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Twilight faces the thought of immortality with her usual aplomb: falling down into a ball of misery and confusion about her role, and what she will do in the eventual absence of her friends and family.

That is, until a much older Twilight Sparkle takes the time to talk to her.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww, such a lovely story. :)

This felt a bit rushed (likely because of the short length) and not particularly deep or complex. Very simple premise and had a predictable progression. Twilight feels upset about immortality, future Twilight tells her it'll be okay and to look forward to future family and friends was the obvious storyline right from the get-go.

Writing quality is good as always, but I found the story lackluster.:applejackunsure:

Ah, another lovely little piece about Twilight facing immortality. One can't get enough of these.

Nice little story, very cheerful and optimistic.

Exactly the kind of thing you should read before bed if you want to fall asleep with a warm smile.

Very nice.

that was a nice little story.

*standing ovation*

I personally wholeheartedly approve of these types of stories, largely because I have been long fed-up of the "immortality is inherently bad, [character] will be miserable and will only ever have one set of friends" stories, especially as they have a tendancy to maudlin for the sake of being maudlin.

(Heck, I felt so strongly about it, it actually motivated me to write something at one time...!)

Superb work.

Mhm. Good.

Did you read All Men Are Mortal, by Simone de Beauvoir?

Thank you, this was a wonderfully uplifting little read. Considering the amount of "immortality is horrible and everything for Twilight will suck forever now!" stories floating around, it's always refreshing to stumble upon one that has taken the time to ponder that, you know, not everything about it can absolutely bad without any upsides to show for it.

And for the purpose of conveying this message, the short format you picked for the story worked pretty well - it was short, sweet and to the point, accomplishing what it set out to do. I suppose it's a shame it isn't slightly longer because of how entertaining the interactions between the characters were (you captured both Spike and Twilight well), but it certainly succeeded in putting a smile on my face, so thanks for that. Definitely a good read, and a more balanced outlook on immortality than many stories care to offer.

I tip my hat to you, dear writer.

10/10 amazing story. And I side with Twilight. Immortality would be horrible!

can't make me say nice little story


The Great Boot may be the best term for an apocalypse since the Coming of the Great Green Arkleseizure's Great White Handkerchief.

In any case, a lovely little deconstruction of the immortality blues. Thank you for it.

I think it's more of a reconstruction, of the idea of Twilight being immortal.

Well in the beginning Twi was quite melodramatic. Rarity's rubbing off on her :rainbowlaugh:
Still, lovely story there. Can't have enough optimism!

This gem belongs with the greatest works out there.
I am at a loss of words to describe it...

Immortality is the act of spreading the knowledge of what you know throughout the universe. Do I fear immortality? no.
Would I still cry when a friend passes? yes, but also I would know that friend is still indeed a part of me and therefore has not passed, for as long as we remember, our memories, the memories of the immortals live on too, so do they really die? again, no.

I loved your story

-The Immortal soul

Thank you.


Heh. This reminds me of my own 'anti-immortality angst' story, except that one was a lot sillier and had more sex. Well done, you!

Oh god.. I started laughing way too hard when 'The Great Boot' was mentioned!

This story might just have illuminated me and melted my author block!

Anyway, another great story, with just the right mix of sadness, sillyness and deepness :twilightsmile:

I actually was going to do my own story like this where instead, its Discord who talks to Twilight since he's the only true immortal, that being Celestia will probably die when her sun/star novas, as will Luna as she gets caught up in the explosion along with Equestria.

Discord is the only one who is truly infinite because Chaos is just Change and change is eternal. When the big bang happened and the universe was but a frame of infinitive energy, when it was the singularity, he was there basically. He's lived from the birth of the universe all the way to now in the show; And for the rest of time, if, when and somehow these primordial gears like time, space, gravity, static electricity and so forth, should break and wind down, only then will he have true rest.

So it is probably a good thing that it is confirmed canon that Cadence and Twilight will live as long as regular ponies because they're not bound to celestial conceptualizations that will live for millennium on.

And while I like the balanced view of immortality, there is something that needs to be said. Should one achieve immortality, there is four eventualities, four solitary truths that the 'immortal' will come to experience.

The death of those around them, beloved or not.

Their own death with the halt of the universe, because nothing precedes or exceeds the life and death of the universe.

Their own obscurity, as the world dies and is reborn around them, they shall remain the only constant, undying and unable to change with those around them.

