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:pinkiehappy: Hello Bronies and Pokémon Trainers! This is a group for Christian bronies and pegasisters to chat with others that are Christian, believe in God, post stories that are Christian, or have something to do with the Bible! :scootangel:

Please post NO CLOP nor EXTREMELY GOREY stories! You may post almost any type of story. This includes romance (preferably straight) and slightly gorey stories, since I want this group as clean and family-friendly as possible, please! ;D

(:pinkiesmile: Even the Cutie Mark Crusaders are Christian Crusaders here! :derpytongue2:)

Please - no hate on anyone or anything UNLESS you can calmy and kindly explain why you do not like something. Please do not attack anyone and destroy their hopes and dreams.

Other than that, feel free to post what you want. Please do not hate on other religions; us Christians and Jews need to be kind to everyone. The same thing can be said of people with other religions. No horseplay or bullying or even roleplay are allowed in the comment section, blogs, threads or ANYWHERE else.

I'm not sure how to make anyone a moderator, but please pm me if you would like to be one; I'll check to see if you are nice and trustworthy enough to handle the responsibility.

You may post crossovers fics, rated "E for Everyone" and rated "T for Teen" stories. Any stories marked as "M for Mature" are not allowed unless it is a (teen) fic that does not have many mature subjects in it. Other than that, feel free to post your stories! This description should be updated soon, and pictures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders should also be up this week. I will update the folders soon and despite this group's name...ANY Christian stories are allowed.

The banner art was made by NeodarkWing, and the icon was made by VectorVito.
(Both of these awesome people are on Deviant Art.) Thanks for joining the group!

(I have a story that was made for this group - look out for it on Easter 2019! - Group Founder.)

God bless, don't forget to discipline and love each other! :3 *Kiki03000 out!* :pinkiehappy: :heart:

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429862 Aw, thank you, I'm flattered. ^.^


You're welcome guys! Thanks for joining! :3

Alrighty, thanks for the invite, let's see where this goes.

Well, since I've been invited, I'll join. This group seems to be everything I wanted Christian Echo Chamber to be.

Thanks for the invite, Kikio.

Thank you for joining, Lyra, Berry and Creativa! :D

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