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Will return with more stories! I'm still studying for the exams SAT, ACT and Drivers' ED (I passed PERT) - please be patient!


Discord finds himself in a dilemma. It's his birthday today, and he wants someone other than just Fluttershy to celebrate it or Princess Celestia to host it. So, naturally, he bugs his most of his other friends and asks THEM to help, finally revealing the date of his birth...sort of...

For some reason, he is not being much of a troublemaker during the planning of his party. I guess the memories of the date of his birthday bash reminded him that he still has a quite soft spot for Celestia...

You: "Woah? Is that YOU?!"
Me: Yep, I'm finally back and ready to hopefully upload every two weeks. You can hold me accountable if I don't...

(8/9-10/20) I worked on this from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am, and 10 am to nearly 2 pm - I'm tired, sorry.
This story is a part of a new Next Gen series!
Sigh...this is the WAY-too-late Valentine's/Easter/April Fools Day special! Enjoy!

Cover art origins...: Right here.

The Pokemon art I promised since I'm trying to upload my artwork more as well. Part 1: Here!

Part 2 of the Pokemon Artwork: Here, here!

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Silver Quill finds his way into the show from a portal in the Brony hangout called the Rift. He then finds that there are actually real seaponies under the sea - even in the land of the Hippogriffs.

Pinkie Pie helps him find his family's birthplace where the Seaponies are actually Hippogriffs. He feels very misplaced to be accepted back into Hippogriff society, but a young and smitten princess becomes a light in the darkness.

Randomness, snuggles, and fluffy cuddles ensure.

Warning: Some Mlp Movie and Brony Reviewer spoilers! :D
Also, lots of fluffy moments, a few sentimental feels; and amazing cuteness! :3

New Cover Art is by this person, Starbat :).

Old Cover Art ART is by THIS person. I may upload my own cover art for this soon, either in the story or on the story's picture.

Written as a SILVER QUILL X Princess Skystar fluffy and snuggly cuddle-fic for THIS user and THIS...CONTEST. Have fun! :twilightsmile:

Enjoy! Please support the MLP Movie, Silver Quill, and these amazing artists! :D

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"What's this?"

Starswirl asked this for the 100th time after defeating the Shadow Pony.

"That," Twilight answered, "Is a baby alicorn."

"What's this?"

"Starlight's friend Trixie," Twilight replied, "She thinks she is related to you."

"But what is THAT with her?!"

"Discord," answered the princess, "Yes, he is free."

"Oh yes, you are my adopted brother, 'the Prince of Chaos.'"

"Wait...adopted sibling?!" Twilight yelled, perplexed.

"What is THIS?!"

Twilight gulped. "That is one of your mirrors...the Alternate Universe one was shattered...this is the human world one...."

"There is something that I've yearned to do to you again, ever since you released me from my eternal prison," Starswirl explained.

"What is that?" Typical, trusting Twilight. She had had a foolhardy mistake. She had answered to a Unicorn with a menacing smirk.

"Yell at you."


Recolonizing is hard! Starswirl has always been a complicated character of pony, but what happens when he is dumped in a world that he virtually has no knowledge or control over?

Hilarity ensues.

You: This isn't a Halloween fic!

Me: Yes it is...it's...um...not scary. XD I hope you enjoy anyway!

I wrote a fic chapter in two hours, and finally wrote a story two days after the new episodes showed! Yay, me! :D Also, the cover art is by the person called FighterArmy. I'll update this sometime near Halloween probably! XD

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This story is based on How to Preen Your Chicken by Drakkith, and How to Preen Your Chicken 2 by RainbowdashieCloudsdale. Click HERE for those STORIES. (Also written for ScribblerProduction's month of Lurve production next year! :))

*Set between EG 3 and 4, then transitions before the MLP movie/EG 5. Cover art coming soon! Cuddles and show character fluff is included in this story! :)* Only part ONE is complete so far! I found the picture on Google by the way; if you know who drew it - please let me know and give the proof of their DeviantArt page and the link to the original artwork so I can happily give them credit. :)

The new couple Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry finally go out on a date. At first, they had expected the experience to be relaxing, though unfortunately...Rainbow Dash forcefully dragged them out of Twilight's castle and forced them to train! Soon after a strenuous, but fun race, Twilight realizes that she hasn't preened in a while...Flash can sense it. Flash Sentry and Rainbow Dash are going to teach Twilight how to preen properly. This first date couldn't have ended sweeter...:heart:

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Cover Art here! *Edited by THIS awesome user! Also, FateMLP and I have finished reading this story, I just need to edit the sound files! :)
Also: Future universe. Other tags: Slice of Life and DRAMA. Christian themes. Those themes were inspired by THIS marvelous story! ;) Plese give these peeps some love! :D
BTW, the dark tag isn't that necessary, it's really a sad tag; but I put dark since some of the other chapters are going to be comedies lol!
* To be clear...this story is thousands of years into the future, and Sunset and Twilight are not completely immortal.*

"Sister" Princesses Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle are mourning the loss of Equestria's favorite Princesses - The royal natural-born alicorn sisters - Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They have been crowned the "replacements" of the Two Sisters, but they young ones still want their mentor and her sister to be with them.
In an attempt to win them back, they resurrect them. This 'phoenix life' spell to get them back has a catch, however; every 1,000 years, the (original) princesses start life over again and it takes a while for their memories to come back. However, this is a price that the young alicorn princesses will pay; there was too much love and joy lost to them as the older Princesses tied Equestria together. The Orignal Royal Sisters have been resurrected as fillies...and they, as well as the younger alicorn sisters; have to start life all over again....Princesses Celestia and Luna will then be dubbed the new title of "The Pheonix Mentors."