And the day when in a fit of madness built upon the grains of sand of ages past, they begin the search for their own death. Because ironically like their mortal counterparts, where mortals seek no end, the one thing immortals will desire above everything else is the end.

You know, I used to be in the camp of Twilight is not immortal. Actually, I think I still am, seeing as how we saw Cadance as a young pony, thus she still ages. But even so, I'm more mellow on stories that have her being immortal, mainly for the reasons you stated here.

Good show, D! :ajsmug:

confirmed canon that Cadence and Twilight will live as long as regular ponies because they're not bound to celestial conceptualizations that will live for millennium on.

So many people say this, but one tweet by a writer (who is neither producer, director, show runner, nor creator) doesn't make it gospel. Isn't it just possible that Cadance is bound to Love and Twilight to Magic (or Friendship)? Those seem to be concepts more universal and metaphysical than simple suns or moons (though I can picture Celestia and Luna flying off into the cosmos to shack up with other suns and moons once Equestria's done). Actually I take that tweet literally: she won't outlive her friends, but it doesn't say which friends, and she happens to be friends with a few immortals too.

As for this story - nicely done, if highly predictable.

A nice depiction of the "Living Forever Is Awesome" trope, which doesn't get nearly as much attention as its emo counterpart. Which is a shame, because it's a very strong and triumphant stance.

It's not really something I support, because my belief is that existence is an endless series of new lives, each with new experiences, thus necessitating death and rebirth; hence, immortality means you stop the journey and never move on to new things. But if you have immortality, at least enjoy it for what it is.

Good story, all in all.

5976778 There is a fifth option. You can do a wowbagger.

That was a cute little story.:twilightsmile:

beautiful in its simplicity!

I think the lifespan of an immortal is pretty easy to measure.

When you can't remember the ones you loved in the first hundred years or so of your life, it's time to turn in the towel.

First of all, it was Meghan McCarthy who said that Twilight and Cadence weren't immortal. You know, writer and lead creative director that took over after Faust was given the finger by Hasbro after she was creatively molested?

Second of all, with Twilight, yes, she is the Alicorn of the metaphysical social construct, friendship, but this is tightly bound to the friendship of the other Elements of Harmony. Each one makes up Friendship and is an innate aspect of who and what she is, and each of them is the same with the others. Those are her friends, she may get some in the future, but none will ever be as close to her as the original because they're literally bound by fate together, never mind the fact that Twilight's god awful Alicorn-hood is bound to her cutie mark which is bound to the magic that binds them and brings them together. Take away the magic of their friendship and what you have?

With Cadence, yes, she's the Alicorn of love, but this is deeply rooted in her love for Shining Armor.

This is also ignoring the fact that it was never intended for there to be ANY other Alicorns besides Celestia and Luna according to the show bible Faust drafted up with the notes up to the end of Season 2, when she got the boot. And it has been confirmed that Cadence wasn't supposed to be an Alicorn either. Cadence and Twilight were literally shoehorned in by Hasbro shills so they could sell more pretty pretty princess crystal kingdom toy sets.

Not the first not the last 'the woe in me - immortal' story but nicely written nonetheless.
I very much liked it.

Some suggestions:
I just worry to much, you know that better than anyone.
- too much

Do you know how I remembered to come back today? After thousands of years of not really thinking about it?
- weren't that only "Two thousand years in the future,"?
Maybe: "After hundredths..."

And there's a few Sparkles running around,
- not a fan of sloppy grammar from Twilight: "there are"

"Are you really that old?"

I can just imagine the involuntary cringe/eye twitch happening there :derpytongue2:


Candence being linked with Love, and Twilight being linked with Magic is a great idea. As long as there is love, and magic, those 2 will live.

My personal headcanon is that Celestia's heart beats in time with the expansion and contraction of her Sun. That is, after billions of years when it's burned up all it's hydrogen and shrinks down enough to ignite the helium fuel causing it to expand outwards again until it's out of helium fuel and contracts again and again etc, until one day, after 100's of billions of years, the sun will finally change into a white dwarf, where she'll die, or at least continue on alive but as an immortal normal pony.

Luna on the other hand, A rock in space is pretty much gonna be a rock in space even during the heat death of the universe.

