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In the silence and comfort of the Royal Canterlot Library, a young Twilight Sparkle considers her future while studying the words and thoughts of Princess Celestia's previous students.

2nd Place Winner of Ciderfest's 2023 Iron Author! The prompts were: Legacy, The Space Between, Journal, and Injury.

Cover art by: RhythmPixel used with permission.

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Fics about sunset and her relationship with celestia always make me tear up (usually in a good way)

A very beautiful read.

Beautiful and thought-provoking. Excellent work, Wanderer, and congrats on your win!

Ri2 #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

And Twilight's not freaking out about Celestia having a kid?

Wanderer D

11754847 Hey, I had limited time! 90 mins is not enough for a proper Twilight Freakout(c) :rainbowlaugh: But she's the one that first was like: "Oh, Celly adopted this one!"
11754779 Thank you! Glad you liked it! I've always found the weight of expectations and fate and destiny to be really good discussions for characters to work with. Since we know Sunset's fate, Celestia's words have an extra ring of truth to them. :twilightblush:
11754335 Thank you for reading ! Glad you liked it!
11753959 I feel the same way :pinkiesad2:

Turns out Twilight should've been worried about her future, because Celestia would ultimately decide it for her without her knowledge or consent.

Season 9 should be revised.

Wanderer D

11754947 Twilight could have not solved the puzzle and just become a not princess. It was her own studies and understanding of the MoF that allowed her to become an Alicorn, and later on she could have ultimately denied the responsibilities that were to come with her constant growth. Celestia's 'machinations' really were about getting Twilight to help free Luna, and she did. After that, Twilight and her friends forged their own destiny in their own way despite everything that was thrown at them.

Sometimes what you want is not what you get, but either you bemoan it and fall victim to it or accept it and turn it into a positive.

8_Bit #8 · 1 week ago · · ·

Short but sweet, thoroughly enjoyed this. The notion of unicorns transferring intent and emotion onto the parchment as they write is a particularly intriguing one, it really puts a whole new perspective on Twilight's bookish nature! :heart:

Yes, it was the only way to defeat NMM and was also a good lesson for Twilight, and Equestria is better with more princesses than less, and she was certainly worthy of becoming one. However, like you said, Twilight and her friends forged their own destiny in their own way...until Celestia and Luna retired out of the blue for no good reason and were implied by Rainbow at least to have planned to do so all along, which brings in to question the true nature of their relationship with Twilight and her own agency as a person.

Again, Season 9 should be revised so none of that is questioned, and there's no way to put a positive spin on any of that.

Georg #10 · 1 week ago · · ·

*sniff* They're onions, honest.

Wanderer D

11755004 I suppose there's that, although I personally think that might be reading too much into their intent... they're the type to say that, but I think if Twilight had emphatically denied the throne, they would have respected it. I suppose either way it's just conjecture. Still, thanks for reading!

Wanderer D

11754999 Glad you liked that! I think it's a good concept, I mean, we see in different books or animations or even movies where magic is involved that certain areas have strong feelings attached to them by those that were there before, right? I don't see why the magical aura of a unicorn wouldn't leave a similar mark. :twilightblush:

Oh, hi Sunset. I see Celestia failed as miserably here in every way possible as she did in most universes with her.

Saw Wanderer D, haven't actually sat and read a quick fic in a while...

I /know/ the happy endings exist. I do!


Dude, we get it. You hate season 9. You've been complaining about it for the last 4 years. But could you be as kind as to not spam on other people's stories with it? Frankly, it's tiring.

Short, but sweet and well-written.

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