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It is decided.

Terramar will propose to Autumn Blaze tonight! However, before the engagement pearl and transmogrification necklace can be given, there is an obstacle in the way of their romance.

A big one.

Honestly, it is going to be a royal pain.

(Please read this entire long description for more info on terms and romantic ships in this story!)

*If there is enough demand for it, I will separate the story into chapters. Other tags: adventure, comedy!*

Includes the ships below; All of them except for (Terramar x Autumn, which will be Terramar x Gabby and Autumn Blaze x Fizzle the Dragon) will be included in some of my stories to come, including my future "Next Generation universe.

Terramar x Autumn Blaze
Gallus X Silverstream
Gilda X Gustave Le Grande
Skystar x Arrow the Mermare male (from the Under the Sparkling Sea picture book)

Passing mentions:

Captain Hoofbeard x Jewel the merpony (comics)
Gabby x Boofyball Coach Klaus (from the comics)
Gavin x Giselle (they are background Griffons; the later is part of the one "celebrating Hearth's Warming in the episode The Hearth's Warming Club.)
Sandbar X Yona
Spile x Rarity
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry
Fluttershy x Discord/Celestia x Discord/Fluttershy X Bulk Biceps are mentioned extremely briefly as well, haha.


Character Age Headcanons:

Gallus (15), Silverstream (15)
Terramar (14), Autumn Blaze (18) (Autumn is four years older by one month.)
Gilda (18), Gustave Le Grande (21)
Skystar (16), Arrow (19)
Gabby (16), Boofyball Coach Klaus (21) (Klaus is five years older by one month.)
Gavin (11), Giselle (16)

Don't worry, the younger characters will marry when they are a few years older than they are at the moment! And the age of proposals/marriage (with parental permission) is 15 or 16 in most of these species cultures. (Paralleling where I live.)


Includes a few references to Disney's/Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid.

This fic has a happy ending despite the fic's genres!

This story takes place three years after Twilight's Sparkle's second coronation. There are also references to the comics and the My Little Pony Movie (G4), so spoiler warning there.

I have never written either Terramar nor Autumn before so I am sorry if I write them out of character/without enough detail on their specific species.

Species gender names in this fic:

Male fish: buck. Female fish: hen. Kid fish: fry/guppy.

Male eagle: male/mate. Female eagle: formel. Kid eagle: hatchling/fledgeling/eaglet.

Male horse/pony: Stallion. Female: mare. Kid: foal/filly.

Group of: Fish: school; Eagles: soar/convocation; Pony/horse: herd.

Hatch-friend= young girlfriend or boyfriend of a hatching. (Young Griffon like the background Griffon Gavin.)

Seaponies and Hippogriffs in the same category - "sea-griffs."


I usually ship Terramar with Gabby Griffon rather than Autumn, but that ship is a common one; I thought this ship would be unique enough for the May Parings contest.

Since Queen Novo acts like an (understandably) overprotective mother hen in this fic, you can think of it as a belated Mother's Day fic, as well as this long fiction having most of the storyline of a Silverstream x Gallus fic I had been going to write (that will be coming next year.)

I have another story on the works as a Father's Day fic. Look forward to that by the end of June! I will post a link here when it is published!

As I said above, I had planned to write a Gallus x Silverstream story - independent of the Parings contest, but I ran out of time to finish it and wrote this instead. Please enjoy this story, I hope it made you laugh and think and hopefully, it tickles the senses!

I could not finish this in time because my brain had too many ideas - and the fic is too long - but this was written for the MerMay 2023, as well as the May Parings contest! Autumn Blaze is decently popular in the contest, this year!

Pretty cover art (though Terramar is shorter than Autumn in this fic.) by the amazing Alexeigribanov

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to How to Preen your Princess

Flash Sentry has just returned from helping the Crystal Empire fight off a huge attack from the Windigos. Flash starts reminiscing about his life and how amazing it has been. Especially since he will soon be crowned the next Prince of Equestria because his has married the ruling monarch.

He is tired and just wants to see Twilight again...

There's just one thing...

Why is she so tall?!

He finds how it happened -

Straight from the horses mouth. Um, pony's mouth.

A short fic and an intro to a set of stories on the topic of how Flash Sentry would react on seeing Twilight so tall (from the MLP Season/Series 9 finale.)

Cover art is drawn by me.

Though probably too late to enter, this was written for THIS contest.

This cover art's poses of the characters was taken from a picture by one of my favorite MLP DeviantArt artists.

Chapters (1)

Spike goes to Sugar Cube Corner to pick up the gem cupcakes he ordered for the dragons at this year's Hearths Warming party, only to find that they are not ready. Not only that, but Pinkie Pie needs help with baking and Spike is the only pony-um...dragon available. What ensues is a long and partially serious talk that turns into hilarity and the creation of fire-breathing cupcakes.

Fire-breathing cupcakes?!

Cover art HERE.

This fic is also based on a Cake Boss episode where Buddy becomes a technical genius when he is tasked to creates a cake that shoots out fire. A fire-breathing dragon cake! :pinkiegasp: My favorite episode; so cool!

Written for Tangerine Blast for Jinglemas 2022.

(Almost didn't come out at all, but I pulled myself together in time, LOL.)

Chapters (1)

Cozy Glow is rightfully confused. Cozy does not understand how time has not passed after being in stone for 15 years. Cozy does not understand why she is a filly again. Cozy does not understand why her new little sister dragged her to the Crystal Empire. Cozy does not understand why her escape did not lead to world domination. Cozy does not understand why she cannot best this puny little foal. And above all, Cozy cannot figure out for the life of her; why she is whizzing around across time and space with freakishly powerful babies.

