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Unpopular writer with unpopular opinions, mainly here to share and develop headcanon and such. Also to write weird smut. I do enjoy socializing though. Even though I do tend to be a tad cynical.


** PLEASE NOTE: This is an extended-universe MLP story, which means it will primarily involve the races outside of Equestria for the most part. Most of this is post-movie headcanon, so, proceed with caution. **

A feud is taking place beyond Equestria, to the southernmost part of the world, where three countries have been in racially-induced troubles for the past few decades. Unfortunately for them, there is an ancient evil of unspeakable proportions that has been sleeping within their soil since ancient times, and it is threatening to surface and show its face at long last, destroying the surrounding areas in the process. However, there is a prophecy passed down through generations; through an ancient artifact of great power. And when an unknowing cult revives the Storm King, the wheels are set in motion.

Seven souls will embark on a long, incredible journey to thwart the ancient evil and send it back down to where it belongs once and for all.

And the combined power of three champions will save the day.

...But first, the newly-revived Storm King must go head-to-head with his demons, literal and figurative, of the past and present.

And that is not going to be an easy task.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 42 )

I'm not sure how I feel about Grubber's role in all this.

He wouldn't be there if not for a reason, which will be revealed later in the story.

Good so far. Look forward to more

FINALLY a story about the Storm King! He was such a great villain, and I've been looking for a story that expanded on the little we saw of him in the movie. Nice to also give Grubber something to do as well.

Also, the idea that Storm would be the son of Grogar and a yeti is pretty interesting. It would make a lot of sense given his unusual appearance, and I'm curious about how this story will go on from here.

By the way, I saw that this is your first story on this site, and I got to say that this is really well-written so far. Everyone feels in character, the pacing is damn-near perfect, and honestly, I'm surprised more people aren't reading this.

Now, I gotta go to bed. I'll continue reading this tomorrow.

Thank you so much; this is probably one of the most detailed and nicest comments I've received on the story thus far and it is much-appreciated ^^

Yeah, I was disappointed with what little we got of Storm in the movie, and the lack of backstory is open to SO many possibilities, so I decided to make my headcanon of the movie into a mini-novel of sorts, as this is going to be a long story and will expand upon my views of the EU as a whole. Grubber is such a cute little guy too, and I wanted to include him as well not only for purposes of enjoyment but for a very important role later on. c:

I thank you again for the informative feedback and hope that future chapters will continue to live up to your expectations. <3

Finally caught up.

This has been a great read thus far. I'm glad someone else out there is giving the Storm King some backstory; granted I've never read the comics, so I don't know anything about the likes of Grogar or the Movie Prequel if something from that is used here.

Can't wait till they get to Mount Aris. I can only imagine how Queen Novo will react upon seeing Storm's face again...

Only real gripe I have (and by "gripe", I mean "nitpick"), is that Grubber seems to be lacking his signature lisp.

Despite the obviously small amount of screen time he had in the movie, Storm King is far from the most underwhelming villain: Sombra (estimated 2 minutes of screen time and only 5 lines of dialogue), Pony of Shadows (all buildup, no payoff). Plus, whenever he did show up on screen, he was a blast to watch.

Thanks much ^^ Nah, Grogar's involvement is entirely headcanon-based, and there are a few bits and pieces that mention the movie prequel (such as Capper's convincing Celaeno to let Storm aboard) but otherwise it's pretty basic.

TBH I never even knew Grubber had a lisp to begin with; it never registered with me while I was watching the movie at all. Maybe I'm just not observant enough, or his accent is way too similar to my own for me to notice any difference whatsoever (people have told me I have a "northern lisp" because I am from Minnesota but I hardly if ever notice it). I'll try to pay more attention to the dialogue once the movie is out on DVD/digital download and absorb the details.

And it's interesting you mention those two...indeed, Sombra got the least amount of screentime out of ANYONE. It just sucks royally that Storm gets so much hatred from the fandom while Sombra gets a decent amount of love and attention. Eh, what do I know. ^^;


And it's interesting you mention those two...indeed, Sombra got the least amount of screentime out of ANYONE. It just sucks royally that Storm gets so much hatred from the fandom while Sombra gets a decent amount of love and attention. Eh, what do I know. ^^;

I guess the reason the Storm King got issues with that probably has to do with the fact that he was the big bad of a feature-length film...while Tempest and even Grubber got more screentime in comparison. Personally, I don't mind it that much, and the Storm King still stole the show in the scenes he was in.

Also, though it never was truly said officially what Lix's gender is, I always assumed she was an "old-lady" female. Definitely gives off that vibe anyway.

