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Insert Opinions Here · 4:36pm Oct 2nd, 2012

Quick heads-up for anyone who missed my last post - while ranting on and on about how much of a dick I am, I also said that I'll be re-writing Hearts Aflutter.

Another quick heads-up - some comments on this post are liable to contain SPOILERS! HOH MY GAWD, THE SPOILERS!

(I doubt anyone reading this hasn't read the story, but whatever.)

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Hearts Aflutter Re-Write Progress (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

She could feel it keenly: The wind’s gentle breath as it swept over her feathers; the terrifying distance between her and the ground, as she followed the rainbow streak ahead of her higher and higher into the air; the complete, utter freedom she felt as she soared with her friend through the great blue expanse of the sky.

It frightened her, but she didn’t let it show. It was a good kind of fear; the kind that while you never looked forward to the feeling itself, you always loved doing what brought it on.

She was flying. Without a motive, without any clear sense of direction, besides sticking close to Rainbow Dash - this was true flight, and it was a marvel. It wasn’t just for relocating frogs, or moving a little faster from one place to another; it was fun. It was exciting. And it was beautiful. She wondered how it had taken her so long to discover the fact that flight wasn’t just something she could do, but that it was a part of her. Even an essential one, as she’d come to realise. The butterflies that adorned her flank might have symbolised her own gentleness and love of nature, but they could fly too. That was a part of her which now, having experienced it, she regretted neglecting for so long.

Fluttershy twirled gracefully through the air and followed Rainbow Dash up to a nearby cloudbank, where she came to a stop, panting a little. Rainbow, on the other hand, showed no signs of exhaustion or even mild discomfort, but that was to be expected. She was Rainbow Dash. If she wasn’t already the best flier in Equestria, there was no denying that she was at least one of the best. But Fluttershy wasn’t jealous. In fact, she was proud, and grateful. They’d been together for almost their whole lives!

If it wasn’t for Rainbow Dash, she’d never have gotten her cutie mark; she’d never have discovered her love for animals, or moved to Ponyville, or met Twilight Sparkle and her other three best friends... Rainbow Dash had changed her life, and here she was doing it again; the two of them, doing whatever they wanted, going wherever they pleased. This was part of Rainbow’s lifestyle, and it was quickly becoming part of Fluttershy’s too. That freedom, the feeling of joy she felt and just wanted to share with everyone... Flying for flying’s sake had fast become a favourite hobby, and one that she loved.

She looked over towards Rainbow Dash and smiled, letting the feeling wash over and through her. This was what she loved; time spent with just each other. Now that time was coming to a close, at least for today, but it would come again. Whether it was tomorrow, the day after, or even a week later, they’d take to the skies again. Just her, and her best friend in the world.

Rainbow trotted over to her, sporting a grin of her own. “You did good today, ‘Shy; you get better every time.”

“Oh, thank you.” She paused, taking a deep breath to settle herself down, and then continued. “But it’s really all thanks to you. I’d never have come this far without your help.”

She shrank back as Rainbow’s grin turned into a disappointed frown. “Don’t sell yourself short; you’re a lot better than you think, alright?”

“W-well, if you say so.”

“You better believe I say so,” Dash said, throwing a foreleg over Fluttershy’s shoulders and giving her a little squeeze. “I don’t fly with just anypony.”

“Alright.” She took another deep breath, finally managing to calm her nerves down, then dislodged herself from her friend’s embrace and peeked over the edge of the cloud. “Um, do you think it’s almost time for Pinkie Pie’s party?”

Dash’s eyes glazed over for a moment, until she slammed a hoof into her forehead. “How could I forget about that? Gah! ...What’s she throwing this one for again?” Fluttershy shrugged. “You’re probably right, anyway; it’s gotta be almost time. Let’s head down.”

She nodded, and they stepped over the edge into open space and began to glide slowly to the ground. Well, she did at least; as usual, Rainbow Dash flitted all about, doing maneuvers both complex and simple. Fluttershy marvelled again at the wonders of flight, this time at their different styles in particular. Some pegasi enjoyed the thrills of high-speed turns and freefalls, the rush of adrenaline they got when they flew; others, like herself, were content to drift lazily to the ground and let the wind guide them to their destination. She wondered briefly if a pegasus’ flying was reflective of their actual personalities. If the two of them were any indication at all, it was almost definitely the case.

There were times when being on the ground was just as good; she’d even once preferred it. But recently she would find her gaze drifting ever more skyward, to that infinite blue place she now so loved and so yearned for; when she looked up and saw that dash of rainbow trailing listlessly across the sky, she wanted more and more to join it.

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soooooooo........ are you dead or something?

So if you're 'not here anymore probably' how are people that have just joined Aussie Bronies going to get their folder?

*notices the name change*
So... is that joking at your expense, or should we just stop following you entirely.

Oh wow, how long has it been since you wrote anything? Where have you been?



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