A tad short, but overall very nice. Chuckled to see that, in the end, Twilight has become an Apple. XD (EVERYONE eventually becomes an Apple... And THAT, my children, is how the world was conquered... It's harder to have war with someone when you're related to EVERYONE. Not impossible, of course, but harder. We just tend to forget that we're 32nd cousins with everyone else in the world. (Or something like that.))


With Cadence, yes, she's the Alicorn of love, but this is deeply rooted in her love for Shining Armor.

Except that if we're accepting non-show elements as canon, then the novels had her ascending before she met Shining. This is all academic, of course, and completely headcanon until it's on the screen, very much like (as with this story) Twilight having kids or dragons living for centuries.

There may be a hundred other options.

Or not, since obviously some random mortal knows everything immortality and eternity could ever be about, as well as fundamental truths about the universe.
What im trying to say is (apart from not even mentioning the possibility of there being more than one immortal), is stating to know for absolute sure what immortality will entail when they have zero experience with it or data about it is only one thing, and thats arrogant.

Simple but nice story. I very much liked Spike's attitude here!

You don't have to be a psychic, genius or immortal in order to figure out what immortality would be like. Especially since all immortality is, is an extension OF mortality. It isn't some special flip of a switch that fundamentally changes who you are or how you think. You still have mortal memories, preconceptions and have mortals around you.

People WILL die around you unless you can make them immortal as well.

Nothing CAN escape the birth and death of the universe because that's akin to saying a Goldfish can live outside its water bowl. The death of the universe is taking the fish out of water when you're in an infinite vacuum of nothing. There is no water, the fish can't breath, without the four fundamental forces keeping the energy that makes up the fish, together, it turns into nothing. To be immortal is to be undying, not being unable to be removed from existence.

And even then, the mortals around you WILL change. Time has stopped only for the immortal. With humans, humanity will grow, change and evolve into other offshoots and other species as technology grows and allows us to adapt.

And on the last, its still a mortal brain inside an immortal body. We know this for a fact, the brain cannot handle the stress, metal disorders would be rife. And when all the other creatures die on the planet and the immortal is alone, then they WILL go mad because humans have gone crazy from just being along for a year or two. We're social creatures, immortal or not. Without social contact we do, in fact, go crazy.

Let talk about other forms of immortality.

There are four.

The undying immortal.

The reborn immortal.

The eternal immortal.

And the parasite immortal.

Plain and simple. Undying is to be mortal made immortal, the mind and form cannot die. Reborn, no different than a Phoenix, mind is undying but body is reincarnated. Eternal, energy given consciousness/life when the universe was born and dies at its end, mind may die but body is eternal. Parasite, hijacks one life and moves onto the next, mind is undying but needs a host.

There is literally nothing else because there is nothing else possible as every other possible offshoot that can be imagined falls under these 4 categories.

Besides, you assuming that in order to even speculate what immortality is like, I'd have to be immortal is the equivalent to saying nobody has the right to say that a McDonald's burger isn't high class 4 star meal if they've never had high class 4 star food. So It may be a good idea to stop being so impudent.

5976939 What Meghan said was "Twilight Sparkle Won't Outlive her Friends" odd way to phrase it instead of saying she is not immortal, Not out living any of her friends can imply a few things:
1) She will die first thus not outliving any of them.
2) She will not out live them in the show as in the show will end before any of them die thus never answering the question.
3) They all are or will become immortal. My head canon is that rainbow power linked them all to twilight's life span and so they can't die of old age until twilight dies first (to like a villain or something) which goes back to #1 She dies first thus not outliving any of them.

5977051 The Dragons living for Centuries was confirmed in the episode dragonshy i think.

Its also got to be considered that having one of the main characters significantly outlive the rest is incredibly morbid, even for a kids show.

And kids are not stupid. They grasp concepts like death rather easily at around age 10.

I actually had a younger cousin of mine, she's about 9 now, loves the show, ask me when she was watching the show on my phone during a family reunion I wanna say about a year ago, if Twilight was going to be like Celestia and Luna, and live for thousands of years without the rest of her friends. She knew exactly what she was talking about, she understood death's finality, but that was probably because she was old enough to know what was happening when our family had to attend our Grandfather's funeral.

Its not that far of a stretch to assume my experience is singular. Confirming Twilight essentially being immortal without her friends would send a bad message. Having the main six be immortal would be just as bad, because what about the CMC's? Applejack's family? Rarity's Family? Shining Armor and Cadence? Kids, the "target demographic" can understand death and many would no doubt understand that the mane six would be leaving a lot of their friends and families behind.