Wait, does that mean people thought she was a guy?

Also, Storm King having a thing for Celeano? Sure, I can get that. For her to like him on the other hand...that I have a harder time seeing.

THAT is exactly my problem with Hasbro on this one regarding the movie; they advertised and hyped the hell outta the fact that Storm was the "big bad villain" of the movie and yet he got a minimal amount of screentime compared to the other two, which was underwhelming and irritating to me, to say the least. Granted yes, he WAS in fact a scene-stealer and an enjoyable one at that, which I am at least grateful for.

And yeah, IDK whether or not people assume Lix is a guy or not. Hard to tell with birbs, and with THIS fandom, anything is capable of happening. :P

It was confirmed quite a bit that Storm likes Celaeno in the prequel comics, even though they had no interaction whatsoever in the movie itself (sadly enough) but yeah, Celaeno is not really fond of Storm in return. Hence her smart-ass attitude towards him in this chapter. XD;

Also, though it never was truly said officially what Lix's gender is, I always assumed she was an "old-lady" female. Definitely gives off that vibe anyway.

She's voiced by Nicole Oliver in the movie and sings this part of "Time To Be Awesome":

"Elaborate schemes we would love to devise"

So when's the next chapter come out?

Hopefully soon-ish. Been busy with a lot of personal stuff, so haven't had much time to write ^^; I should have more time now though.

Things are heating up. I can only imagine what Queen Novo's reaction would be.

Okay, first Capper and his daggers, now Celeano and her sword? I’m sensing a pattern here...

until a lone Hippogryph—a heavily-armored elite guard with a dark blue coat and lavender mane and tail—stepped forward. He raised his head high.

Is that Stratus Skyranger? The character that was advertised in the toyline but never actually did anything in the movie? If so, then good job finding him a role.

Now, I’m sure Celeano could say that Storm was her prisoner or something...but I guess that not be the best way for this story to go.

Good work on the cover art by the way. Now the story might catch more people’s attention.

TBH the cover art is not mine; it is a screenshot from the MLP artbook that I found particularly interesting but it will serve as a placeholder for now until I get something better (and much more official) underway. I do have something in-progress; I also have some drawn-by-me finished images but the problem is they kinda contain spoilers for future events, so it's probably best not to use them right now.

The dark-blue Hippogryph isn't Stratus; you'll find out who he is later on as he plays a bit of a role in the events to unfold at Mount Aris but I can't say anything beyond that right now. I really should give Stratus at least a speaking role in this story though...I really did find it odd that he really didn't do anything in the movie itself and yet has merchandise based off of him. At the same time though, I'm glad an actual male character besides Spike actually got a toy (not counting the collectible figurines because those are more aimed at the older audience, I think).

And yes, there is indeed a pattern going on. The truth behind the weaponry will be revealed in either this upcoming chapter or the chapter after that. ;3

Unfortunately, in my MLP story, the Storm King doesn't make a return whatsoever, Lord Maelstrom only keeps his broken stone statue head as a memento, and it shatters into even more pieces after Maelstrom murders Tempest Shadow in front of Twilight. The reason why it shatters again after Tempest's death? Because he put a piece of his soul inside the Storm King's head, which became connected to Tempest after she turned the Storm King into stone to save the Mane Six in the movie. An eye for an eye, which means that Lord Maelstrom completely broke the dishonest bond between the two characters, albeit losing a piece of his soul, which was intentional.

Yes, my story is very dark lol 😆 But I regret not giving the Storm King the shining chance he should've deserved, after reading your story so far. 😅

Storm deserves a LOT more love and appreciation than he ultimately gets, which is what inspired me to make this story a reality in the first place. That and the fact that he's ultimately portrayed so horribly OOC in the Tempest stories I've read but who's counting.

Glad you like it so far! ^^

Oh yeesh, when Novo is pissed, she really is pissed. Though maybe that general of hers even more so. Something’s telling me I’m not gonna like him too much.

Yay, Princess Skystar! Probably my favourite character in the movie, except for...nah, Storm King was best in the comic, Skystar was best in the movie. I just love her bubbly personality so much, and she’s a perfect match for Pinkie...I totally ship them...anyway, good to see her in this story too.

Hmm...I just noticed that Celeano was suspiciously absent for the majority of the chapter. Wouldn’t Skystar recognise her too?

Now things are getting interesting.

I smell trouble with Constelle. Hope our... heroes? will make it out safely.

