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Hope all's good bro.

Oh wow i was JUST thinking about that reading! I think it exists as a comment someplace on the site lol!

Author Interviewer

Hey you, I reviewed a story you wrote that's not even on this site!

Hope you're doin' okay. :C

Hayyyyoooo!!:rainbowwild: Looooong time, no talkie-talk! I miss youse and all the wonderful shitfic times we had here, don't you go thinking I was going to let you suffer a severe deprivation of Dashie goodness without a poke once in a while :derpytongue2:

Also, SEXY new avatar :twilightblush: not that i was staring or anything..

Isn't imagination great?:raritywink:

Buuuuut anyways, I hope all is well and you're still kicking ass writing and making people smile, like you've always done :V

I miss u bby :raritydespair:

  • Viewing 213 - 217 of 217
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