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Luna discovers something hidden from Celestia for twenty years, now, with emotions running high, she enlists the help of the Mane 6... but what seemed to be a single mystery, soon reveals a darker and much more complicated plot that will soon decide the fate of Equestria.

Check out the Empty Room TV Tropes Page (Warning: Spoilers!)

Revised chapters edits and proofing (with many thanks) by: lammy, Trevor, Nick Nack, Fifth Alicorn

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I think you may have just twisted my brain into a gordian knot. I am starting to wonder how many characters to can have drawing my ire before it runs out though, the abundance of evil/corrupted is nearly astonishing.

Oh well, at least there's the still adorable Trixie/Big Mac relationship going.

Wonderfully dark fic you've got going so far. I look forward to seeing how this pans out.

Twilight Spark is awesome. I love how twisted it is, and yet at the same time it still seems kind of like Twilight. Nicely done.

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Hey Wanderer D, any chance of sending this link to Seth? Really helps in promoting the site.

Thanks for uploading.

Wanderer D

243 Will do, definitely!

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Awesome :) Cheers.

Never thought I'd be happy to see Dash brainwashed (well, in lieu of outright corruption at least). One definitely has to worry about Twilight's metal state after all is said and done....I dunno though, my expectations have been completely shattered by this story quite a few times so far.

Wanderer D

265 Shattered in a good way?

I really wish that you could post this faster, I hate having to wait so long between new chapters. Still, I check this site every 2-3 hours to see if its up yet.

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You know I made a tracking function especially for that purpose Medivh ;)

Wanderer D

Posting as quickly as I write them! Chapter 10 is being proofread right now. :)

Wanderer D


I've sent the link to Chapter 10 to EqD including the link to FiMfiction, Seth should post it sometime tomorrow.

Wanderer D

Best defense against insistent unicorns. Applejack approved.

Mislead + Mattress Fort + Juxtaposition = Incredibly Bizarre Mood Whiplash (also, awesome, but that's something else entirely)

Anyways, still liking how this is going with inside mare, Luna/Nightmare Moon and Dash...I do think they're being far too obvious in their actions, but that really depends on whether or not there's anyone with omniscience. They just really don't seem overly subtle (somebody dying almost seems necessary to keep up the ruse) in what they're doing and I'm not entirely sure why they went to Ponyville in the first place.

Also, just curious, but was Jade introduced earlier in the story and I've just neglected to remember her?

Anyways (2x self-distraction combo), still going rather nicely, if at a somewhat slower pace (this seems to be a bridge chapter with the only significant moments being RD coming back to her senses and Midnight's group gathering new members). I do hope we get some scene with the exiles. I know you've adequately pushed them behind a curtain, but it still feels like they should have some presence in spite of it.

Nice work.

Stop adding memes.

Wanderer D

O_o *blink* are you... talking to me? What meme?

I cant wait to read this. On and BTW I thought a good title for the pick woulf be Midnight Sparkle going with whole evil encarnation thing. But thats just from looking at the pic.

for the bit with the Matress fortress, you deserve to have money thrown at you. Lots of it

Wanderer D

Ah! ^_^ Well if it does become a meme I'll be honored but I have yet to see it referenced elsewhere.

PLEASE dont stop whit ANYTHING you are doing :D
i LOVE your work.
hehe i thought twilight was doin 'FUNNY' buisness whit AJ for a sec :P

Flawless. I can't get enough of it.

I still want to know what "it" is. Can't wait for the next installment!

Well, confound you for making me put off sleep with updatey goodness, but yeah, totally worth it.

A bit of a bridge/expositional sort of chapter. I'm kind of glad that there's now an out for some of the previously mentioned corrupted ponies. I love redemption and that breeds redemption...I think it might be a tiny bit on the contrived side, but anh, screw it, me wants.

It was good to see the various elements of the story coming together (I'm thinking the CMCs are going to be getting somebody killed/maimed/captured at some point) as the story flows towards some sort of climax, minor or major. Am still slightly sad that we're still short a few characters....

Still completely freakin' awesome though.

Bloody masterful.
Must read more nao!


i see something wrong :
“Maybe... maybe we just don't know enough?” Sweetie Pie said

^ its me ^^^^^again forgot to put mah name :P
btw AWESOME story again :D
the light that came from... it. IT... IT!!! IT ??????
you got me thinking.
i thought twi's dad... wait what ?

Wanderer D

Thanks everypony, I'm writing the next chapter and boy it has some interesting things going on... or at least I think so :) It'll be up sooner rather than later, I hope!

Thanks! The story needed a bit of exposition, I think :P

>Goth lesbian vampire

Fantastic writing overall. Clever, deep, enthralling - you kept me up from 1:30 til 2 am last night reading this.
Hurry up with the next one, though!

*pulls out checkbook* How much do you need to write a new chapter?