Skystar was more caught up with Capper for...reasons...that will be explained a bit later on ;3 Celaeno's still there, but she didn't have much of a speaking role in this chapter sadly. Skystar's gonna notice her too though in half a second, trust me XD

I totally ship Skypie tho <3

I agree, especially cause he was voiced Liev Schreiber, or who I like to call: Sabertooth!! 😀

But yeah, I like your story so far hehe. ^^

Will the Main 6, Spike, Celestia, and Luna appear in this story?

I eagerly await the next chapter. This story has been spectacular so far.

When is the next chapter!!!!!?????!!!!!

Very soon. I am in the process of writing it and it should hopefully be up within a few days, possibly more or less depending on the circumstances. ;3

And now things seem to fall into place...

The story sounds like its going to be rather interesting from now on. Some evil lava demon-thing that is going to return and only seven weapons with seven heroes around to wield them can supposedly stop him. I guess it might be a bit cliche, but with these characters involved, and the quality of the writing thus far, that won't be an issue really.

As for these seven heroes...well, there is Capper, Captain Celeano and now Skystar? That would leave four more who haven't been identified yet. Looking forward to seeing who they would turn out to be.

Okay, now the "Trinity" part of the title comes into play. Things such are heating up; with three out of seven heroes revealed and a much bigger threat looming on the horizon.

Keep this up.

Just one thing:

She brought her muzzle close to his at the last word, baring her molars as she did so, and Storm recoiled a bit from the sudden motion of this move, eyeing her with a mixture of befuddlement and apprehension. “Do I make myself perfectly clear?!”

Instead of "muzzle", shouldn't it be "beak", because you know?

And the events are now set in motion. I assume that the Staff of Trinity is what would eventually become the Staff of Sacanas used by Storm in the movie.

And yeah, Skystar, you're not walking out of this one with a simple grounding...

Also, I'm almost finished with the logo for the cover, just had a question: Are you planning to stylize the art as a book cover or a movie poster?

Just asking in case you want me to add anything specific depending on with direction you choose to do with.

What were you two even DOIN’ here in the first place, hmm?”

Grubber, who appeared from behind her, giggled and clapped both paws to his mouth, a mischievous twinkle in one eye. “ K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

She found herself blushing and pulled her hat down in an attempt to hide it. Whether she loathed him or not right now, when he was actually being playful and harmless for a change…

…He was kind of cute when he smiled.

Also some Storm/Cela fluff in this chapter. Does it hint at anything? Maybe. I'm not telling right now.

derpicdn.net/img/view/2017/7/26/1495183__safe_artist-colon-andypriceart_captain+celaeno_mullet+%28character%29_storm+king_my+little+pony-colon-+the+movie_spoiler-colon-comic_spoiler-c.png Hmmmmm...I guess I ship it.

Actually the Staff of Trinity has nothing to do with the Staff of Sarcanas; it is its own standalone weapon whose purpose will be explained, yet again, later on. XD;

Oh, really? Wow! I thank you again for helping design a logo; it's much-appreciated since I have VERY little knowledge of vectors, let alone logos. I suppose maybe it could be more of a book-themed thing, for now anyway, since it is a fanfiction after all ^^;;;

Okay, good to know.

So book theme then. Just so I know how to tweek the style to best suite something that would be present on an actual novel. I'll upload the finished piece to my sta.sh so I can share it with you.


Adoring this fanfiction so far, shame it doesn't have that many views.

Really well done, I think you captured them all quite well. Making the Storm King the son of Grogar is very interesting

Now THAT was epic. I'm a sucker for the whole Royal Parent vs Child battle, where all emotional attachment has to be disregarded in order to stand a chance.

Wait. Tambelon? Does this mean Grogar's gonna be in this?

Does this mean Grogar's gonna be the fic's main villain? I mean, surely you have more plans for one of the most well-recognized villains of MLP lore other than a character from the past, right?

And we're back! And back with a bang!

More and more pieces of Storm's history are coming together and I knew something was up about that Constelle guy.

Just wait until Skystar finds out about this... or worse Novo.

Hello! I really like this story! I have a feeling you need a break, but we'll be ready. :pinkiehappy:

“Ohhh, right. I remember now.” Grubber attempted to conceal a grin behind one paw. “That was the time two years ago that you gained like, thirty pounds off of those special sugar-cookies you liked so much.” He broke out into a slight giggle-fit, unable to contain himself, and broke into a slight ramble. “Oh man that was too funny. We had to like, literally force you through the doorway that one time, and it took two guards to get you unstuck from—“

Is it bad that I kinda wanna see more of this??? 'Cuz it sounds like it'd be funny.

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