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Love writing new stories! I can be short on inspiration, but i do the best i can.

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So I notice you have 2 stories, but only 1 shows up. What's up with that?

Hey. Um, I know I'm a little late when it comes to hearing about this account, but I wanted to say hi and that you're awesome. When you can, I have a suggestion for a video to react to, so please message me on my user page. Thanks!


One of my favourite youtube commentators is now also here in FimFiction?

Welcome to the site! Have a complimentary moustachioed Spike. :moustache:

Hope you find some good stories here.

I started my own first story as well and you most likely know the feeling of wanting critique for your work. Your mind set seems to be very different from mine and I think it would be good to get an outside perspective of my story. Arg, I feel like an attention whore doing this :facehoof: The Ultimate Life Form I have no idea if you even like these types of stories, but it would be nice to have more input. Oh and Welcome to Fimfiction! I watch your Youtube commentaries from time to time and they are entertaining :trollestia:

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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