Wanderer D

No worries, I'm pumping them out as quickly as I can :)

Re: 12

"What am I? Just a background pony?" This line, so much.

Anyways, it was really nice to see the other half of the main cast again, even in passing. The scenes with Trixie and her family were really, really nicely done (surprisingly enough it flowed in a fairly predictable pattern which I think speaks to the realism of it in relation to the story's 'verse). We're still in build-up mode, but it is still engrossing as all get out. Ending line was really just....sad, but in a good sort of way. I'm really liking your Trixie, even if her original motives perplex me a tad.

Wonderful continuation.

While I still loved the twelfth chapter, I couldn't help but get the feeling that it was filler. Good filler, but still filler. :/

Wanderer D

Thanks! Glad you found that line funny, I'm sure some won't heh. Mane Cast will return soon. I'm just letting Applejack sleep a bit. Girl's pretty tired.


A bit, yes. But I am trying to build up a bit more the motives behind some characters, if I just throw all of them (especially the new additions) without any conflict they will be nothing more than background ponies.


Still fantastically written. Keep going!

still an awesome story.
you know what will be amazing?
i dont think it is easy to write though. D:
oh btw. a friend from my minecraft server is 11 and he reads this story too but ... he dont get the AJ + Twilight things :P but ok hes 11 :P (dont stop making those storys abouth AJ+Twi' (i like them))

greetings Nick Fiering :D

Funny and sad and dramatic all in the same chapter.
Me gusta.

I still really want to know who the father of Celestia's child is. At the least I think Celestia would have someone else looking into the matter, if not herself.


That is all...

Confound you Author, You drive me to post comments on your story on multiple sites!

621 P.S. I wanted to ask you about the picture of Twilight *Spark*, did you draw it?

Wanderer D


No, it's the awesome work of Crimson Valor: Twilight Spark

AHHH, new chapter is epic win.

Stay awesome, my friend.

God, I hate cliffhangers.... You should write faster so they can be resolved! I want to know! Lyra is my favorite BGC!

No one is getting out of this story without some serious scars.

Admittedly, I will be a little surprised if Lyra's execution is followed through with...not so much because of the capabilities of the corrupted Flare, but moreso because her presence in the story has been short enough that her death would be more confusing than anything else. Still, it was a good way to show the break point of an average character with Bon-Bon (although, on the flip side, Lyra's loyalty seems quick/extreme, but we've got 'til morning to sort through that).

As for the rest. Still like seeing the the other three, and their interactions/reactions seem fair (rope in the scene between RD and AJ into that as well. Went about as badly as Dash should have expected). Moon is still a mite wonky, but at least she seems to be cultivating the tyrant queen persona now (bit with Scoots was touching, but a bit awkward for reasons I can't quite pin down). Jade is still an enigma and done in such a way that I worry that when her character's fully revealed she's going to be complicated if not impossibly so. AJ's long walk was really nicely done. It's good to get a feel for the gen pop sometimes.

You're fond of these mini cliff-hangers ain'tcha? What will Spike's reaction be...indeed.
(and I've probably forgotten/missed something, but it's after 1am, so addendums mayhaps?)

Yet another great chapter. Also, I found what seems to be an error on what seems to be on the 94th "Line" i guess you would call it.

"Fear. That's what she saw in the ponies eyes around her. Fear. Confusion. They walked like they were stepping on eggshells, but the castle's staff performed their jobs regardless. The guards Gmore tense if even possible. But then again, she had had a chance to meet some of them in a less formal situation, like yesterday."

Just wanted to point that out, and as always, keep up the good work ^-^


LYRA DONT DIE PLEASE!:applecry::fluttershbad:
i like the story. thanks to this chapter i know how evrything goes again :D

How are you going to execute me at dawn if there's no dawn anymore. Genius. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I get the feeling Nightmare Flare isn't thinking terribly clearly at the moment, she's doing all the wrong things for a tyrant to do: “The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins." --Soren Kierkegaard

Ah, forgot to say that it's still going awesomely. Freakin' love this fic.

(The obvious things are the most easily forgotten aren't they?)

Wanderer D

649 What? Every two to three days is not fast enough?! :rainbowhuh:
651 :pinkiehappy: Yes. So many details! Hope RD forgives me someday. :rainbowlaugh:
655 Thanks! The error has been corrected!
661 Every time I write "Rebel Alliance" I think of that scene exactly. :twilightsheepish:
665 Lyra's fate to be decided... at dawn. If it ever comes. Or its eclipsed equivalent. :ajbemused:
692 Flare is in a way a bit of an opposite of Celestia, where the Princess is patient, Flare is... :derpytongue2: Or maybe she's planning something? :pinkiegasp:
721 *Shakes fist at the sky* Someday my fic will be so awesome it will have its own TV Tropes page! And... Ice Cream! Lot's of Ice Cream! In the meantime... all comments and "likes" make it 20% cooler immediately. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

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