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Thank you again for taking the time to point out the errors you spotted in my fic; I really appreciate it:eeyup:

how come you get 4 top faves and i only get 3??!?! ;A;....meh

you didn't have to... :twilightblush:

But I loved it! :raritystarry:

:raritywink:Mmm! It's rare that we see a lot of our followers before that little notification shows up, but we've actually seen quite a bit of you.
:raritystarry:You have good taste, my dear!
:fluttershyouch:B-but, wasn't this the one that said they were going to stop reading because they didn't like where we were going? They thought I was going to ch-change gender?
:duck:Ah, yes. But they kept reading, you see, and apparently, they enjoyed our little story.
:fluttershyouch:But, is it true? Would you like me more if I became a stallion for you?
:raritycry:What? No, of course not! I love you the way you are, Fluttershy, and I wouldn't take any stallion over you, even if it was you!
:fluttershysad:But it's so hard for you right now, the s-se—
:raritydespair:Yes, yes, I know it's hard, and I know things will be hard going forward. But there are always sacrifices to be made in a relationship, and this is one I am more than glad to make for you.
:fluttershysad:Oh. Um . . . are you sure?
:duck:Of course I am. I love you, Fluttershy, the sweet, kind mare that I've known for years.
:yay:I . . . I love you too.
:raritywink:Come, Fluttershy. We came to welcome our new follower, not rain down our problems on them. They probably read enough of that in our story.
:fluttershyouch:Oh, oh yes. I forgot. Um . . . can we do this one together?
:raritywink:Always, sweetheart.

:yay:Thank you for the follow!:raritywink:

Thank you for a great polyamory story "Our Lady's Courtship"! :raritystarry: Such stories are so rare.

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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