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Have you ever met any of those mean atheists who ask you hard questions that make your head hurt? Then even when you quote them from the Bible in response, they don't convert and still disagree with you. That's how mean atheists are!

If this ever happened to you, you need a safe place where you can meet with others who believe in God just like you do. This super friendly group is such a place where your faith will never get challenged.

In this group, you can confirm the beliefs of others, and they shall do the same for you. That's how our faith grows and prospers.

You run a risk of getting banned if you do one of the following:
a) disagree with somepony <— that's super mean
b) say something that challenges somepony's belief <— that's just offensive
b) mention words like: evolution, science, facts, logic, natural selection, critical thinking <— these words are shunned in this group

Bad Dragon

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is this literal? or just for fun?

I kinda feel bad for those who will ultimately take this group seriously.

Still funny as shit though.

E*******n Darwin’s explanation for the diversity of life on earth is an atheist fantasy designed to deny god.

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