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A griffon with a Cutie Mark? This does not bode well for Equestria. If the Cutie Mark Crusaders have achieved what was previously considered unachievable... it could have tremendous consequences for the future of Equestria.

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Well, you certainly didn't waste time.:rainbowlaugh: I especially love how you twisted fan lore using this one episode. GENIUS!!!

This fic is so much in tone and scope so very similar to my Discord's Parting Gift to the CMC fic.

(This is not a bad thing)

Majin Syeekoh

That was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

And thus begins a new era, where a new future for all of Equestria is over the horizon.

And MAN, where you FAST!!! XD

Well, if anyone can do it, it'll be three specialists in rump symbol acquisition. Though, from the sound of it, it seems like the necessary changes may need to be on a species-wide level. I suppose it remains to be seen.

In any case, fascinating idea. Thank you for sharing it.

Wow! That WAS quick. Already an alternate universe for today MLP episode!

Great Story!:rainbowlaugh:

And she is a cute little griffon!

Could do with a serious editing run over but understandable given how damn fast you got it up and that it's actually pretty good is decidedly impressive.

A griffon with a cutie mark?

Very well written. And I would like to see an international incident in the series. :twilightsmile:

I really like the idea behind this short, but there is more tell than show here. It has good bones, but is in need of some meat.

MJP #11 · Sep 11th, 2016 · · 1 ·

hey, that's racist

7554232 What makes you think it's racist? I haven't read it yet.


7554413 it's a joke the description implies that ponies think that only they can have cutie makes and other species having it is a crime or something

Wow. Really a deeper thought as to what could have happened in the episode.

7553498 "All griffons, please line up for voluntary rump surgery."

"But I don't want you anywhere near my butt!"

"That's alright. Feel free to participate in today's Yak Festival of Smashitude, taking place everywhere except the surgery ward!"

...is that a pigeon griffon?

I so wanted to see Twilight's reaction to it not being a real Cutie Mark. That was the one thing I think was missing from the episode. I wanted to see Celestia's reaction to, because she would obviously write to Celestia the first chance she got, as you predicted too.

Yaks were yaks...

Couldn't have said it better. :rainbowlaugh:
I agree with others though. It could profit from more worldbuilding and more chapters and/or a follow up story behind the trouble with the cutie mark syndrome. :twilightsmile:

Now all we need is for the Crusaders to be told how Starlight Glimmer got hers.

An interesting story with a fake-out; I thought at first that you were deviating from the episode's ending. Yeah, it'd be like Celestia to arrange some kind of lasting change in the situation by setting the CMC on the path to make it happen!

Man, you guys work fast.

I like it! But I don't exactly see how it's alternate universe. It seems like it could actually fit in with canon to me.

Nice twist--leaving the possibility of a griffon having a cutie mark in the realm of, "Things that might yet happen."

I'm a little confused. If the other species lost their ability to attain their cutie marks due to the character flaws that they developed over time, then why do ponies like Prince Blueblood still have them? And if it's a collective identity, then at what point does the species go from being 'good' to being 'bad'? Given that ponies have morons like Blueblood and griffons have decent people like Gilda or Gabby, then at what point does it reach critical mass to force the species on the whole to lose their mark?

That issue aside, the story was nice enough. Celestia letting her guard down over something she should've known better than to hope for only to resign herself to disappointment when what she knew was inevitable came to pass was a nice touch. Subversive, in a way.

7557166 Well he IS a literal plot hole... :trollestia:

I think Gabby the Griffon should get a character tag.

Wow. For something written so quickly, you've done an impressive job of expanding the lore from one episode. Good job.

A few nitpicks:

I have brought Gabby the griffon and the Cutie Mark Crusaders as requested your majesty.

Missing vocative comma.

Raise, young griffon. I am here because I heard of a historical moment having just transpired… I heard you got your own Cutie Mark. Congratulations!

The word should be. "Rise", not "Raise".

What a twist!

Nice story!
And you came up with that just during/after the show?

