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I just don't know what went wrong (9_6)

Hello Everypony :D

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969691 I've submited the story. Is it readable now?

969677 once it is submitted, we could read and comment on the story.

that IS a problem with the Blog, even 1,000 words is a Marathon, I know since I tested it.

what is it cross-bred with? there is a chance you find enough fans to help you realising the story?

I'm pondering a few cross breeds, aside from the once I already have up.

969673 Well, the problem is that I'm planing to write a long story, so posting it as a blog won't be a solution... :applejackunsure:

It's a crossover, so it should be allowed. I've re-submited it, just in case :twilightsheepish:

969638 how typical.
I have a similiar problem with a few stories.
in one case, I'll try to reframe the story.
it needed to be pony, rather then what they said 'brownies'

You could leave it as 'unpublished'?
unpublished stores still are readable, even if it doesn't get the benefit of groups.

maybe you could get comments on how to move on with it, if we could read it?
there's also the chance of making it a blog, if it isn't too long, you can get comments there too.

I placed a One-Shot up as blog, since the mod refused, and with a bad excuse too.

969628 Well, I'll try to post my story here again, but moderators didn't allowed it, so this time will be the same :applejackunsure:

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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