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Share a Smile · 9:20pm September 11th

I've decided to get into something called "Share a Smile," which is explained by an author on this site known as Crystal-Wishes.  Here's how she explained it:

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Comment posted by Big Ass Spider deleted Last Wednesday

No problem, and I hope you enjoy it, along with the bonus chapter I did for Another Path.

Good to hear. Just to inform you, I'll do my best to be pleasent in my comments. Some of the comments I made in the previous story were partially by stress from my previous job, which was quite stressful. Thankfully I now have job that's less stressful, more relaxing and I can maintain utter composure in my comments now.

We both made plans for what would come down the line and I intend to follow what we had worked out from before.

Am I correct in assuming that the story will go in your own unique direction from Chapter 12 onward? Or did Sober have a prepared outline for the sequel that you are following?

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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