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People say that I'm great at writing, but I not really keen on writing. So I'm basically here to follow stories and stuff. I love reading.

Yay chubbies

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Hi ,Scootafail ,I'm Serfire I saw one of your comment and Art from PTH and I think your a Amazing Artist and Writer , So, Would you like to collab with me on a fanfiction??? :D I like to make it into a Audio Drama /Animated Series ,I'm also putting together a team of Artists for the Fan fiction , :D I was kinda of thinking of making it a Wave x Spitfire fic or something like that :D So,Would you be interested ? ^W^

Maaaaybe. And maybe I'll have more art for them to sell, too. :moustache:

2250719 Well, it was fantastic seeing it! I really should have bought it...

Maybe next year. :raritywink:

Yup! I signed up with them a while ago. That was the only image I thought was print material. Funny how you of all saw it! xD

Hey there! I was just at Trotcon 2016 this past weekend and I saw this pic for sale! You work with the Traveling Pony Museum?

  • Viewing 171 - 175 of 175
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