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This story will be used as my fourth story for ScribblerProductions' Month of Macabre fanfics in October.

The first chapter is a comedy! :D However, the Gore tag is for the next, (and maybe final) chapter!

So, it appears the rumors are true...DJ Pon-3 and even Rarity have been bitten by bat-ponies...vampire ones! Vampire bat ponies are now common in Equestria, but who would have thought that two heroes would have been affected by them?! Sadly...it appears that the unicorns' friends have been affected by them and other creatures, though instead of making an alliance...they suck their friends dry!

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The complete story of Thorax the changeling!

Alternate universe tag for this future MLP universe! *NEW, awesome, adorable; and Unique Cover Art by Unique SKD! :D Features Rose the Changeling and Moon-loving Changeling! :D (I created this story to show what I think it would look like if Thorax stood up to Queen Chrysalis after he unites ponies and changelings in the future! ;))
Thorax...young PRINCE Thorax...makes his way back to the core of changeling hive. Even though he must fight off the changeling guards - his kind - he is determined to make it in there. Yes, he had been raised to be a love, magic, and power-draining machine...however, he was more prone to exerting them. Thorax always knew that he was going to face the Queen sooner or later. The prince swiftly flew into her bedchambers, ready with his plan. It is now, or NEVER. Thorax has to stand up to the evil Queen! Even though he may not be able to give the ruler a second chance at Friendship; even if it's for a short time, he could give her another chance at life...and as being his....MOTHER.

The end will be...Queen Chrysalis VS. Prince Thorax!

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The mane 6 now have their boyfriends (Pinkie had helped out her friends get/go through with their dates). Pinkie is now going to ship Princess Sunset Shimmer with somepony (or somebody). Welp, Sunny's in for on heck of a time on this dating site!

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*My first story for Scribbler production's Month of Macabre October series! Also, here is a link if you would like to help edit this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eWnXEaQv4XiQx1jOSK4emGay3UFI_sfSn1WNBYzf6LM/edit?usp=sharing*

This is a continuation of "We regret to inform you" by Waldo the Digital Hex!

It is 3 years after the Cake parents died, and Pound and Pumpkin are getting used to their new life with Pinkie Pie. However, now that she is her sister Maud's age (a young adult), she wants to settle down with Cheese Sandwich and ends up having sextuplets.
Will the twins ever adjust to having so MANY baby brothers and sisters?! Throughout the story, Pound had nightmares about almost being killed by his older, evil alternate universe zombie self!
To make matters worse, when the nightmare is defeated, Pinkie's human foster Mum, Kiki, (My OC); comes over for a visit to show the twins that SHE has sextuplets of her own! O_O

Spoiler Chapter summaries are down below! ;)

By the way, my OC is in my future story 'My Little Pinkie', so I am in it as Pinkie Pie's adopted mother. ;) There are a lot of big pictures in two of the chapters! I came up with this idea because I love the story "We regret to inform you" by Waldo the Digital_Hex! This is a sequel, but check out the other story first and give the author credit! :) My 'My Little Pinkie' Story on Wattpad (Username KDPikachu) has more details as to me being the foster mother of Pinkie Pie - however, it's not complete so just think of that part like the story 'My Little Dashie.'

Chapter summaries:

Chapter 1: Pound has Nightmares and Cheese and Pinkie get engaged!
Chapter 2: The nightmare comes back again! Cheese and Pinkie get married but the twins try to stop the wedding at first!
Chapter 3: Visible descriptions of childbirth! Viewer discretion is advised! XD Pinkie Pie gives birth to her sextuplets but sadly, the Cake Twins feel unappreciated! :'( Pound then has to face his evil nightmare for a third time, similar to the episode "Sleepless in Ponyville"; and finally, the family is happy after trumping the evil dreams!

Here are the credits for my pictures:
Future cover Art: Drawn by me :D

Picture of Adult Pinkie with her baby and The twins as older foals: by derpiboo.ru
Picture of CheesePie kissing: by ask cheese sandwich | Tumblr
Picture of Cheese beside Pinkie in her bed: by Ask Cheese Sandwich #17 by FillyBlue at deviantart
http://hikariviny.deviantart.com/art/First-Meeting-535800848 (Pinkie with baby and Cake twins).
http://benybing.deviantart.com/art/SonictheCaptain-Comm-Pinkie-and-Cheese-439099583 (CheesePie kiss)
http://fillyblue.deviantart.com/art/Ask-Cheese-Sandwich-12-444153356 (Cheese beside Pinkie's bed)

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Discord will be added soon! :D (This is a pre-cannon story) This will be my second story for ScribblerProduction's month of Macabre this month! :D

Future rulers princess Celestia and Luna need another friend or pet other than mischievous little Discord. Celestia needs something like a daughter figure-like pet...a pet that may have an immortal love for you! Who is this pet? Why, a Phoenix of course! A bird that can be reborn with just and explosion of beautiful fire! What better friend than a friend that can live forever- or almost forever- just like you?!
Philomena's past was not all sunshine and roses though - just like young princess Celestia's.

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