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"I needed one of those. Those amazing marks that told the ponies what their life's calling is. Yes I can do so much. But I want to know the one thing I can do. Not just help people or whatever" I said, rolling my eyes. Fern Flare looked at me with puzzle. She still wasn't as used to talking as I was.

"It's okay Autumn, you're a great friend, at that's all that matters to us" Fern Fare whispered, getting off the flower bed and walking away. I furrowed my eyebrows. But it wasn't okay. I needed answers. But how?


Art not by me. And before anyone says anything, NO! This ending is very different from the one with Gabby and stuff. Thank you :pinkiesmile:

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Well I kinda hope autumn gets her cutie mark in lightning like the one in monster Hunter

Yeah, interesting idea. But who knows? She might even not get a mark. :moustache:

Only one way to find out

Great start, just remember to double check for spelling and grammar!

Can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

I've never clicked on something so fast I swear:pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

Well, can't say that's far off from the CMC's usual half-baked plans.

i think Autumn needs more info on pony culture given the kirins lack of contact with them

Yeah and that's why she has pony friends to help her :yay:

Well this was an interesting turn of events

Is there any Autumn Blaze love stories

Is this story going to get to continue on

But that's not what my heart tells me. I want to try everything until I find what I really love. I'll search and search until I do everything I can to find my purpose in life. I do know why Dad stopped me. When he was young, he and his friend ventured out into the Dragonlands for fun. His best friend was killed by the dragons, while he watched helplessly. There's still a scar on his right eye, reminding the town how important it is to stay in formation and not explore.

Try everything kind of reminds me of the movie zootopia and the part about her dads friend kind of almost like Moana

This looks like a promising story so Autumn Blaze wanted to explore around and doing stuff while her parents a little bit worried after what happened to their son which I never knew she had a brother but she really wants to do something with her life until Gabby showed up delivering her letter from Applejack and even looking at the cutie mark that Gabby has even though it's just the shield picture and that's what she got the idea she'll get a cutie Mark as well which we all know that that's not going to happen but I like to see how this would work

Wow it looks like things did not turn out as she expected so Autumn Blaze and Gabby finally made it to Ponyville ask Fluttershy and AppleJack how they got their cutie marks but they still don't know how creatures get a cutie mark which they don't but it looks like the Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to help her situation but before they were going she asked them about where his brother is cuz the last time they heard from him was he was in Ponyville but they don't know but she has faith that he still alive out there so the Cutie Mark Crusaders ask her what she likes to do and she told them about she likes theater which it did not turn to well because she kind of made a mess what a way to start out to find your cutie mark 😅

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