So maybe outlive can be more or less, a poor choice of words as well as a way of saying, "No, she's normal but Hasbro won't let me say that." or maybe even just saying she'll have a normal life span. Remember, this is the show that did Death as a topic by having Tank go into hibernation.

The anti-immortality blues fanfic :D

"But... she's not alone," Spike said. "I mean. There's Luna. And Discord. And Cadance. And Tirek, I guess, if you need to torture somepony.


Wanderer D


I know that stealing the ideas of others is your modus operandi

Excuse me? What the hell are you taking about?

You've got some nerve accusing me of that. You'd better have some proof of this if you're going to come here and lie in my face.

After the episode Tanks for the memories I started to really wonder how well ponies are at handling personal tragedies. Truth to be told I already find both kind of immortality fics cliched bores at this point but i suppose that if you are going to create a cliche a positive one is better.

Wanderer D

5977514 Oh, I took a moment to look at your profile. Besides the fact that you downvote just about everything you come across, I also found that comment you made on Rusty's blog about TSC.

Let me tell you something about TSC that is clearly beyond your mediocre comprehension of storytelling: Everything in that story is my idea. Each world visited is developed with the author of each world, emphasizing the aspects of their work that they want to show. Of course you don't see this because you're too butthurt that both Capn' Chrysallid and Rusty spent time working with me on a story as co-authors (google the meaning of that, please) instead of catering to your immediate needs.

fan fiction based on fan fiction based on fan fiction

Also, since it's lost to you, let me point out that TSC is not based on any other fanfics. It crosses over with them. There's a big difference.

You're the worst type of individual. Your comment history is simply antagonizing others with half-assed arguments. You choose TSC because it's a work I share with others, and you call it "stealing ideas". Listen, dimwit, some authors have come to me to share their ideas on how a crossover to TSC would work and we've gone from there.

You see, your attitude, and the ignorance you portray on your comments speaks about the quality of your opinion, which amounts to none. (BTW when replying, learn to reply instead of simply commenting.) You accuse me of stealing ideas of others because I simply had something to say about Twilight's immortality? That's moronic.

You accuse me of stealing because I co-author a story with others? You can't find a story like TSC anywhere else, dimwit. How's that for original? And you're going to tell me my modus operandi (do you know what that means, or did it sound fancy to you and you decided to spit the words along with the rest of your lack of comprehension), yet you can only bring up TSC as an example. Every single story I write is my own idea, even parodies.

So here's another idea: Shut the hell up until you learn to actually think before you speak. Another idea: grow up. And one last idea: keep your BS to yourself before accusing others of stuff they did not do.

Wanderer D

5977552 You don't know the first thing about criticism if your history of bitching and complaining without offering any insight as to why you're doing it in a constructive manner is any indication.

And you believe what you want, honestly, I took offense at you accusing me of stealing. If you don't like my story that's your problem, but don't try and make me into something I'm not.

5977552 You are one very bigoted person. Just thought I'd put that out there. Oh and, all you are doing is being an ass. I've seen many a comment from you on stellar stories, so I know you are nothing more than yet another troll who does not understand the wonders of pastel colored ponies of adorableness.

Great story btw dear author. I don't know why but I really like stories that deal with Twilight and her Immortality.

-Sanity is overrated

Excellent story. As Ryuu succinctly put it, "so long as we remember, they live!"

5977356 The picture you posted was my reaction to Spike finishing with this:

"There's no way Princess Celestia feels lonely either! She's constantly surrounded by friends and pain-in-the-flanks, like Blueblood!"

Wait...Blueblood's worse than Tirek? So much that Tirek is considered a "friend"??:rainbowderp:

Yeah, I can head canon that!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, btw, WandererD, you've got featured :pinkiehappy:

Immortality isn't bad. Its just not meant for everyone.

this story answers question I have ben thinking about for a long time.
how does the 4 princess survive with the passing of so nay friends and family.
so deep and so good just a wonderful story.
:heart: Harts Fire


I like you, Mister/Miss Author Person. :twilightsmile:

Fantastic story and an interesting twist on immortality blues. Imagine my surprise when this story wasn't a Schmaltzfest as fics within this genre are prone to becoming. I did tear up a tad when Princess Twilight explains that those ponies may be gone, but their influence still remains forever, but that was about it. And I'm usually a massive softie. :twilightblush:

You've earned a like. :raritywink:

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