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I am a fan artist, a fan fiction writer, and I have been a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since 2010 and still am to this day!


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I'm currently working on my MLP: Age of Equestria series.

Oh, you are?! EXCELLENT! Though it's only partially personal, I AM happy you haven't abandoned that story. Mainly because it makes me sad when good stories that are planned end up getting canned because of some reasons explained, or otherwise. So good on you for that. And I wish you all the luck on starting it up.:)

I’m quite interested in reading your story. Right now, I’m working on my fanfic, Age of Equestria: The Return of Tambelon.

As i said, it's nice to have you back, my dear. And I hope you can get readjusted with everything you need to. In the meantime, perhaps you might be interested in following a new MLP story i've been writing here on Fimfiction called "My Little Ponys' The Count of Monte Cristo". It's an adaptation, but it might just get you interested in the original story.:)

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