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Pony stories? · 7:05am Oct 2nd, 2012

After reading so much amazing pony in these few months, I've reached the logical end result.

I really really really really wanna write a pony fiction.

I really want to do it. Even though I got a C for both English Language and Literature, and probably wouldn't be able to construct a coherent narrative (besides having near perfect spelling), I REALLY want to.

Fortunately, I don't have any time for writing.

Doesn't stop me from drawing.

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I miss you... But, I guess your never coming back...


Glad you like it! I didn't draw this one. I might have time to do something next week.

*nose bleed* holy crap that avatar is hot!

ok, you said i need a backstory for how Vainer became a alicorn... thats easy! i'll just go with my original backstory, but it'll take some time because i have to 'rearrange' it some:fluttershbad: and then it'll have to mean i have to be creative:raritydespair: BUT IT SHALL BE DONE :pinkiecrazy: ((god i love using these faces ))

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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