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Hello? Is this, is this coming through to you alright? Hello? Can you see this? Okay.

So, welcome to my little corner of FIMFiction. This is a group for any and all respectful Bronies of all writing talents and abilities. If you have a story, bring it here and we'll accept it so long as you submit it to the right folders and stuff.

That is all I have to say about this group so far. I've never managed a group before and so any help you guys and gals can give me, like hints and tips and suggestions, would be hugely appreciated in order to make this group really super-duper awesome for everypony!

And now, I shall play what will become our group's theme song.

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This great. You have a group Unique. I should have found it sooner. This place is great and is run by a great guy, a unique guy. I'm happy to be here. I hereby give this a TriBy

Unique, you have a group!?

Congratulations! Your group has been judged, and was found to be new. The listing of it in the New Groups ensued as a consequence.

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