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For the past few weeks, Terramar has been going to a dance club in Ponyville just to lay eyes upon and hear the voice of a very chatty and friendly kirin mare. Her name is Autumn Blaze, and she's all the young hippogriff can think about. He wants to ask her out, but he's not even just friends with her yet. Well that changes today. He's going to find his courage and break the ice... somehow.


*Romance tag is for mentions of budding feelings for somepony.
Edited by: James Fire
Coverart by: alexeigribanov, DA. Original does not have a colored background. I added that since both characters kind of blend in with a white background.
Written for the May 2020 Unusual Pairing Contest and Original Pairings group.

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I will be honest, I can't actually believe the romance works. This is a problem with romance, a reoccurring one actually. It's two characters thrown together and you're just expected to just buy they're going to bang or whatnot. There's no real build-up, it comes out of nowhere frankly.

I'd suspect if this was a multi-chapter story dedicated to putting these two together, a slow burn romance piece it might work better as these two have never interacted in canon. Not once. That's the problem with crack pairings, you gotta really sell the romance. This just tosses us into the deep end of the pool, if you will. Sorry Firedance, but it doesn't work.

Hmm Normally I am not into Romantic stories. But I feel this works if it's a little longer and gives it room to grow in a nice gentle way. I feel the romance is not working for me because sometimes it needs time to work maybe a longer story works when it comes down to it. But with how these two fit together it's a nice idea in the long run. I feel maybe make it a little longer give it room to breath and then allow them to work up to it. Then maybe dancing a little some food some dating then work up to the punch of the romantic.

Why does Terramar look so old in the cover art?

That is literally the only pic that even Google found of Autumn and Terramar together. :twilightblush:

If this was a multi-chapter fic, this would be a good start.

Cutest fimfic story I’ve ever finished! I couldn’t stop it until I finished :scootangel: Well done!

Daaaaaaaaw! So cute!

Awww thats cute Terramar is so Nervous to ask autumn blaze out but as the crusader says you gotta get to know them 1st And go out with each other in see how this will work out This was a pretty nice story

Short but sweet, have a like

This was very cute. Nice, short romantic fic. :heart:

Just introduce some tasty treats from your own land and you'll get the girl of your dreams. Thank you Terramar!

Nice and cute fic.

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