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While on her way from Zecora's hut in Everfree Forest and to her cottage, Fluttershy comes upon two small creatures she had never seen before: both of whom are made of stone, a little larger than fillies and colts and--despite their beastly appearances--act and behave most friendly toward the mare.

All the while, two unicorn Royal Guards patrolling outside the city of Canterlot encounter a giant bi-pedal, stone-composed, yet courteous, knight, who kindly seeks their help in seeking an audience with the monarch(s) of their land in finding out where is he. Both princesses are in for a big surprise in meeting with him.

But it doesn't stop there: Soon all living Equestria will learn with astoundment that there are several more of these stone-like giants suddenly appearing all over their world, without any seeming explanation.

EDIT: This entire is a tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy.

All characters from Shadow of the Colossus belong to Sony Computer Entertainment and Team Ico/GenDESIGN
Cover art belongs to HuntersAndPrey from Deviantart.com

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Well, there is much Slice of Life in an single chapter with little to no explanation about what made two Colossi to appear in Equestria.

Not to mention that said two had rather odd personalities, this may be a personal thing though.

That's the whole mystery of it. It will be revealed in the end of the story when they are all gathered.

6141204 Also, the Celosia and Cenobia's personalities are part of huge theory I have regarding the origins of the Colossi. Something you'll have to find out as the story progresses.

6141912 Well, is hard to see such a big mistery when noone seems that surpriced, not even the ones involved.

6142710 But this is Fluttershy here. She's very specialized with animals and both Celosia and Cenobia do have resemblances with some various animals.

Any progress on an update?

6288967 I'm almost done with chapter two. Also, the outline for my story still has a long way to go and could take about a year to finish.

Very interesting, I can't wait to see what the other Colossi are like in Equestria. I do hope there's at least one attempt at "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS COLLOSI CLIMBERS YAY!" that the Colossi in question indulges them with.

6299639 You will undoubtedly find out soon, starting when Chapter Two comes out.

6299639 By the way, the second chapter is up now.

"Yet, so far," said Rainbow Dash sadly. "Those three still haven't gotten theirs, which means they'll keep getting bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon." Both brothers, upon hearing the word "bullies" felt a brief and mysterious burning sensation inside them, one filled with both sympathy and indignation.

I think two bullies are not going to have a good day soon.

"Well," she began. "An alicorn is a special and unique kind of pony that possesses the immensely strong magic of unicorns, the flight capabilities of pegasi, and the strength of regular earth ponies. At the moment, there are only four alicorns in existence in Equestria besides myself. Two of them, who live in Canterlot, are Princess Celestia and her younger sister, Princess Luna, who just so happen to be co-rulers of Equestria. The other is my sister-in-law, Princess Cadence who currently resides with my brother, Prince Shining Armor, in the Crystal Empire."

Uhhh, you make it seem there's a mysterious fifth Alicorn who isn't mentioned.

Is it wrong to want to see all the Colossi just take the fight to Tirek and beat him into paste before he can cause much damage????? I mean, Gaius vs Tirek would be an interesting fight at the very least.


6350317 You got that right with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

6352641 How about Tirek vs Malus? That would definitely interesting as well.

6355077 Unless Malus is stuck without being able to move. then Tirek can just blast him from a distance. The one I'm interested in is Phaedra, s/he looks the most Pony like and should be interesting to see in action and how ponies react.

6355181 You'll see him soon enough. That I promise.

6355484 Are there going to be any female colossi???

6356499 I'm sorry, but I've interpreted all 16 Colossi as masculine. I ask that you please do not be upset, but that's I perceive them. After all, Fumito Ueda did say that their backstories are open to interpretation.


I would have loved to see Hydrus as female and falling for Steven Magnet. or Avion going mother hen on some ponies.

6358273 Don't worry, you'll like the personalities I'm giving them.

A raccoon named Cooper? Fluttershy should probably make sure nothing's been stolen. I bet he's pretty sly.

6415359 Don't worry. He'd never steal from a friend like Fluttershy. Besides, she'd probably scorn him if he tried doing that anyway.

What did you think of Celosia scratching the bear's back?

6415359 I see what you did there.

Eh. It was a pretty good scene, but I didn't really think it was anything particularly noteworthy. I do have a couple of questions for you, if you're willing to answer them.

1) What are you doing about Dormin? Is he actually evil, or simply willing to do anything to escape his prison? Of course, this is assuming that he shows up at all.

2) Could the colossi always talk, and just inexplicably didn't feel like speaking to Wander? Or is this a new thing that they've just learned how to do?

3) When are we going to see Avion? She is best colossus.

6476971 From my interpretation, Dormin's dead, period. As for the other two, you'll have to wait and see.

The protagonist of Shadow of the Colossus will appear in this story, right?

6736550 No, Wander won't make an appearance. This story is more about the Colossi themselves.

If Gaius is twice as tall as Celestia, I can only imagine how tall Malus is going to be with him being the tallest of Colossi (also I'm curious on how he's going to walk).

6737024 Yep, Malus would be tall enough to cradle Celestia with two arms.

6737117 Can someone talented draw that, the image I made in my head just needs it

6737197 I'd have to find someone on DA to commission that first.

6737201 I can only imagine the reactions, hopefully you'll find the one person who'll be like "OMG YES!"

6737269 Thank you for your encouragement.

Hmmm, got to suggest Avion might be useful as rapid deployment for Unicorn or Earth Pony guards that can't keep up with Pegasus units. He could carry them on his back and drop them off where needed. Unless I'm totally messing up the scale, it appears he's big enough for at least one pony to ride on his back... or three adventurous fillies looking to get a Cutie Mark. "Cutie Mark Crusaders Colossi sky riders yay!"

6737337 I'll keep that suggestion in mind. Thank you.

Also, do you now understand why Avion's portrayed as a male?

6737412 Yeah, but having an entire group all be the same sex just bugs me. I mean, even back when I was little there was Wendy Koopa in Mario 3 as a female Villain, Chun Li and Cammy in Street Fighter, and Sonya Blade with the various Female ninja from Mortal Kombat as video game examples.

6737464 Ah, but that's where the ponies come into the play, especially since some of them ARE females.

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7247732 Thanks. Were there any parts you liked in Chapter 4?

7247801 Probably Gaius pep talking Cel and Cen

7248807 Yes, I liked writing that moment too. It just demonstrates how close the Colossi are to each other.

This chapter makes me glad I never played the game and just watched my little brother play it. And now I want to beat him over the head with a pillow or something.....

7251778 Was it Celosia and Cenobia crying that gave you that feeling?

7253353 Yeah. I'm pretty sure if Wander ever ends up in Equestira Fluttershy will pull out her bear massaging moves, go Flutterbat, and make him regret ever being born.

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