Cover art! (Permission was given on the page of this artwork – which is good considering the artist is absent right now and this was the best picture of a young Cozy with a baby Flurry Heart! Phew!)

Written for this contest! Prompt: Any genre, any category: - Cozy makes an unusual friend.

I was not able to finish the other two stories I was going to write for the contest, but here is the second of Cozy Glow fics I made in the series since it was the fastest to make! The other two will be uploaded soon! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! Here are a couple of pictures of what Corpora and Somber Hope look like at this point! (Enjoy - other pictures coming on or before December 31st!)

Chapters (1)

At first, Lil' Cheese does not like his Auntie Maud. Maud wants to change her nephew's perception of her.
Maud and Lil’ Cheese finally find common ground, and Lil’ Cheese learns that Maud rocks.

This is a random idea I came up with since I wanted a unique idea for the contest. Then I realized that I wanted to write more stories for Lil' Cheese! Then I realized that Maud and Lil' Cheese's dynamics could come together! Haha!

(The cover art is from Google, and I think it was made with a base.)

For Bike's Maud Contest! (I will link to it later.)

Warning: Rock puns! Please look at THIS so you understand which "typos" are actually puns that cause the sentences to look mispelled/to get an idea of how to read these sentances.

Thanks for reading!

Chapters (1)

Trixie meets Discord the Draconequus, and he offers some help for her situation. Somehow, romance came out of it.

This is pre-Season 4, set in between Magical Mystery Cure and Equestria Girls, and Twilight just literally became an alicorn. :) The cover art is from the episode Celestial Advice, haha. *This story FINALLY HAS been posted on the date of (9/22/22) to make it close to what I would have written had I been able to write it in time for the contest I wrote it for.* :D Happy reading! Update: THANKS FOR THE 500+ VIEWS! YAY! :)

The fic is for: this contest.
The contest folder is here.

Chapters (2)

Fluttershy and Discord babysit Pinkie Pie's child Lil' Cheese. They soon find their deepest feelings for each other once again. The child finds it the cutest thing ever.

I don't normally do FlutterCord; I usually write Dislestia fics, but this is a present for Vilet918. Merry Christmas, mah dude!

Cover art by: Doodle-Mark on deviantart

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys! :D

Written for Vilet918 for Jinglemas 2021! :heart:

Chapters (1)

Discord finds himself in a dilemma. It's his birthday today, and he wants someone other than just Fluttershy to celebrate it or Princess Celestia to host it. So, naturally, he bugs his most of his other friends and asks THEM to help, finally revealing the date of his birth...sort of...

For some reason, he is not being much of a troublemaker during the planning of his party. I guess the memories of the date of his birthday bash reminded him that he still has a quite soft spot for Celestia...

You: "Woah? Is that YOU?!"
Me: Yep, I'm finally back and ready to hopefully upload every two weeks. You can hold me accountable if I don't...

(8/9-10/20) I worked on this from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am, and 10 am to nearly 2 pm - I'm tired, sorry.
This story is a part of a new Next Gen series!
Sigh...this is the WAY-too-late Valentine's/Easter/April Fools Day special! Enjoy!

Cover art origins...: Right here.

The Pokemon art I promised since I'm trying to upload my artwork more as well. Part 1: Here!

Part 2 of the Pokemon Artwork: Here, here!

Chapters (1)

Silver Quill finds his way into the show from a portal in the Brony hangout called the Rift. He then finds that there are actually real seaponies under the sea - even in the land of the Hippogriffs.

Pinkie Pie helps him find his family's birthplace where the Seaponies are actually Hippogriffs. He feels very misplaced to be accepted back into Hippogriff society, but a young and smitten princess becomes a light in the darkness.

Randomness, snuggles, and fluffy cuddles ensure.

Warning: Some Mlp Movie and Brony Reviewer spoilers! :D
Also, lots of fluffy moments, a few sentimental feels; and amazing cuteness! :3

New Cover Art is by this person, Starbat :).

Old Cover Art ART is by THIS person. I may upload my own cover art for this soon, either in the story or on the story's picture.

Written as a SILVER QUILL X Princess Skystar fluffy and snuggly cuddle-fic for THIS user and THIS...CONTEST. Have fun! :twilightsmile:

Enjoy! Please support the MLP Movie, Silver Quill, and these amazing artists! :D

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"What's this?"

Starswirl asked this for the 100th time after defeating the Shadow Pony.

"That," Twilight answered, "Is a baby alicorn."

"What's this?"

"Starlight's friend Trixie," Twilight replied, "She thinks she is related to you."

"But what is THAT with her?!"

"Discord," answered the princess, "Yes, he is free."

"Oh yes, you are my adopted brother, 'the Prince of Chaos.'"

"Wait...adopted sibling?!" Twilight yelled, perplexed.

"What is THIS?!"

Twilight gulped. "That is one of your mirrors...the Alternate Universe one was shattered...this is the human world one...."

"There is something that I've yearned to do to you again, ever since you released me from my eternal prison," Starswirl explained.

"What is that?" Typical, trusting Twilight. She had had a foolhardy mistake. She had answered to a Unicorn with a menacing smirk.

"Yell at you."


Recolonizing is hard! Starswirl has always been a complicated character of pony, but what happens when he is dumped in a world that he virtually has no knowledge or control over?

Hilarity ensues.

You: This isn't a Halloween fic!

Me: Yes it is...it's...um...not scary. XD I hope you enjoy anyway!

I wrote a fic chapter in two hours, and finally wrote a story two days after the new episodes showed! Yay, me! :D Also, the cover art is by the person called FighterArmy. I'll update this sometime near Halloween probably! XD

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