to it appearing on your locker." Trixie pointed out.

"That's just some school property I use to hold my books, this is your personal property. Its not the same." Sunset said stepping into wagon. It was filled with magic equipment but had enough free space for two reclner chairs, one blue and the other orange. Trixie reclined in the blue one and indicated for Sunset to take the other.

"Normally that's my mother's but you can use it." Trixie said. "And as for the wagon, I get it cleaned at the end of the week and this normally only happens when I need to make an escape. Though that has been happening more often."

"You said that earlier, how long has this been happening?"

"Since maybe a week after the Battle of the Bands." Trixie shrugged. "After everyone got off the Friendship High the Dazzlings' defeat caused people started looking for someone to blame, and they chose Trixie."

"Why? Why would they blame you?"

"Take your pick? Because Trixie was manipulated more than anyone by the Dazzlings, because she dropped the school heroes down a trap door potentially injuring them, or because she almost caused the destruction of two worlds."

"But none of that was your fault, you were manipulated just as much as anyone else by the Sirens, blaming you is like blaming Principal Celestia or Vice-Principal Luna for allowing the Battle of the Bands to happen." Sunset protested.

"Trixie tried to tell them she did not mean to help the Dazzlings but no one believed her. Then the nicknames came, someone called Trixie Siren Slave and it stuck, then someone said she willingly helped them and soon half the school thinks Trixie's an evil villain who will hurt you." Trixie sighed composing herself. "I meant it when I said I understood people not believing you when people think your something your not."

"Wow, I didn't know you had to deal with all that." Sunset said sympatheticly. "I wish you didn't have to go through that."

"Its fine, the Great and Powerful Trixie can handle a little heckling and pranks." Trixie assured her. "So what were you doing in the park anyway? Thought you would be having a get together with the Rainbooms or something."

"Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie are out of town for Christmas, we'll be meeting together for New Years though." Sunset explained. "I had nothing to do today so I went on a walk and saw your show. What about you? How come your not at home with your family?"

"Mother has a performance today at the theater, a production of the Nativity, she won't be back till night."

"And your dad, where's he?"

"You tell Trixie." Trixie said bitterly.

Sunset thought it would be best to drop that topic for now. "So what about New Years, you have any plans for that?"

"Mother has another performance so I thought I might try another show, after getting my wagon cleaned."

"That doesn't seem right." Sunset thought, no one should be alone on New Years. An idea was starting to form but she would need permission first. "You know, I might have another idea."


"There ya go Sugarcube, all fixed." Applejack said wiping her brow. Turning on the heating system Sunset basked in the relaxing warmth that came from the now fixed machine. "Shoudn't give ya any more trouble."

"Thanks Applejack, your a lifesaver." Sunset said shedding the heavy coat she had been wearing. She had called Applejack the day after Christmas and her friend had been happy to help. "It would have cost a fortune to get that thing fixed."

"It's no problem, Ah'm happy to help." Applejack assured her gathering her tools. "Ah'll be seeing ya at New Years right?"

"Yeah of course I'll be there, though I wanted to ask you something. Would it be okay if I brought a friend over with me?"

"Why sure, the more the merrier, glad to see yer making new friends. Who is it, do we know em?" Applejack asked with a bright smile.

"Uhh yeah you know her, its Trixie." Sunset said tensing for the expected shouting to follow.

"Trixie? As in dat obnoxious magician that trapped us beneath the stage during the Battle of the Bands?" Applejack asked, Sunset nodded. "Since when are ya friends with her?"

"We started hanging out over the break, turns out we have more in common than I thought. Then I found out she was going to be alone on New Years so I thought she could join us. She's really not that bad once you get to know her." Sunset explained. "Please, I don't want her to be alone and I think she could make good company."

"Fine, you can invite her, but make sure she's on her best behavior." Applejack said waving a finger. "Ah don't want to spend New Years' with two boasters."

"Don't worry she'll be on her best behavior." She pulled out her phone to tell her friend the good news.

"And Sunset."


"Ah wanted to say." Applejack hesitated then looked away. "Never mind, we'll talk at the party." She headed for the door.

Sunset raised an eye. "Okay, and Applekjack," Applejack paused looking back. "Thanks again for letting me back into the group."

"Yer welcome Sugar, Ah'll leave ya to talk with yer friend." Applejack said leaving as Sunset started talking with Trixie.

Author's Note:

So you get the next part earlier than intended, since it was done and its been 4 days I thought why not? And went to post.

I wanted to make it clear that not all those who were affected by Anon-A-Miss and are background characters hate Sunset. That while they believe she is Anon-A-Mss they are still willing to forgive her due to their nature, hence Bulk Biceps speaking to her. Those like him will certainly be in the minority, I think that's obvious, but there will be some. Also if Sunset's mood seems to change fast well chalk that up to mood swings that have been previously mentioned, they're not all extreme.

So while Sunset is going through a lot and is taking a lot of hits she does not deserve she has not lost her fire entirely. In defense of a friend, Sunset would care less what someone said about her, her only focus would be to help that friend. And along with the more usual Anon-A-Miss story villains like Lightning and the bully boys there will be some more minor villains building something up in the background, so be on the lookout. This chapter also shows that Sunset is not the only one going through problems even though hers are the most prominent.

I can see Trixie having some bullying problems, she has a personality that can be difficult to get used to and she did some pretty bad acts during the Battle of the Bands, worse than the other students, and with the Sirens gone the bullies and angry students would look for someone to blame and Trixie would be a prime target. Also, I'm using something that the creators of the show mentioned about Trixie's father, you can find what I'm implying on her wiki page.

Next part New Year's Eve.