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It is decided.

Terramar will propose to Autumn Blaze tonight! However, before the engagement pearl and transmogrification necklace can be given, there is an obstacle in the way of their romance.

A big one.

Honestly, it is going to be a royal pain.

(Please read this entire long description for more info on terms and romantic ships in this story!)

*If there is enough demand for it, I will separate the story into chapters. Other tags: adventure, comedy!*

Includes the ships below; All of them except for (Terramar x Autumn, which will be Terramar x Gabby and Autumn Blaze x Fizzle the Dragon) will be included in some of my stories to come, including my future "Next Generation universe.

Terramar x Autumn Blaze
Gallus X Silverstream
Gilda X Gustave Le Grande
Skystar x Arrow the Mermare male (from the Under the Sparkling Sea picture book)

Passing mentions:

Captain Hoofbeard x Jewel the merpony (comics)
Gabby x Boofyball Coach Klaus (from the comics)
Gavin x Giselle (they are background Griffons; the later is part of the one "celebrating Hearth's Warming in the episode The Hearth's Warming Club.)
Sandbar X Yona
Spile x Rarity
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry
Fluttershy x Discord/Celestia x Discord/Fluttershy X Bulk Biceps are mentioned extremely briefly as well, haha.


Character Age Headcanons:

Gallus (15), Silverstream (15)
Terramar (14), Autumn Blaze (18) (Autumn is four years older by one month.)
Gilda (18), Gustave Le Grande (21)
Skystar (16), Arrow (19)
Gabby (16), Boofyball Coach Klaus (21) (Klaus is five years older by one month.)
Gavin (11), Giselle (16)

Don't worry, the younger characters will marry when they are a few years older than they are at the moment! And the age of proposals/marriage (with parental permission) is 15 or 16 in most of these species cultures. (Paralleling where I live.)


Includes a few references to Disney's/Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid.

This fic has a happy ending despite the fic's genres!

This story takes place three years after Twilight's Sparkle's second coronation. There are also references to the comics and the My Little Pony Movie (G4), so spoiler warning there.

I have never written either Terramar nor Autumn before so I am sorry if I write them out of character/without enough detail on their specific species.

Species gender names in this fic:

Male fish: buck. Female fish: hen. Kid fish: fry/guppy.

Male eagle: male/mate. Female eagle: formel. Kid eagle: hatchling/fledgeling/eaglet.

Male horse/pony: Stallion. Female: mare. Kid: foal/filly.

Group of: Fish: school; Eagles: soar/convocation; Pony/horse: herd.

Hatch-friend= young girlfriend or boyfriend of a hatching. (Young Griffon like the background Griffon Gavin.)

Seaponies and Hippogriffs in the same category - "sea-griffs."


I usually ship Terramar with Gabby Griffon rather than Autumn, but that ship is a common one; I thought this ship would be unique enough for the May Parings contest.

Since Queen Novo acts like an (understandably) overprotective mother hen in this fic, you can think of it as a belated Mother's Day fic, as well as this long fiction having most of the storyline of a Silverstream x Gallus fic I had been going to write (that will be coming next year.)

I have another story on the works as a Father's Day fic. Look forward to that by the end of June! I will post a link here when it is published!

As I said above, I had planned to write a Gallus x Silverstream story - independent of the Parings contest, but I ran out of time to finish it and wrote this instead. Please enjoy this story, I hope it made you laugh and think and hopefully, it tickles the senses!

I could not finish this in time because my brain had too many ideas - and the fic is too long - but this was written for the MerMay 2023, as well as the May Parings contest! Autumn Blaze is decently popular in the contest, this year!

Pretty cover art (though Terramar is shorter than Autumn in this fic.) by the amazing Alexeigribanov

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She reminded him of the precious personality of his sister and cousin, with all the happy-go-lucky, sunshine in a bottle, aloofness, adorableness, her excitable and loving aura; and finally, the funny and sweet quirks.

Yeah she would definitely have get along with silverstream and skystar plus how much they have in common with each other

"Do you give up, or are you thirsty for more?" Silverstream taunted, egging him on. For once, it did not work.

"After being a lowly sea creature for so long, I am glad that you found me, my prince. I am pleased to be a part of your world."

She shot a dark look at Princess Twilight Sparkle, singling her out immediately despite the crowd of hundreds.

Look I get it what we did was bad but you can't judge everybody just because of one person's bad deed that's not fair

"Siggghhhhh..." Queen Novo groaned, "That still does not undo the past! I am just trying to do the best for my sea-griffs! Even if that means trapping them under the ocean - which was only done for their protection mind you - and I will never do it again, but I will not encourage another interspecies romance, not another!"

Best for everybody or best for you

"Insolent child. You do not understand these things. I do not have to explain myself to you. I am the adult here, the most knowledgeable here, and the Queen here - not you."

Are you sure you're an adult here because right now you're acting like a spoil child

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