Slowly an idea formed in her mind. She thought on Celestia's words and how she had hidden this from ponies—every species, actually—for hundreds of years. Would she keep this knowledge to herself too?
She glanced in the direction of the crusaders.
Or would she try to change the world for the better with the aid of the new generation?
It didn't take long for her to start trotting to the other room. "Girls? Let me tell you a story…"
The End?

We know what this mean : SEQUEL IS COMING

7555070 I think she's a peregrine.

This deserves a sequel. A Mod with talent in writing, you are.

I like this! Frankly, I don't think you need the Alternate Universe tag; nothing you wrote here contradicts established canon, it just expands and adds to it in a way that could fit in with what we know so far. Quite a nice little speculative piece, well done. ^^

Wanderer D

7553415 It had to be done. For science!
7553432 Nah. I don't think they're even in the same neighborhood. Yours has a lot more thought and work put into it. Mine is a random what if.
7553436 Glad you liked it!
7553441 TBH, if I had waited I would probably not have written it. :twilightsheepish:
7553498 Thanks for reading! And yeah, the solution in my head would be interspecies with a little friendship magic thrown in.
7553564 I tried. :raritywink:
7553575 Thank you. I still go back and treat cringe-worthy typos, even if the story needs a lot more editing than typo-clearance.
7554124 They should have one! For sure.
7554165 It's a quickfic, but yes, the idea is ripe with opportunities for exploration and world-building. I don't know if I'm the one to delve much deeper into it though, with my current lag in updates.
7554691 I'm half-disappointed, half-glad Gabby didn't get her real Cutie Mark... but if she had, I do think it would have changed the playing field for all species.
7555219 Yeah, I was disappointed I didn't see that either... it's part of the reason I wrote this one. But, in this case, her normal reaction was quelled a little by seeing Celestia's hopes dashed.
7555451 Yeah... the concept deserves more exploring. As I mentioned above, I might not do it myself, but I'll be happy if anyone picks up the idea and makes it their own.
7556217 She probably stole it? How did she actually get hers?
7556639 Deviating from the ending, I think, would need more than the word count here to make it plausible! :twilightsheepish:
7556784 I think this is one of the fastest fics I've published directly related to an episode.
7556964 Sorta? I mean, I just don't think that they'll ever make other species with Cutie Marks (unless you count Zebras) canonical.
7557039 Never give up hope, am I right?
7557166 I feel like it's more like Pony arrogance than an actual reason. They attributed the loss to that, but there was no actual proof.
7558351 Thanks! I've gone ahead and fixed those! Glad you liked it!
7558434 The idea blossomed during the show, and then I wrote it after... with a couple of changes to my original plan.
7558462 :twilightblush: Sorry. I don't know if I'd do a sequel. IF, and only IF I did return to this, I'd probably change the status to incomplete and start posting chapters...
7559009 Thank you, but again I'm not sure I'd come back to this. It seems a bit open ended, but the intention was to let the reader take the conclusion where they want it to be, rather than confirm that yes (or no) other species can have cutie marks.
7559155 Thanks! Like I said, I just don't feel canon MLP will ever give cutie marks to non ponies, so I just went for the safe tag.

There will be a sequel?

Gabby has her tag for you to add

I don't quite get why it has the AU tag, since the explanations given work in current canon.

8011327 Technically, all fan fiction is AU, as fan fiction is at its core a deviation from Canon. Of course, this would be more of a DU (Divergent Universe) but still.

8103490 While true, fanfiction that works with whatever canon is currently known doesn't necessarily need the AU tag

This was funny and cute. Good show:eeyup:

Ah, Celestia. Your manipulations will one day bite you in the ass. But it is not this day!

Nice work.

That’s a va very interesting take on Marks. Definitely would explain why zebras the only ones that have often

Well, what do you know? An international incident DID happen in the season 8 premiere!!! :pinkiehappy:

I was thinking of this story today. The crux of the new episode was also kicked off by false alarms raised by Gabby's new "Cutie Mark." Although it was only referenced from the past.

Wow that is a pretty interesting story and the reason why creatures do not have cutie marks aside from zebra since they are part of the horse family I guess I'm not really sure how that works but anyway I think this is actually a really interesting story nice job keep up the good work

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