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[PROS + CONS] My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) · 3:14pm Dec 28th, 2017

Hello everybody DaveMan1000 here with a full review of the film I was excited for the most this year: My Little Pony: The Movie.

Now this movie has received a lot of slack from "professional" critics, who basically threw together half-asred rambles/rants and passed them off as reviews, simply because they didn't want to talk about it, but now had to otherwise they wouldn't get paid.

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I'm calling you out for being a cyberbully.

You can't play the victim card anymore, cause everyone who's interacted with you knows your true colours.

Deleting my comment and your response on your propaganda piece story was pretty cowardly, but someone managed to get a screenshot of it for me.

If this community seems hostile towards you, there's a good reason for that; we don't like bullies.

Just stop talking to me, 'kay?

Comment posted by Black Kyurem deleted Nov 9th, 2020

You're not gonna move on from this, are you?

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