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Unpopular writer with unpopular opinions, mainly here to share and develop headcanon and such. Also to write weird smut. I do enjoy socializing though. Even though I do tend to be a tad cynical.

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Back/Updates · 9:20pm July 11th

Hey all.

So, my mental status has, for the most part, made a complete recovery. Sadly nothing got done in that time, so the next chapter of Hurricane Trinity it gonna take a little bit to upload. I also got a really nice message from someone during my time away...thank you for your kind words. Seriously, a majority of this fandom is unbearably toxic, but there are still cool people that exist here. Thank you for reminding me of that. <3

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I'm planning to write something.

Would you like to join this group?

The Storm King

As well as check out this story I made here?

A King’s Grand Entrance

Thanks for joining my group!

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